CES 2020: Colgate’s Plaqless Pro Electric Toothbrush Detects Plaque in Real-Time

colgate plaqless smart toothbrush

A few days back at CES 2020, Colgate unveiled its new smart electric toothbrush called Colgate Plaqless Pro. The brush equips optic sensor technology to show you the places you accidentally leave out while brushing your teeth.

In addition, the smart toothbrush’s sensor detects and shows you plaque buildups in your mouth in real-time. Users are indicated about plaque detections using a light ring fitted around the toothbrush. A blue light ring indicates that the brush has found a plaque buildup after which you’re supposed to focus more on that part. The light will automatically turn white as a denotation to move towards other areas.

This way, Colgate believes that customers will be more confident when they’re brushing the teeth. Sounds fair to me. Like every other smart brush, Colgate has a mobile app it calls Colgate Connect app. You can pair your brush with your phone through Bluetooth to gain access to insights and statistics.

Notably, you can view a “comprehensive map” of your mouth. In the map, you can see where exactly you have brushed and the spots you have missed out on. The app will also offer personalized feedback on your brushing and will provide you oral care tips.

“Our new Plaqless Pro delivers the superior cleaning of a powered toothbrush, the proven location tracking of advanced oral care devices and now the detection of an oral scanner that enables personal brushing feedback in real-time for remarkable clean.”, said Patricia Verduin, Chief Technology Officer for Colgate-Palmolive in a prepared statement.

Colgate claims that the Plaqless Pro will be the first commercially available electric toothbrush capable of plaque detection. There is no word on the pricing yet but it is expected to be priced somewhere around $200. The brush will be available later this year and you can check it out when it becomes available from the link below.

Check-out Colgate Plaqless Pro

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