Canon’s New Website Lets You Click Photos of Earth from Space

Canon site lets you snap earth images

Apart from developing new camera technology and launching high-end compact DSLR cameras, Canon is now planning to make space-imaging easier for everybody. So, the Japan-based camera-maker recently made a unique interactive website that lets users capture breathtaking images of the Earth from space using a microsatellite which the company sent to space back in 2017.

The website, dubbed “Redefine the Limits”, is a unique take on space photography by Canon. It uses the company’s CE-SAT-1 microsatellite to capture different parts of our planet from space. However, you are not actually controlling the satellite in real-time. It simply lets you snap parts of pre-captured images by the satellite to let you experience what it will be like to take pictures of places like New York, the Bahamas, Dubai, Alaska, and a few more.

Now, coming to the CE-SAT-1 satellite, Canon launched this barrel-sized microsatellite in June of 2017. It is equipped with a slightly customized Canon 5D Mark III camera to capture high-quality space images as it travels over the different places of the world. As per Canon’s claims, the satellite orbits the Earth at an altitude of 600km and the camera provides a 36-inch ground resolution within a 3×2 mile-frame.

Canon site lets you snap earth images

So, the interactive website lets you take amazing images of different places from the above with just a click of your mouse button. Moreover, the entire website is like a demo of the satellite. And, astronaut Marsha Ivins explains all of the things Canon is achieving with the help of this satellite. According to reports, these microsatellites are much cheaper and smaller than regular satellites. Canon is hoping to build a massive business around these satellites in the coming years.

You can check out the interactive website from Canon from right here.

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