[UPDATE: Now Live] Call of Duty Mobile to Add Meltdown Map, 2v2 Mode in Next Update

Call of Duty Mobile officially launched on October 1

Call of Duty Mobile introduced a new map, Rapid Fire mode, and more in the Season 3 update back in January. It was an important update that saw the game publishers add the first original Mobile-only map ‘Cage’ but the next update is set to bring a fan-favorite from Black Ops II to the mobile game. Well, we recently got our hands on the Call of Duty Mobile “public beta test APK” and here’s everything new that will be added with the next update:

  • Meltdown Map

First up, you must have already read that Call of Duty will introduce the ‘Meltdown’ map from Black Ops II to mobile with the next update. The gameplay will be based around a nuclear power plant, giving you a chance to incorporate both indoors and outdoors into your strategy. Here’s a quick look at the Meltdown gameplay that we recorded recently:

  • 2 vs 2 Mode

Apart from the new map, Call of Duty Mobile is also adding a new “2 vs 2 Gunfight mode” from Modern Warfare to the game with an upcoming update. It’s sort of like Gun Game that you may have tried in COD Mobile but you now fight as a team of two, against a team of two. It’s a fast-paced mode, as you can see in the gameplay attached below:

First, you pick your loadout from a subset of weapons and then deploy on one side of a warehouse (Cage in the test, but should be random in the stable rollout). Your aim is to locate and take down the other two players within the 40 second time limit.

If the timer runs out and you haven’t killed both players, then a flag will appear at the center of the map and you have to defend it for 3 seconds. Now, if a team also fails to defend the flag as well, then the team with more HP wins the match.

You get 6 chances at victory in each 2 vs 2 game, so pick your loadout wisely and try to locate enemies in time to secure the overall win. The public test for this mode was a bit finicky and weapons didn’t spawn for me for the first two times but that should be fixed before a wider rollout.

  • Shock RC

Call of Duty Mobile will add Shock RC as a new Scorestreak with the upcoming update. It may look pretty similar to the RC-XD in the Call of Duty franchise but as the name suggests, the Shock-RC takes down enemies with electrocution. Also, it’s going to hunt down your enemies on its own instead of you controlling the same from a safe spot.

  • Miscellaneous

As per a recent Community update on Reddit, the next update will also introduce a brand new UI for the lobby, Game Game mode for teams, and a ton of improvements based on feedback here and there. Call of Duty Mobile is scheduled to get a new update very soon, especially with the third season coming to a close. So, what new features are you most excited to check out? Let us know in the comments down below.

Update 1 (27/03/2020 1:29 pm)

In an official community update on Reddit, we learned that Call of Duty Mobile has started rolling out this much-awaited update with the new Meltdown map, 2 vs 2 Showdown mode, Gun Game: Team Fight mode, and a lot more. There’s now an FPP mode in Battle Royale games as well, which is amazing.

There’s a ton of in-game optimizations, along with Season 4 Ranked Mode that runs from April 1 to June 1, in tow as well. So, go ahead and update your game to experience the new features.

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