Call of Duty: Mobile Might Get an Among Us-like Game Mode Soon

Call of Duty Mobile werewolf mode

During the global lockdown due to the Coronavirus-led pandemic, Among Us became one of the most popular game titles. This was mainly because of the simple concept of the game and its social interaction aspect. Now, it looks like Activision has taken some cues from the uber-popular title and is planning to add a new “Werewolf” mode to its popular game Call of Duty: Mobile.

Call of Duty: Mobile Werewolf Mode

Dubbed the Werewolf mode, this new game mode in Call of Duty: Mobile will drop players in a confined area where they have to perform tasks and find, wait for it, the imposter amongst them. The imposter, just like in Among Us, is tasked to assassinate all the other players until they find him/her.

As per a piece of footage (attached below) by Call of Duty: Mobile streamer Zenix, the Werewolf mode will allow 12 players to find weapons and ammo to complete different tasks. They will be able to explore an area and perform different tasks to earn points for their respective teams. Amongst them, however, an imposter will hide and try to kill all the other players.

According to the streamer, players will get the chance to discuss the identity of the imposter and eliminate him/her before they are all killed off. If any player does not want to interact vocally, there is also the option to chat with the others.

So, as you can imagine from the description, it sounds exactly like Among Us. The concept of discussing and voting out an imposter was the primary reason for the huge popularity of Among Us last year. In fact, this discussion aspect of Among Us helped boost the popularity of other social-interaction apps like Discord. And now, Call of Duty players might be able to enjoy the same in their favorite setting.

Now, as per reports, Activision is currently testing the new Werewolf mode for its mobile title in China. As a result, it is exclusive to the Chinese players as of now. The company is yet to make any official announcements for the new game mode. So, stay tuned for more information.

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