How to Install and Play COD Warzone Mobile Anywhere in the World

Ever since Call of Duty Warzone Mobile was announced, players have been eagerly waiting for the game to drop on their devices. Now, after a few months of waiting, Warzone Mobile has seen a limited release on iPhone and Android smartphones. There’s a catch, though. Warzone Mobile is only available to download and play in Australia as part of the beta release. However, don’t fret, as we will teach you how to install and play COD Warzone mobile from anywhere in the world without any issues. So without further ado, let’s drop into the battlefield.

Download COD Warzone Mobile on Android and iOS (2022)

Depending on your mobile platform, there are different steps you must follow after fulfilling some basic requirements. To browse through the prerequisites and the setup process, use the table below.

Requirements to Play Warzone Mobile on Android/ iOS

Before we begin, there are a few things you will need to have on your Android and iOS devices to play COD Warzone. Have a look at them below and make sure to cross them off your list.

1. A Good VPN Service

To download and play Call of Duty Warzone mobile, you will need to spoof your location and make it seem like you’re in Australia. For that, we will be using a VPN service. Before we begin, make sure to sign up for a VPN service and connect to an Australian server. Use these best VPNs for Windows to get started.

2. Australian Activision COD Account

Once you end up booting up Call of Duty Warzone Mobile, you will require an Activision account based in Australia to run and play the game. Making an Australian account is simple, so don’t worry. Connect your VPN service to Australia, navigate to this link, and follow the instructions on the screen. In the second step, don’t forget to select “Australia” as the location.

cod account location

3. Google Play Store Australian Account

The Google Play Store restricts apps based on the country you are in. Therefore, you will need an Australian Google Account to actually see the COD Warzone Mobile listing. Making a Google account is easy. Learn how to make a new Google account for the desired location here, as we did the same to access the Apex Legends Mobile beta. After that, we can move on to the next steps.

4. Apple App Store Australian Account

iPhone users need to go through their own process in order to actually make the game visible on the App Store. Thankfully, changing your Apple ID location or even making a new Apple ID is super easy. And we have covered that too. Simply follow our tutorial on how to install geo-restricted apps on your iPhone and make a new Apple Australian account.

How to Install Call of Duty Warzone Mobile on Android

So now that we have crossed all the items off the list, let’s begin downloading and installing COD Warzone Mobile on an Android device:

1. Turn on your VPN and connect to an Australian server. Then, sign into the Australian Google account from the Play Store.

VPN Plus Country

2. After that, open the Play Store and click on the search bar. Here, type Call of Duty Warzone Mobile. Once done, the game should show up. Click to load the game listing and hit the “Install” button.

Search + Install

3. Once installed, press the “Play” button in the Play Store to begin your journey.

4. The game will load up, and you will now find yourself on an additional file download screen. As you can see yourself, the full download is 5.41 GB, so it might take time depending on your network. Let the download happen without any interruptions.

Downloading cod warzone mobile

5. Once done, the Activision account sign-in option will show up on the screen. Here, enter the credentials of the account you made before (the Australian one) and tap the “Login” button. Remember that you need to keep the VPN connected to Australia while you log in else it won’t proceed further.

COD Warzone mobile sign up

6. You will now see some review terms you need to accept. Simply tap the “I Agree” button. Lastly, COD Warzone Mobile will ask about your proficiency level in shooter games. Tap the “Select” button on the level you’re confident in to begin the tutorial.

Proficency Level call of duty

7. Once you’re done with that, you will see the main menu and are free to explore the armory, battle pass, and jump into Verdansk to take down enemies. And that’s how easy it is to install and play Call of Duty Warzone Mobile from anywhere in the world.

cod warzone mobile lobby screen

How to Download Call of Duty Warzone Mobile on iPhone

For iPhone users who have set up their Apple Australian account and are now ready, let’s begin. Make sure to turn on your Australian VPN, and follow the steps below.

1. Open the iOS App Store, click on the search bar, and type Call of Duty Warzone Mobile BR. You must type the app’s entire name to see the listing. From the search results, open the app listing and tap the “Get” button to install the game.

Cod warzone ios get button

3. Once done, click the “Open” button to run Warzone on your iPhone. Like the Android version, the game will take you to the download screen. As on Android, the additional file is 5.41 GB in size, so be ready to wait patiently.

Downloading cod warzone mobile

5. After the download is complete, follow steps 5-7 from the Android section above to log into your Activision account and set up your Call of Duty Warzone Mobile experience.

cod warzone lobby screen ios

6. Note, as indicated in the terms and conditions page, iPhone models, including iPhone 8+, iPhone X, iPhone XR, and iPhone SE 2nd Gen currently cannot run the game in the beta stage. They will be supported with a future release.

unsupported iphone warzone mobile

Download COD Warzone Mobile APK + OBB on Android

If you have followed all the steps above on Android but cannot see the Call of Duty Warzone Mobile listing, there is a nifty workaround. You can also follow this guide if you don’t wish to go through the hassles of making many different Australian accounts. Here, you can manually download the APK file for Warzone Mobile and install it. Let me show you how it works:

Note: The provided file is in the XAPK format, which requires a separate installer. Download the APK Pure Installer (Get) and use it to install the Warzone Mobile APK.

1. You will need the APK file for COD Warzone Mobile. For that, you can browse any APK website like APKMirror or APKPure, for which we have provided the link here. Download the Call of Duty Warzone Mobile APK (Get) from the link here and install it. Alternatively, you can open the APKPure app and search for the game listing.

APK Pure app call of duty warzone mobiel

2. Once installed, you will again be led to the download screen, where Warzone Mobile will begin downloading the OBB files. You will need these files as they contain most of the important files and make the game functional.

3. After the download is complete, follow the steps in the sections above to set up Warzone Mobile on your Android phone.

And that’s how you can install COD Warzone Mobile on your Android phone using the APK + OBB files. Just remember to let the installer finish with its download.

Install Call of Duty Warzone Mobile and Drop in Verdansk

I hope you have lots of fun downloading and playing Call of Duty Warzone Mobile from anywhere in the world. Remember to stock up your inventory well in case you run into a big firefight. If done right, Warzone Mobile should be as popular as Call of Duty Warzone 2.0 is on PC. So, what do you think about the gameplay of Warzone Mobile? Drop your thoughts in the comments below.

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  • Haris says:

    It still doesn’t work? Help?

  • Fitsum says:

    Call of duty warzone mobile play store l didn’t it when i search it

  • Always says:

    WZM is obviously not meant to be played this way and the experience after all the Hacks is unlikely to reflect intended quality levels. Expect bugs or performance issues if playing from outside Australia. A better solution is to wait until it’s available in your region and get a high quality experience.

  • Shubham says:

    Do you guys have something on How to play League of Legends:Wild Rift?

  • baki uyar says:

    Can you turn off the vpn after you have logged in in warzone mobile? I have a free vpn and data is limited..

    • Sarath says:

      No I’ve tried this and game crashes at some point and also since the game is taking most of your ram while playing Android system is switching off vpn automatically from the background and resulting in game crash at starting of few min after entering a game, even if it’s not crashed you can’t play properly as australia vpn still gives high ping to India, so it’s better to wait for our region or near regions like singapore etc to get it actually playable on our indian devices.

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