Call of Duty: Mobile “Gold Rush” Event Is Now Live

How to Play Call of Duty Mobile in India Right Now

Call of Duty: Mobile’s latest update brought along a bunch of new features to the game. There’s a new map called ‘Rust’, new game modes, and more. Well starting today, Call of Duty: Mobile players have a new event that they can participate in and unlock exclusive rewards.

The Call of Duty: Mobile Gold Rush event has been opened today, and it’s pretty simple to get started with. The event works in two modes, Battle Royale and Kill Confirmed. All you have to do, is play either of these modes, and collect gold. Then, you can exchange the gold you have collected to unlock rewards.

Speaking of rewards, there are a lot of things you can unlock in the Gold Rush event. Here are some of the things I find most exciting in the rewards:

  • M4LMG – Moonstone
  • RUS-79U – Flowing Bronze
  • LK24 – Flowing Bronze
  • Flowing Bronze finishes for Battle Royale classes

While the lowest reward tier starts at just 5 gold bars which gets you 40 credits, you will have to collect at least 50 gold bars before you can unlock any of the Battle Royale finishes, and up to 1000 gold bars in order to unlock the M4LMG – Moonstone finish.

Collecting gold bars is easy, and basically happens automatically. In Kill Confirmed, every time you confirm a kill you get 1 gold bar, so you can keep playing the game normally, and earn gold bars for your confirmed kills. Cool right? The event has already started, and it will go on till May 21, so grind on and collect those gold bars to unlock all of these epic rewards.

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