BGMI Players Faced with Several Issues After July Update; Krafton Working on Fixes

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After releasing Battlegrounds Mobile India for Android earlier this month, Krafton rolled out the first major update to the game recently. Although the July Update added a bunch of new changes, including new guns and a new Mission Ignition mode, players faced some serious in-game issues while playing BGMI. These include issues while purchasing the in-game currency, issues with cosmetic items, and more.

BGMI Issues After July Update

So, after BGMI players updated their game to the latest version (v1.5.0), they started facing in-game issues. Not long after, Krafton acknowledged the issues and said that it is working to fix them as soon as possible.

Amongst others, one of the issues resulted in players being stuck on the loading screen when they equipped the Unicorn set outfit in the game. Krafton has already addressed the issue but has not been able to fix it yet. So, the company recommends players to not use the Unicorn set outfit until the issue is fixed.

Another major issue faced by players includes a problem with UC redemption after purchasing the in-game currency in BGMI. This is a significant issue that is preventing players to redeem their purchased UC by giving an unusual “UC not being claimed intermittently after purchase” error message. So, Krafton says that if players face the said issue during their purchase, they should immediately reach out to the in-game customer care service from Settings -> Basic -> Customer Service, and raise an appropriate ticket.

Other than these, some players faced issues relating to Login Day 2’s reward for the “Bring on the Heat” event, which showed Mission Card (S19), whereas Season 19 had already ended in the game. Krafton has already fixed the issue and has compensated affected players with a Mission Card (M1).

Krafton has also listed some other issues on its tracking page that include “not able to claim intermittently rewards from Daily Special Bundle” and “moving to a wrong page when using Supply Medal claimed from Advanced Supplies Crate.”

So, if you are facing issues in Battlegrounds Mobile India after the recent update, know that you are not the only one. So, until Krafton fixes the known issues, try to avoid the functions or items that could trigger them in-game.

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  • Samim says:

    Pls throw out the hacker,we can’t rush on them, only two or three bullet they knock out us how is it possible.pls solve this. Iam very fraustate with hacker.

  • Dip Biswas says:

    Very good

  • Anshuman Roy says:

    I aslo getting to much problem of latency.i want to use medikit but its not consuming the more major problem is of prone.whenever i use to avatar is automatically standing up…firing is also happening automatically.please fix these problems??

    • vb says:

      Same with me while proning

  • Kuljeet says:

    The another issue in BGMI is there has a lot of hackers and we the real good players cannot able to push rank

  • Sachin says:

    Please pablish realme 6 lag and fram drop issue
    This problem is all realme 6 device
    Please fixed

    • Op says:

      Game stuck for 3 to 5 sec that glitch?

  • Anasar Khan says:

    I would like to Tell u That We Are Facing more issues In BGMI.
    The Major Issue is that Its Start lagging Too Much, Not Stable Ping. As we expected that bgmi comes with Much more Changes But I dont Feel a minor change Not Stable Ping too Much Lag. Nothing has been changed after waiting soo much Iam not Happy With The Output We Got From Krafton Nd BGMI.
    I Want u to address this issue as u are a creator and have big ammount of subs on youtube please raise voice on these issues. We Want Ping less than 60 we deserve better than this

    • Aman singh says:

      Same problem happening with me brother !! I downloaded Korean version last night and it is runing good !! And BGMI is lagging way too much

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