BGMI Gets an Evangelion Game Mode with Its Version 2.0 Update; Check Details!

BGMI Evangelion-Themed, Limited-Time Game Mode introduced

Krafton often partners with popular animated titles to bring limited-time events and special game modes to its uber-popular mobile title Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI). Previously, we saw the company add an Arcane-themed game mode to BGMI and the latest Power Play Event. Now, Krafton has confirmed to add a new limited-time game mode based on the cult-classic anime title Evangelion. Check out the details below.

BGMI Gets an Evangelion-Themed Game Mode

Krafton, via an official press release, has announced the new “Core Circle” game mode in BGMI as part of its Version 2.0 update. In the new game mode, players will be able to witness EVA-01 go against the 6th Evangelion Angel in a special event in Erangel from May 19 to June 19.

The new “Core Circle” game mode will be available in both Livik and Erangel maps in BGMI and will take players to a special shrunken Blue Zone at the beginning of each match. On the spawn island, players will see Evangelion’s 6th Angel firing a powerful laser. They can then find the EVA-01’s spawn point on their mini-map and observe the path of the Angel in the game.

During the gameplay, players can witness the fortresses on the island fire at the Angel until it destroys the fortresses with its power. They can then join the chaos and acquire better supplies and use the destroyed fortress walls to strategically plan their combat plans.

Krafton also says that players will be able to find more supply crates throughout the battlefield. There will also be special supply crates with more valuable items below the ground level. Furthermore, there will be a limited-time respawn period for players during which they can return to the battlefield with all their previous weapons and supplies after they are eliminated.

Currently, players can grab many exclusive Evangelion collaboration items, ranging from the iconic plugsuits to themed armor, parachutes, and backpacks. Additionally, an exclusive EVA Discovery event has also arrived with the update that allows players to collect Exploration Progress in Classic mode, with an extra progress bonus available in the “Core Circle” mode. These progress points can be exchanged for limited-time Evangelion rewards that can be upgraded to permanent rewards with a special discount.

A new buddy will also be added with the BGMI Version 2.0 update for players to partner with. The event starts today and will continue until June 19. To recall, the BGMI 2.0 update brings in the Livik mode, new weapons, and more. So, if you are a BGMI regular and a fan of the cult-classic anime series Neon Genesis Evangelion, you can update BGMI on your Android or iOS device to access the new event.

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