BGMI Update 2.0 Brings a New Livik Map, Weapons, and More

BGMI v1.6 Update Will Add a New Flora Menace Mode, New Guns in Arena Mode, and More

Battlegrounds Mobile India aka BGMI is receiving the new Update 2.0 for May on both Android and iOS. It introduces the new Livik map, new gaming modes, weapons, and more for players in India. The update is now live and is expected to reach users eventually. Here are all the new features the game has rolled out today:

BGMI Update 2.0: What’s New?

Firstly, there’s the new Livik map, which updates and remodels the existing terrains and objects. Plus, there will be new elements that will be only available on the Livik map. A new UTV vehicle, which is a high-speed four-seater car, will also be available as part of the update. It is advised that people should be careful while driving the vehicle as there’s no protection from gunfire.

bgmi update 2.0 livik map

The update also includes the new XT Upgrade Crates, which will allow players to upgrade their existing weapons like AKM, M416, P90, MK12, and M24 to XT weapons to make them more powerful. The crates can also be purchased via the Supply Shop.

New interaction zones such as the football zone will be available for players to earn tokens. They can also consume herbs to “replenish the HP.” A Firearm Depot will also be present for players to access weapons, armor, upgrade kits, and more. In order to access, users would need to clear the blockage, which can be done via the primary weapon.

The new BGMI update also introduces Zipline across the Livik Map, which can be viewed in the mini-map. Bear in mind that players can be hit by enemies while riding the zipline.

Airdrops will also be marked on the mini-map and the recall towers to revive defeated teammates will also appear. And there’s also a new football mini-game too.

Additionally, there are new weapons like the MG3 in the Metro Royale mode, emergency pickup item in Erangel and Miramar maps, the shotgun has been rebalanced, footstep sound has been improved, and a new matching animation has been added. Do let us how you find the new BGMI Update 2.0 once you get it in the comments below.

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