10 Best Wireless Chargers for Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus

Samsung’s latest flagship duo, the Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus, have now hit the shelves in certain markets and gone on pre-order in others. If you have purchased a shiny new Galaxy S9 and are planning to buy some accessories for the device, why not invest in a wireless charger and get rid of tangled wires once and for all?

We have shortlisted the 10 best wireless chargers, charging pads, stands, (or whatever you’d like to call them) compatible with the Galaxy S9 pair that are available in the market right now. The wireless chargers mentioned in the list below have been selected after assessing various parameters like brand value, price-to-value ratio, design and the unique features they bring to the table.

1. Samsung Fast Charge Wireless Charging Stand (2018 Edition)

Official Samsung Wireless Charging Pad

What wireless charging accessory can be a better-suited option for the Galaxy S9 than the one which has been designed by Samsung specifically for the new flagship? The Qi certified Samsung Fast Charge Wireless Charging Stand (2018 Edition) is tailor-made for the new flagship pair, and comes with all the bells and whistles one might want from a wireless charger. The sleek and stylish Samsung device brings advanced Qi wireless charging technology and is capable of juicing up the Galaxy S9 in just a couple of hours.

Samsung’s wireless charging stand also comes equipped with a multi-colored LED halo ring that indicates charging status of the smartphone. The device is also reverse-compatible with other Qi-enabled smartphones, and has been built to the highest safety and quality standards with 1 year of standard warranty in tow on Amazon. The official Samsung wireless charging bundle comes with a charging stand and a fast charge wall charger, and is available in two color options viz. White and Black Sapphire.

Buy on Amazon ($69.99)

2. Anker PowerPort 10 Wireless Charging Pad

anker powerport

Anker needs no introduction as the company has cultivated a solid reputation for offering some of the best charging accessories, and the PowerPort 10 Wireless charging pad is no different. The Anker devices features a compact build and boasts of a unique non-slip charging pad surface which is claimed to offer a 2x charging speed advantage over other options available in the market.

The Anker PowerPort 10 features two charging modes viz. a Fast Charge Mode and a Normal Charge Mode with 10W and 5W charging output respectively. Moreover, the Anker wireless charging pad also features a unique breathing LED light arrangement on its edges which indicate charging status, and also comes with some in-built safety features such as temperature control, voltage surge protection and short circuit protection. The Anker PowerPort 10 wireless charging bundle comes with a warranty of 18 months, however, you will have to buy the compatible wall charger separately.

Buy on Amazon ($25.99

3. ESR Ultra Slim Qi Wireless Charging Pad

ESR Wireless charging pad

The ESR Ultra Slim Qi Wireless Charging Pad is one of the best looking wireless chargers out there, but that doesn’t mean it trades aesthetics for features. The ESR wireless charger is a fairly powerful device and offer two charging modes viz. a standard charging mode and a fast charging mode with a maximum output of 9 Volts and 1.1 Ampere which is sufficient to juice up a smartphone’s battery in just a few hours.

The ESR wireless charging pad comes with an anti-skid rubberized ring on the charging pad to prevent the smartphone from slipping, and also features a circular soft light apparatus that pulsates to notify users about charging progress. The ESR wireless charger has a lot going in its favor, such as its comparatively low price tag, excellent design and lifetime warranty. (Yes, ESR offers lifetime warranty on its sleek offering)

Buy on Amazon ($19.99)

4. RAVPower Standard Qi Wireless Charger


The RAVPower Standard Qi Wireless charger is one of the highest-rated products in its category on Amazon, which says a lot about how good the product actually is and how well the users have received it. The RAVPower wireless charger features a compact build and comes equipped with a minimalist LED light that glows in multiple colors to indicate charging status, complete with an anti-slip rubber pad on the charging surface and a silicon rim on the bottom panel.

The RAVPower wireless charger provides a maximum charging output of 10W and comes with the company’s own safety technology to handle overcharging, sudden current/voltage surge, temperature spike, etc. The RAVPower can also facilitate fast charging (Quick Charge 2.0/3.0 at 15W) with a compatible charger and comes with a lifetime warranty.

Buy on Amazon ($14.99)

5. Yootech Qi Wireless Charging Pad

yootech wireless charging pad

The Yootech Qi Wireless Charging Pad is one of the cheapest wireless chargers in our list, although its design and features paint a different picture. The Yootech wireless charging pad features a unique triangular design with a charging status LED at one of its corners, and provides a maximum charging output of  5V/1000 mA.

The Yootech Qi wireless charging pad can effortlessly charge a smartphone wearing a protective case made out of materials like plastic, rubber, etc. The Yootech wireless charger can fully charge a smartphone in 3-4 hours and comes with a warranty of 18 months as a quality assurance.

Buy on Amazon ($12.99)

6. Moko Qi Wireless Charging Station

Moko Qi wireless Fast Charging Station

The Moko Qi wireless charger is another highly acclaimed wireless charger which ticks all the right boxes like charging speed, design and price point. Moko claims that its wireless charging pad is up to 1.4 times faster than standard wireless charging solutions and is capable of fully charging a smartphone from 0 to 100 per cent in just about 1-2 hours. 

Built out of Aluminum alloy and Acrylic, the Moko wireless charger station offers two charging modes viz. Universal mode (5V/1A~1.5A output) and Fast charge mode (9V/1.67A output). The circular LED light surrounding the anti-slip pad lets users keep an eye on the charging status of their device, while Moko’s in-built technology prevents hazards like voltage and temperature surge, short circuit, etc.

Buy on Amazon ($19.99)

7. Anker PowerPort 5 Wireless Charging Stand

anker powerport vertical

The PowerPort 5 Wireless charging stand from Anker hits the sweet spot between efficiency, design and build quality. One of the biggest advantages of the Anker device is its design, which rests the smartphone in a horizontal as well as vertical position, allowing users to easily check notifications, watch videos and do a lot more while charging the device.

With an output of 5V/1A, the Anker PowerPort 5 provides 10% faster charging speed than standard wireless chargers, reducing battery recharge duration by as much as 30 minutes. The Anker PowerPort 5 is equipped with its own in-built system to handle radiation and electrical safety hazards, and also comes with an 18-month warranty.

Buy on Amazon ($21.99)

8. Samsung Universal Qi Wireless Charger

Samsung Universal Fast Charger

Samsung’s Universal Qi Wireless charger is compatible with any Qi-enabled device, which is a huge bonus if you have other wireless charging-supported devices lying around. Samsung’s wireless charging pad charges smartphones at standard wireless charging speed and also comes with support for Fast Charge when paired with a compatible charger.

Samsung’s wireless charging pad features a cool LED halo that pulsates with different colors to indicate a smartphone’s charging status, and it can also charge a device with a protective case on. At the moment, the device is available on Amazon at a discount of around $10, so it might be an opportune time to invest in the device.

Buy on Amazon ($39.50)

9. TOP-MAX Ultra Slim Wireless Charger

topmax wireless charging pad

True to its name, the TOP-MAX Ultra Slim charging pad is one of the most portable wireless chargers out there with a thickness of just  0.11-inch, which also allows it to dissipate heat more efficiently. The charging pad is made of an anti-slip coating which is surrounded by an always-on soft LED light running around the pad that indicates charging status.

The TOP-MAX Qi wireless charger is universally compatible with all Qi-enabled devices and comes with built-in safety features like voltage regulation and short-circuit prevention. The TOP-MAX device juices up a smartphone’s battery at standard wireless charging speeds, and is no less than a steal deal at its current price point of just $11.99 on Amazon.

Buy on Amazon ($11.99)

10. Pleson Fast Wireless Charger

pleson wireless fast charger

The Pleson Fast Wireless Charger, despite being the last addition to the list, is a complete package, be it the attractive design, impressive charging speed and versatile charging options. The Pleson charging pad can accommodate a device in both horizontal and vertical positions, with an elevated notch which features a pulsating LED that automatically shuts off after 10 seconds.

With fast charging mode enabled, the Pleson wireless charger can juice up a smartphone’s battery in less than 2.5 hours, charging the device at 1.4 times faster pace. Moreover, it can also charge devices at standard wireless charging speeds and comes with a 60-day money back guarantee to assure users of the product’s quality.

Buy on Amazon ($19.99)

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Which Wireless Charger You Will Buy?

So, that was our list of the 10 best wireless chargers for the Samsung Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9 Plus, all of which have received acclaim for their superior efficiency and reliability. The products listed above range from devices that cost above $50 to wireless chargers that are priced as little as $12, with the only major differentiating factors being brand value and the presence/absence of Quick Charge, which may or may not be a deal breaker for different users.

What do you think of the list compiled by us? Did we miss any truly awesome wireless charger that strikes the perfect balance between price, build quality and features? Let us know in the comments section below and also tell us which wireless charger you bought after reading the article.

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