Twitter can be a weird place, really. Sometimes you end up finding something new and interesting, whereas most other times, you’ll find funny and oddball things to laugh at.

Earlier this morning when I was mindlessly scrolling through my Twitter feed during my daily commute to work, I came across actor Amitabh Bachchan’s tweet, in which he’s ranting about his phone failing to turn on. Here’s the tweet –

As you can see, Bachchan is talking about the Galaxy S9. From what I can understand, it looks like the phone was stuck in a boot loop, a state in which a phone fails to boot and keeps flashing the manufacturer’s logo.

Boot loops are not unheard of. They’re very common these days, and a phone can suffer from boot loop issues due to various reasons. In a follow-up tweet, Bachchan did confirm that Samsung was quick enough to respond and fix the phone.

Twitterati, however, couldn’t resist but follow up with funny tweets about how Bachchan is tweeting about a rival phone maker’s device. I say rival because Bachchan, as we all know, is a brand ambassador of OnePlus. He was seen promoting OnePlus’ phones previously. Heck, we even got pictured with the OnePlus 6 before its official launch. So, naturally, this tweet was seen as a direct hit at Samsung.

Xiaomi’s India’s Managing Director Manu Kumar Jain, however, couldn’t help but use this opportunity to plug Xiaomi phones. He quoted Bachchan’s tweet and said, ” It’s time to switch phones. You can maybe try the most loved technology brand in India. Happy to send a flagship phone to you, if you want.” Here, check out Jain’s tweet –

This, by the way, isn’t the first time Jain has snatched the opportunity to promote Xiaomi phones. He once wooed PayTM founder Vijay Shekar Sharma on Twitter, when his iPhone X was acting up. So looks like Jain doesn’t waste any time in using public declarations of failures of rival brands, for the good of Xiaomi.