12 Best Ancient City Seeds for Minecraft 1.19.2

Minecraft is now eligible to enter the list of popular horror games, and it’s all due to the newly added Ancient Cities. They are the home to the scary Warden, plenty of dark features, and amazing loot in the game. But because of such excellent qualities, they aren’t as easy to find as you might expect. That’s why we have compiled a list of the best ancient city seeds for Minecraft 1.19. They spawn you close to the most amazing ancient cities in Deep Dark. We have included seeds for both Minecraft Java and Bedrock editions, including the coordinates for key locations. But you will still have to dig your way to the city. So, let’s save you some digging time and dive right into the best seeds!

Top Minecraft Ancient City Seeds (2022)

We have covered seeds for both Java and Bedrock editions separately, and you can’t use them interchangeably. Moreover, since the Ancient City is a major attraction of the new biome, these are also the best deep dark seeds you can get for Minecraft 1.19.2. So, use the table below to find the seed that catches your eye and is compatible with your game edition.

Best Ancient City Seeds for Minecraft Java

1. Stronghold in Ancient City

Stronghold in Ancient City

Starting on an exciting note, we have a unique seed whose duplicate might never be found. It features an Ancient City that encompasses a complete stronghold inside it. You can easily locate its libraries, chests, and even the End portal. Thanks to the Warden, this might not be the safest stronghold, but it definitely has the best loot you can get.

  • Seed Code: -6542427500181432213
  • Spawn Biome: Beach
  • Ancient City Coordinates: -1036, -42, 1124

2. Ten Ancient Cities in Deep Dark

Ten Ancient Cities at once
Map via Chunkbase

Usually, a single area of deep dark biome only has one Ancient City. It makes the exploration worth the effort and encourages the players to venture further. But if you are lazy like me, this seed will impress you. It spawns 10 ancient cities inside a single large deep dark biome. You can head from one city to another, hunting Wardens, or die trying to collect the best loot. This is easily the best seed to find and defeat the Warden in Minecraft 1.19.

  • Seed Code: 5146159088207717555
  • Spawn Biome: Plains
  • Closest Ancient City Coordinates: -728, -44, -168

3. Ancient Dripstone City

Ancient Dripstone City

As you might guess from its name, this seed gives us an Ancient City that spreads across a dripstone cave and a deep dark biome. The result is beautiful scenery with contrasting features of two biomes coming together. The Warden still spawns in the city even if the area is in the dripstone caves biome. But the hostile mobs from the cave might distract it for just enough time for you to escape.

  • Seed Code: 2817169686383787731
  • Spawn Biome: Forest
  • Ancient City Coordinates: 488, -40, -600

4. Find Warden Near Spawn

Just Dig Down AC Seed

If you don’t like waiting to test out the new additions in an update, our next ancient city seed in Minecraft 1.19.2 is made for you. It spawns you right on top of a deep dark biome, and all you have to do is dig down. You will find yourself standing in an Ancient City in no time. It is not the best idea to go into such a dangerous structure early on. But if you are careful enough, you might be able to avoid spawning Warden in Minecraft.

  • Seed Code: -3583656773070355489
  • Spawn Biome: Savanna
  • Ancient City Coordinates: 24, -42, 56

5. Lush Cave Ancient City

Ancient Lush City

If we make a scale of cave biomes in terms of their scariness, the Deep Dark and Lush caves would sit on opposite ends. One has mobs like Axolots and features an amazing plantation growing from the roof. Meanwhile, the other is home to the Warden, which can scare you into quitting the game.

However, this seed finds the middle ground between these two. It spawns us close to an Ancient City that spreads across a lush cave and a deep dark biome. With the best Minecraft shaders, this spot looks nothing less than a new structure in the game.

  • Seed Code: -8687393869649825644
  • Spawn Biome: Snowy Plains
  • Ancient City Coordinates: 2040, -41, -728

6. Ancient Lava Portal

Ancient Lava Portal

At this point, we know that the portal structure in the Ancient City has some kind of mystery attached to it. But it won’t be revealed at least until Minecraft 1.20 update. Fortunately, this seed allows us to imagine what it can be like by generating a perfect lava-logged portal. You can travel to the spot and see lava slowly taking over the portal and creating a fresh portal-like opening. However, stepping into it will only lead you back to your spawn point via death by lava.

  • Seed Code: -7695604630540454913
  • Cave Coordinates: 200, -40, 900

Best Ancient City Seeds for Minecraft Bedrock

7. Seed with Warden Below Spawn

Ancient City At Spawn

Our first Ancient City seed for Minecraft Bedrock is perfect for players that don’t plan on exploring to find the new features. You just have to spawn into this seed and start digging downwards. Once you dig deep enough, the Ancient City will be staring at you with its loot ready to be collected. Also, you will find the mysterious Ancient City portal (pictured above) at this location.

  • Seed Code: -7969402200478764570
  • Spawn Biome: Snowy Slopes
  • Ancient City Coordinates: 8, -43, 136

8. Stronghold Next to Ancient City With Mineshaft

Ancient City With Strong Hold and Mineshaft

Our next Minecraft 1.19.2 seed takes it on itself to spawn all the cave structures in the game, and it does so at the same place. You can find a stronghold that generates right on top of an Ancient City with a Mineshaft connected to it. With proper planning and using a few of the best Minecraft potions, you can loot all these structures to get almost everything you need to conquer the game in a survival world.

  • Seed Code: 3621868329803409107
  • Spawn Biome: Dark Forest
  • Ancient City Coordinates: -1448, -44, -632
  • Stronghold Coordinates: -1452, -25, -860

9. Not the Best Seed to Fight Warden

Extra Dangerous Ancient City

As per the design, the only dangerous part of visiting the Ancient city is supposed to be the Warden in the Minecraft 1.19 update. But that’s not the case with this seed. It spawns an Ancient City that is connected to a dripstone cave. Because of that, you get dangerous features of the other biomes too. We are talking about lava, hostile mobs, and sharp dripstones. Unless you are feeling courageous, we suggest looking for another Ancient City to try your luck.

  • Seed Code: 1362763294125914788
  • Spawn Biome: Taiga
  • Ancient City Coordinates: 840, -41, -584

10. Best Deep Dark Seed with 19 Ancient Cities

19 Cities at Once

If you clicked on this article with the desire to find just Ancient Cities and nothing else, this is the perfect Minecraft 1.19 seed for you. It spawns you in a world that has 19 Ancient cities within the first few hundred blocks of the spawn point. Some of these are identical, while others merge into their surroundings to create unique scenes. But with such a huge area covered, this is the best seed to explore the deep dark in Minecraft Bedrock.

  • Seed Code: -2193811972289072796
  • Spawn Biome: Jagged Peaks

11. Find All Cave Biomes in One Place

All Cave Biomes at Once

The final best Ancient City seed on our list captures the best of Minecraft’s different caves at a single spot. It gives us an Ancient City that spreads across the three cave biomes in the game. It begins in the deep dark cave, developed into dripstone caves, and finally, comes with elements from the lush caves to complete its scenery. The result is not only beautiful but also rare in Minecraft seeds.

  • Seed Code: 5114865292213250711
  • Spawn Biome: Taiga
  • Ancient City Coordinates: 584, -44, 168

12. Cross-Play Ancient City

Cross-Play Ancient City

Every other seed on our list only works on a particular edition of Minecraft but this seed is an exception. It generates the whole Ancient City structure at almost the same spot on both editions of the game: Java and Bedrock. You just have to spawn in the world and start digging to find it.

  • Seed Code: 5705783928676095273

Explore The Coolest Ancient City Seeds in Minecraft 1.19.2

It’s time to load up on resources and put some of the best Minecraft enchantments on your gear. With these amazing ancient city seeds for Minecraft, you will be standing next to the mighty and scary Warden in no time. That means you must be prepared for your journey. And if the in-game resources don’t feel enough, you can check out these best Minecraft mods. They only work on the Java edition but can change your game experience entirely. As for the Bedrock users, the best Minecraft commands are your only savior here. Meanwhile, if you want to explore the rest of the new update, our best Minecraft 1.19 seeds can lead you to some of the finest spots. Having said that, which Ancient City seed is your favorite? Tell us in the comments!

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