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15 Best Steam Summer Sale 2023 Game Deals

Another year, another Steam Summer Sale. Continuing the tradition, Steam has followed through and discounted thousands of games for everyone to get their hands on. The Steam Summer Sale 2023 started on June 29th and will last through July 13th Pacific time. However, with a market so full of variety, how do you choose which games you should buy? Fortunately, we thought the same and combed through the sale page to come up with our own collection of the best Steam Summer Sale 2023 games you should buy right now. So keep your credit cards by your side, and let’s add to your game library.

1. Dead Space Remake

We begin the list with a dash of horror that is sure to chill you till Halloween. Dead Space Remake is the reimagined rendition of the 2008 horror game that spawned an entire franchise. The game’s protagonist is Isaac Clarke, an engineer who finds himself aboard a space mission to repair a mining ship. What is meant to be a normal mission goes awry when Issac finds his entire team eliminated and partner Nicole missing. It is the player’s job to use whatever weapons they have in their arsenal and guide Isaac as he fights through the Ishimura.

An in-game screenshot of the Dead Space Remake

Even though the original Dead Space was horrifying by itself, the remake comes with vast improvements. Dead Space Remake features graphically advanced environments, more visually detailed and hostile enemies called the Necromorphs, and an overhaul of the entire game. This makes the remake even scarier for newbies and veterans alike. For horror fans, Dead Space Remake is one of the best deals in the 2023 Steam Summer Sale.

Get Dead Space Remake (30% Off)
Standard Price:

Discounted Price: $41.99

2. Elden Ring

Yet another game that has turned into a cult hit, Elden Ring is an expansive open-world RPG game with its roots in the classic Dead Souls franchise. The game’s worldbuilding has been provided by Game of Thrones famed writer George R. R. Martin. As such, the world of Elden Ring is a fantasy taking place in the Lands Between. While the world was initially ruled by Queen Merika through the Elden Ring, it has since been shattered with each piece with a demigod.

A in-game screenshot of Elden Ring

The player is The Tarnished, one of the exiled warriors who must gather all the pieces, reform the ring and become the Elden Lord. Elden Ring follows the same gameplay system as the Dead Souls franchise. Focusing on relentless combat and numerous deaths, the players must keep fighting and be reborn at what are called Sites of Grace. Check out the best armor sets in Elden Ring, along with details on how to play co-op in Elden Ring.

As in Dead Souls, you will encounter a multitude of enemies and bosses in Elden Ring, making it a challenging yet amazing RPG. If you’re a Dead Souls veteran who wants more pain, check this game out during the Steam Summer Sale.

Get Elden Ring (30% Off)
Standard Price:

Discounted Price: $41.99

3. Uncharted: Legacy of Thieves Collection

There have been a lot of PS5 exclusives over the years that PC gamers have wished would be ported already. Fortunately, one such game that has fairly recently hit the shelves is the Uncharted: Legacy of Thieves Collection, which contains the series’ most popular games. The PC port carries over the same astounding level of storytelling and graphical realism that Uncharted players have come to love.

An in-game screenshot of the Uncharted Legacy of Thieves Collection

For those unaware, you are Nathan Drake, an infamous fortune hunter who is now living a quiet life. However, the call of one last treasure hunt beckons him back to the chase. The Uncharted collection is full of action-packed sequences, scenic beauty, and a fitting conclusion to this saga. Thankfully, this game is at a discount on the Steam Summer Sale 2023 so grab it while you can.

Get Uncharted: Legacy of Thieves Collection (40% Off)
Standard Price:

Discounted Price: $29.99

4. Detroit: Become Human

Detroit Become Human is not a game some players will like due to its intense focus on passive storytelling. However, for those who prefer a cinematic experience, this adventure game will be a big hit. This 2018 game adopts GTA V’s style of storytelling and follows 3 different protagonists. The characters in focus are all Androids living in a world where their kind is mass manufactured and used by humans for daily chores.

An in-game screenshot of detroit become human

The central story focuses on Android’s newfound sentience and how they start to see humankind in a different light. However, what makes Detroit: Become Human interesting is the shared yet different perspective each character brings to the story. As mentioned above, the game doesn’t feature a lot of active combat, instead relying on cinematics and quick time events to build suspense.

However, there are moments when you will roam around and investigate yourself. As someone who has finished the game, this is one deal you should check out in the 2023 Steam Summer Sale.

Get Detroit: Become Human (50% Off)
Standard Price:

Discounted Price: $19.99

5. Red Dead Redemption 2

Even though some might call it old, Red Dead Redemption 2 is arguably one of the best games to have existed in the 21st century. As such, it is all the more opportune that the game has a flat 67% off in the Steam Summer Sale. However, before you buy it, here’s what you should know. Red Dead Redemption 2 is a story-driven open-world game that focuses on Arthur Morgan, a member part of the Dutch Van Der Linde Gang. Dutch and his crew are outlaws, the last of a kind, trying to survive in a new age America that is moving on from the old West.

An in-game screenshot of Red Dead Redemption 2

RDR 2 focuses on the gang’s journey as they try to survive away from the law forces chasing them. While initially fiercely loyal to Dutch, Arthur changes when an event forces him to doubt not only the gang but his entire existence. Without spoiling the story for you, Red Dead Redemption 2 is the one game that weaves together a story that rivals the best of entertainment out there. This makes RDR 2 the one game for story-driven gamers.

Get Red Dead Redemption 2 (67% Off)
Standard Price:

Discounted Price: $19.79

6. Cyberpunk 2077

Even though Cyberpunk 2077 was an initial disappointment because of its game-breaking bugs and glitches, this open-world FPS has now gained a lot of love. Based in the futuristic Night City, you are V, a small-time dweller trying to make a name for themself. After a friend’s death destroys the journey you were both on, V is stuck with a rogue cybernetic chip inside his head that haunts him with the aftervision of a celebrity (played by Keanu Reeves) in the past. V and the celebrity must work together to get rid of the chip and save their life.

an in-game screenshot of cyberpunk 2077

Cyberpunk 2077 is a complete image of a world where cybernetic augmentation has taken over. The open-world game features an arsenal of futuristic weapons, fast and odd cars, and environments that are inspiring and depressing at once. Cyberpunk 2077 will soon gain a new DLC titled Phantom Liberty that adds more missions after the main game.

Get Cyberpunk 2077 (50% Off)
Standard Price:

Discounted Price: $29.99

7. Forza Horizon 5

While some of these games including Forza Horizon 5 are available on the Xbox Game Pass, not everyone wants to be tied down to a subscription. For those cases and more, Forza 5 is the perfect pick with its amazing flat 50% discount on the Steam Summer Sale right now. Since the game is part of the best selling series that attracts car enthusiasts and novices alike, it’s no wonder gamers are flocking to the deal.

An in-game screenshot of Forza 5

While most people don’t exaclty play Forza Horizon 5 for the story, it has its share of missions that introduce the various characters. The game is set in various locations around Maxico and as such feature its sceneic beauty. In addition there are over 500+ cars available for the player to drive which can be unlocked by winning races or buying them. For those into an open world racing game, Forza Horizon 5 is one of the absolute best deals to get in this sale.

Get Forza Horizon 5 (50% Off)
Standard Price:

Discounted Price: $29.99

8. Hades

Quite possibly one of the most played roguelike games to have existed, Hades is a metaphorical God simulator you should get during this 2023 Steam Summer Sale. You are Zagreus, Prince of the Underworld and son of the God of Hades. For those who don’t know, Hades rules Hell and as such decides what happens in it. Zagreus on the other hand hates it there and is trying to get out.

An in-game screenshot of Hades

This forms the story as we see the prince battling his way through a horde of levels trying to escape. Each level is fraught with multiple enemy types, traps and so much more. You even encounter notable characters including Zeus, Athena, Poseidon and more. Since it is a roguelike, prepare to die over and over and keep coming back to hell.

Get Hades (50% Off)
Standard Price:

Discounted Price: $12.49

9. Cult of the Lamb

Fans of Devolver Digital know the studio for its big hits, including the Hotline Miami franchise. The Cult of the Lamb is one such selection. Based on a dark storyline, Cult of the Lamb is another roguelike entry where you must start a cult, manage it and destroy the competition. The player does this to repay back a debt they took on from an entity that saved their life.

An in-game screenshot of cult of the lamb

Cult of the Lamb mixes in gameplay elements from world builders and dungeon crawlers. You can collect and use resources to build structures for your followers and advance your cult. The combat takes over when the opposition followers try to raid your land. While the fighting is naturally not as intensive as an FPS, Cult of the Lamb holds its own when it comes to being an immersive top-down game. Check it out during this Steam sale.

Get Cult of the Lamb (35% Off)
Standard Price:

Discounted Price: $16.24

10. Inscryption

Inscryption is a game that won’t be everyone’s cup of tea but is one of the best game deals in the ongoing 2023 Steam Summer sale. The reason is that it’s a card-based game that focuses on the player having the best deck. However, there is also a strong chance this is quite unlike any other card-based game right now. Inscryption takes place in an inky-black world that emphasizes darkness at every turn. As the main character, you find yourself trapped in a cabin with a creature.

An in-game screenshot of inscryption

The creature will let you go but has a small request; you must win against it, a game that is based on losing. Throughout the game, the player battles it out against the creature using a custom card set that is based on different animals found throughout the woodland.

While sounding simple, Inscryption packages the entire experience with thrilling environments, eerie sound effects, and an atmosphere that seems impossible to escape from. To experience a card base game unlike any other, buy this game.

Get Inscryption (40% Off)
Standard Price:

Discounted Price: $11.99

11. Marvel’s Spider-Man Remastered

One of the most awaited PS5 exclusives to ever the PC shelves, Marvel’s Spider-Man is a fully remastered version. While the remaster is not as expansive as Dead Space, it features optimized graphics, ray tracing, improved shadows, and support for even more resolutions.

An in-game screenshot of Spiderman Remastered

For those unfamiliar with the Spiderman franchise, the remastered version also follows Peter Parker as he is bitten by an experimental spider. This, in turn, gives him supernatural abilities, including superhuman strength, and the ability to shoot webs and swing across the entire city. Across his journey, Peter runs into a variety of enemies that he must battle to save his city from all evil. For those who haven’t played the Spiderman series, grab the remastered version during the 2023 Steam Summer sale.

Get Spider-Man Remastered (33% Off)
Standard Price:

Discounted Price: $40.19

12. God of War

Residing right beside RDR 2, God of War is yet another one of those classics gamers cannot get enough of. The latest PC God of War follows an older and wiser Kratos. The god now has a son and lives in a remote land. Having recently lost his life, Kratos and his Atreus embark on a journey to spread her ashes from the highest peak in the realms.

An in-game screenshot of God of War

God of War brings back the hack-and-slash combat that has resulted in the series defining an entire genre. Besides the satisfying gameplay, the game features an extremely immersive soundtrack, beautiful environments, and ultra-detailed lore. While the game has been followed by the PS5 exclusive, GOW Ragnarok, this Steam Summer sale remains one of the best purchases you can make in 2023.

Get God of War (40% Off)
Standard Price:

Discounted Price: $29.99

13. Hogwarts Legacy

Even though there has been a fair share of Harry Potter games throughout the years, none have captured the imagination quite as much as Hogwarts Legacy. Published by Warner Bros., Legacy is a 2023 RPG game set in a land where wizards exist. Often recognized when they’re young, the wizards are sent to schools where they hone their skills and become capable good or dark wizards.

An in-game screenshot of Hogwarts Legacy

The protagonist in question is a young student making their way to Hogwarts, the most famous of all wizarding schools. However, before they can reach it, they are attacked by dark wizards. The player soon learns that they possess magic lost in time and are the only ones who can stop dark forces from taking over the world.

Hogwarts Legacy has been extremely well received by critics and players alike, who are finally happy players can step inside the world of wizarding without any limitations. If you’ve been a Harry Potter fan since childhood, this is the game to get during the 2023 Steam sale.

Get Hogwarts Legacy (20% Off)
Standard Price:

Discounted Price: $47.99

14. Deep Rock Galactic 

Having sunk close to 100 hours in this team based FPS, Deep Rock is one of the games I can personally vouch for. Those looking for a multiplayer will love to know that Deep Rock Galatic is a 1-4 player FPS set in a fantasy world. You are Dwarf miners on a mission to extract as many minerals from other planets.

An in-game screenshot of Deep Rock Galactic

However, the way through to these minerals is blocked by difficult terrain, deadly enemies and paths that coil around every which way. Teamwork in Deep Rock is essential as each Dwarf fighter brings their own special abilities, weapon loadouts and aspects you will need. Combine that with some excellent voice acting, this is the one team game to get during this Steam Summer Sale.

Get Deep Rock Galactic (67% Off)
Standard Price:

Discounted Price: $9.89

15. Stardew Valley

Ending the list with a wholesome and relaxing game, Stardew Valley is an addition you should make from the Steam Summer Sale 2023. The simulation RPG puts you in the shoes of a young man who has recently inherited his grandfather’s farm. Feeling confused with life already, the character decides to shift to the farm and start a life there. You have nothing but the most basic of tools and must build your entie farm up.

An in-game screenshot of Stardew Valley

However, Stardew Valley has its share of combat which comes into play when you go out hunting for seeds, minerals and tools. However, since the emphasis is not on fighting itself, it’s fairly straightforward. Most gamers use Stardew Valley as an excellent way to wind down and practice managment on the side. Check it out if a simple game is your cup of tea.

Get Stardew Valley (34% Off)
Standard Price:

Discounted Price: $9.89


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