21 Best Armor Sets in Elden Ring

Like any medieval-inspired fantasy game, Elden Ring features armor sets. And much like the medieval armors, they look fancy and provide protection. However, some of them are objectively better than others. So we compiled a few of the best armor sets in Elden Ring for every player to explore.

While armors are abundant, a few outshine themselves as some of the best. So, we went through the pain of tracking down and listing the best armors in some specific categories in Elden Ring and the places to find them.

Attributes Required to Wear an Armor in Elden Ring

The armors in Elden Ring are available in pieces, which players can either wear together to make a set or mix and match different pieces to create their unique look. The game restricts players from wearing a few armors through the equip load, which is the points you need to use heavier items. However, it doesn’t block players from equipping themselves a heavier armor. Instead, if players do not meet the equip load requirements, the game slows down the movement of players, including their dodging speed.

The higher the equipment load, the better the option of choosing the armor. To increase the maximum equipment load, you need to add points to the Endurance skill. Not only does it increase the maximum equipment load, but it also improves the stamina of a player. So, players will be reaping the benefits of both worlds when they focus on improving their Endurance. Higher Endurance will give them better stamina and a higher equip load, which lets players equip heavier armor.

In total, Elden Ring features a total of around 90+ armor sets in the game and 599 armor pieces for players to track down, which can seem overwhelming. Furthermore, some of them are great ornamental armor sets. Amidst all of this, some armor excels in what it is meant to do – protect the player. Hence, check out some of the best armors in Elden Ring.

Best Early Game Armors in Elden Ring

1. Carian Knight Armor Set

21 Best Armor Sets in Elden Ring
Damage NegationResistance/Armor Weight
Physical: 23.5Immunity: 66
Against Strike: 21.6Robustness: 110
Against Slash: 24.5Focus: 50
Against Pierce: 23.5Vitality: 55
Magic: 24.5Poise: 40
Fire: 23.5Total Equip Weight: 25.1
Light: 19.1
Holy: 23.5

Location: Academy of Raya Lucaria. It is situated in the graveyard near the Church of the Cuckoo site of Grace. Simply take a right instead of entering and drop down on the platform below.

One of the sets worn by the Carian Knight guards, the Carian Knight Armor set gives a balance between magic and physical defense to its wearer. Though it does not provide any buff against status effects on enemies, it looks royal, thanks to the three armor pieces. Players can track it down at the Academy of Raya Lucaria legacy dungeon, where they can also respec their character.

2. Twinned Armor Set

21 Best Armor Sets in Elden Ring
Damage NegationResistance/Armor Weight
Physical: 27.4Immunity: 83
Against Strike: 25.4Robustness: 135
Against Slash: 29.6Focus: 53
Against Pierce: 25Vitality: 135
Magic: 23.5Poise: 50
Fire: 23.5Total Equip Weight: 30
Light: 19
Holy: 21.5

Location: Given to the players after finishing the questline of D, Hunter of the Dead. Start it by interacting at the east of the Stormhill Shack on Limgrave.

People who venture and explore in Elden Ring might have met an individual wearing a unique armor called D, Hunter of the Dead. Talking with him starts a separate quest line, providing the players with the Twinned armor set. The armor set is a medium-weight armor that provides balanced protection from physical or magic attacks.

The alternative way to obtain this is essentially killing off D when you first meet him. However, doing so will lock players out of the quest. Furthermore, D helps players reach Guuranq, one of the essential NPCs that give players incantations in Elden Ring.

3. Lionel Armor Set

21 Best Armor Sets in Elden Ring
Damage NegationResistance/Armor Weight
Physical: 33.5Immunity: 150
Against Strike: 31.5Robustness: 235
Against Slash: 36.4Focus: 100
Against Pierce: 37.2Vitality: 100
Magic: 26.5Poise: 86
Fire: 28.9Total Equip Weight: 50.5
Light: 25.6
Holy: 26.5

Location: Found on the bed inside a building with the Lower Capital Church site of Grace.

One of the heavy armor in the game, Lionel the Lionhearted, the self-proclaimed father of Fia, was the original owner of Lionel’s armor set. Players will later encounter Lionel in the game if they play through the quest line of Fia.

A round, plump-looking armor, this set protects its user from most oncoming attacks. The armor set allows users to push through a few hits, thanks to the high poise provided by this set.

4. Godrick Soldier Armor Set

Damage NegationResistance/Armor Weight
Physical: 25.3Immunity: 75
Against Strike: 23.3Robustness: 129
Against Slash: 25.3Focus: 54
Against Pierce: 24.4Vitality: 54
Magic: 20Poise: 47
Fire: 21.6Total Equip Weight: 24.7
Light: 15.9
Holy: 18.9

Location: Throughout Limgrave. Dropped by the Godrick Soldiers roaming the area.

The Godrick soldier armor set drops from the soldiers patrolling the grounds and areas of Stormveil Castle, one of the first legacy dungeons. Players encounter them throughout Limgrave and killing them rewards players with armor pieces.

Godrick soldier set is one of the best armors, as it gives good maneuverability and adequate defense for the first couple of hours in the game.

5. Scaled Armor Set

21 Best Armor Sets in Elden Ring
Damage NegationResistance/Armor Weight
Physical: 31Immunity: 135
Against Strike: 27.3Robustness: 197
Against Slash: 32.3Focus: 91
Against Pierce: 31Vitality: 91
Magic: 26.5Poise: 71
Fire: 27.6Total Equip Weight: 38
Light: 25.6
Holy: 26.5

Location: Reward as a drop after defeating the Old Knight Istvan outside Limgrave Colosseum. Part of the Volcano Manor Propreitier’s questline.

Scaled armor fares well against non-physical attacks thanks to its high immunity and robustness. The tradeoff for that is the nominal stats for defense against physical attacks. However, if players want to look cool and protect themselves from magic attacks and slower status buildups, the scaled armor is a great option.

Upon reaching the Volcano Manor at Mt. Gelmir, players get a task to slay three individuals to meet with the lord of blasphemy himself. If taken up on the offer, the first individual is Old Knight Istvan in front of the Limgrave Colosseum. Upon his death, players get rewarded with the scaled armor set made of hard-rock scales.

Best Light Armors in Elden Ring

1. Black Knife Armor Set

Damage NegationResistance/Armor Weight
Physical: 22.5Immunity: 65
Against Strike: 21.6Robustness: 108
Against Slash: 24.4Focus: 54
Against Pierce: 24.4Vitality: 54
Magic: 17.5Poise: 40
Fire: 18.9Total Equip Weight: 21.8
Light: 13.5
Holy: 22.5

Location: Under an archway behind Ordina, Liturgical Town at Consecrated Snowfield.

Elden Ring re-introduced the stealth system from Sekiro and made it much more functional. Black Knife Armor sets to improve the players’ stealth, muffling the player’s footsteps, rolls, and jumps thanks to the chest piece. Combine it with the Cerpus’s Vial talisman and Assassin’s Approach Incantation, and players will have a character adept in the art of stealth.

In terms of protection, the defense against physical and magical attacks is nothing spectacular, which is expected from a light armor set. However, it gives players a range of movement thanks to it being lightweight.

2. Land of Reeds Armor Set

Damage NegationResistance/Armor Weight
Physical: 17.8Immunity: 143
Against Strike: 19.1Robustness: 120
Against Slash: 24.5Focus: 98
Against Pierce: 19.1Vitality: 130
Magic: 20.4Poise: 34
Fire: 22.6Total Equip Weight: 19.8
Light: 23.6
Holy: 21.7

Location: Starting equipment for the Samurai class. Alternatively, found in the Isolated Merchant’s Shack, located at the very north of the Caelid in the Dragonborrow portion of the map.

The Land of Reeds armor set fulfills the player’s dream of portraying themselves as a Samurai from the old Akira Kurosawa movies. Visually it looks similar to real-life Yoroi armor worn by the Japanese samurai from the yesteryears, and it does not provide a sufficient physical or magical defense. What it does provide is increased resistance towards most status effects and bleeding, thanks to high points in Robustness and Immunity. Furthermore, because the set is light to wear, it allows free movement for players, allowing fast rolls and dodges.

3. Mushroom Armor Set

Damage NegationResistance/Armor Weight
Physical: 12.5Immunity: 243
Against Strike: 14.5Robustness: 57
Against Slash: 5.5Focus: 215
Against Pierce: 10.9Vitality: 181
Magic: 26.1Poise: 11
Fire: 10.9Total Equip Weight: 12.1
Light: 25.3
Holy: 25.6

Location: The Mushroom Crown is found on a corpse hanging off of a pillar ruin in the southeastern corner of Lake of Rot. The rest of the pieces are in the Seethewater Cave, inside a cave with a giant poison flower and many mushroom people.

Listen, mushrooms are tasty. I like them fried, and when cooked well, it tastes almost similar to chicken for some odd reason. I am unsure whether it protects me from oncoming attacks in real life. However, in Elden Ring, it does, thanks to the Mushroom Armor Set. The entirety of the set increases resistance against numerous status effects thanks to its incredibly high immunity and focus. The mushroom armor set also provides defense against physical and magic attacks.

Players can discover the entire set in two pieces at two separate places. The headpiece is at the Lake of Rot at Caedia. The rest of the body is in Seethewater Cave, among a Poison Flower and fellow mushroom people.

4. War Surgeon Armor Set

Damage NegationResistance/Armor Weight
Physical: 14.4Immunity: 127
Against Strike: 16.1Robustness: 91
Against Slash: 17.7Focus: 108
Against Pierce: 14.4Vitality: 118
Magic: 19Poise: 29
Fire: 20.3Total Equip Weight: 16.6
Light: 21.6
Holy: 20.3

Location: Dropped by one of the Nameless White Mask NPC invaders in the Moghwyn Dynasty Mausoleum area of Siorfa River. Start going downhill from the Palace Approach-Ledge Road site of grace and get to the blood lake by taking a left.

Remember White Mask Varre calling you Maidenless at the First Step site of grace in Elden Ring? You can wear his white mask and overalls through the War Surgeon armor set. To obtain it, explore the Siorfa River’s Moghwyn Dynasty Mausoleum area and progress through White Mask Varre’s questline.

The War Surgeon set an interesting effect tied to it. The white mask increases the player’s attack power by 10% for 20 seconds if they inflict blood loss on an enemy. Furthermore, altering the War Surgeon Gown on a site of grace or through Boc will increase defense. The game drops it in its altered form, so make sure you change it. As for protection, the set does not fare well against the physical and magical defense. However, it has high immunity and focus, making the wearer resistant to most effects.

5. Royal Remains Armor Set

Damage NegationResistance/Armor Weight
Physical: 23.6Immunity: 84
Against Strike: 23.6Robustness: 135
Against Slash: 25.5Focus: 57
Against Pierce: 23.6Vitality: 27
Magic: 19.1Poise: 44
Fire: 20.4Total Equip Weight: 25.3
Light: 16.2
Holy: 17.8

Location: Obtained after defeating Ensha at the Roundtable Hold. He invades players at the roundtable after obtaining one-half of the Haligtree medallion from Albus in the Village of the Albunaurics.

Ensha is one of the NPCs players meet the first time they visit Roundtable Hold. A silent, brooding individual, it seems there is a way to obtain the menacing armor that Ensha wears, called the Royal Remains armor set. The set replenishes 2 HP per second for a total of 8 when the health drops below 18%. Furthermore, this set’s passive ensures players do not die from the Death-over-Time effects after poison buildup, allowing exploration of poison swamps without worrying about its buildup. Additionally, it has excellent resistance against hemorrhage and decent protection against physical and magical attacks.

Getting it requires players to visit the Village of the Albunaurics, hidden in the Liurnia of the Lake. There, players obtain one piece of the Haligtree medallion from Albus, which prompts Ensha to become hostile when players revisit Roundtable Hold. Upon his defeat, players can pick the armor set from where Ensha stood by resetting the area at a site of grace.

Best Heavy Armor Sets in Elden Ring

1. The Bull-Goat Armor Set

21 Best Armor Sets in Elden Ring
Damage NegationResistance/Armor Weight
Physical: 38.5Immunity: 170
Against Strike: 38.2Robustness: 197
Against Slash: 34.9Focus: 110
Against Pierce: 38.9Vitality: 130
Magic: 26.1Poise: 100
Fire: 26.5Total Equip Weight: 63
Light: 28.9
Holy: 25.3

Location: Obtained after defeating Great Horned Tragoth. Part of Patches questline and Volcano Manor questline.

One of the heaviest armors in the game, the Bull-Goat armor provides exceptional protection against physical and magical attacks. It does not end there, as the armor comes with high poise, which allows players to ignore a few hits from the enemies while fighting.

Players obtain it by accepting the questline by Patches at the Volcano Manor. Take the kill order and head to the Ruined-Strewn Precipice. Here, complete the Magma Wyrm boss fight and sit at the site of grace to get the invade sign. Kill the NPC and talk with Patches at Volcano Manor to receive the armor set.

2. General Radahn Armor Set

General-Radahn-Armor-Set-Elden Ring
Damage NegationResistance/Armor Weight
Physical: 35.5Immunity: 143
Against Strike: 34.9Robustness: 235
Against Slash: 29.2Focus: 100
Against Pierce: 33.5Vitality: 91
Magic: 26.5Poise: 72
Fire: 27.6Total Equip Weight: 41
Light: 24.9
Holy: 26.5

Location: Purchasable from Enia at Roundtable Hold after defeating General Radahn.

General Radahn is an impressive boss fight in the title with a sad backstory behind him. Riding a horse and wearing a spectacular armor piece, conquering him at his festival gives players a chance to wear his armor in Elden Ring. The General Radahn set offers increased protection against physical and magic damage, making the players a force to be reckoned with, just like the original holder of the armor.

To obtain the armor set, players need to go and meet Enia at the Roundtable Hold after defeating Radahn and buy it for a total cost of 36000 runes.

3. Crucible Axe Armor Set

Crucible-Axe-Armor-Set-Elden Ring
Damage NegationResistance/Armor Weight
Physical: 33.8Immunity: 120
Against Strike: 27.3Robustness: 170
Against Slash: 33Focus: 84
Against Pierce: 33.1Vitality: 84
Magic: 25.6Poise: 71
Fire: 24.2Total Equip Weight: 36.9
Light: 22.6
Holy: 27.6

Location: Dropped by Crucible Knight Ordovis at Auriza Hero’s Grave in the eastern section of the Capital Outskirts.

Crucible Knights are some of the most challenging optional bosses in the game. Found in numerous parts of the map, these enemies are fast, hard-hitting, and a challenge to defeat. One particular Crucible Knight, Ordovis, drops one of the best armor set in Elden Ring if players are up for the challenge. The Crucible Axe Set is an armor set catering to the players preferring a strength build, packed with impressive physical and magical defense.

On top of this, the set has decent protection against all kinds of damage and adverse effects in the game, making this a go-to armor for most scenarios.

4. The Banished Knight Armor

Damage NegationResistance/Armor Weight
Physical: 35.5Immunity: 143
Against Strike: 29.2Robustness: 197
Against Slash: 36.4Focus: 91
Against Pierce: 33.5Vitality: 160
Magic: 26.5Poise: 72
Fire: 26.5Total Equip Weight: 41.6
Light: 25.6
Holy: 26.1

Location: Four specific locations but the easiest one is the Church of The Dragon Communion.

Chances are that you have come across the Banished Knights, and struggled against them a tad bit. Well, if that was the case, then fortunately, even you have the option to roleplay as one of them. Except, you become a menace to the enemies around the map. The Banished Knight armor is our final choice under this category. On the heavier side of things, this armor gives increased protection against physical damage from enemies, and serviceable damage resistance against elemental attacks.

A high equip load means that players need to spend a considerable skill point on the weight load. However, investing in that also means future-proofing, if you are planning to continue leaning towards strength armors.

Best Armor for Magic Builds in Elden Ring

1. Snow Witch Armor Set

Damage NegationResistance/Armor Weight
Physical: 10.1Immunity: 78
Against Strike: 11.5Robustness: 66
Against Slash: 11.5Focus: 146
Against Pierce: 8Vitality: 146
Magic: 23.4Poise: 16
Fire: 23.4Total Equip Weight: 10.4
Light: 23.2
Holy: 23.4

Location: In a chest on the upper floor of Renna’s Rise at the Three Sisters. Players need to progress Ranni’s Questline to a certain point.

Snow Witch Set is one of the very few sets in the game that helps players use magic, albeit only a particular type. While it has a low defense against physical damage, it does provide decent protection against magical damage. What Snow Witch set helps with is strengthening any and every cold sorcery by 10%.

Players need to reach the Three Sisters and start Ranni’s quest to receive the item. Progress through the quest line and advance Renna’s Rise to receive this set. It is worth pointing out that finishing the questline is not mandatory to get the Snow Witch Set.

2. Spellblade Armor Set

Damage NegationResistance/Armor Weight
Physical: 8.9Immunity: 86
Against Strike: 5.9Robustness: 44
Against Slash: 8.9Focus: 141
Against Pierce: 8.9Vitality: 151
Magic: 25.11Poise: 15
Fire: 22.6Total Equip Weight: 8.6
Light: 23.5
Holy: 25.1

Location: Dropped by Sorceror Rogier at the Roundtable Hold after completing his questline.

Sorceror Rogier is one of the first few NPCs you can meet in Elden Ring. Found by the altar of the Chapel in the northwest section of Stormveil Castle, Rogier sends players through a sidequest seeking an answer. At the end of it, players are rewarded with Rogier’s attire, called the Spellblade set. The armor set doesn’t have a substantial physical defense. However, it provides sufficient protection against magical attacks and proper resistance, thanks to a high focus and vitality.

One of the attractive features of the Spellblade armor set is that it increases the damage of magic and cold Ashes of War in Elden Ring sorceries by 2%. So, weapons such as the magic beam of Sword of Night and Flame and Ice Spear benefit a lot.

3. Alberich’s Armor Set

Alberich-armor-set-Elden Ring Armor
Damage NegationResistance/Armor Weight
Physical: 10.9Immunity: 93
Against Strike: 8.6Robustness: 55
Against Slash: 10.9Focus: 159
Against Pierce: 10.9Vitality: 170
Magic: 23.6Poise: 15
Fire: 23.5Total Equip Weight: 9.7
Light: 19.1
Holy: 23.5

Location: Found in the main hall of the Fortified Manor in Leyndell. It is near the Fortified Manor, the first-floor site of grace.

The Alberich armor set in Elden Ring fares a little bit better compared to the other magic sets in this list in terms of physical defense, though not by much. It provides decent magic protection to its wearer. The unique thing about the Alberich set is that it boosts all Abberant Sorceries by 5% per piece, excluding the leg piece, essentially bringing the number to a 15% increase.

Visually Appealing Armors in Elden Ring

1. Malenia Armor Set

Malenia-Armor-Set-Elden Ring Armor
Damage NegationResistance/Armor Weight
Physical: 23.3Immunity: 108
Against Strike: 17Robustness: 90
Against Slash: 24.3Focus: 36
Against Pierce: 21Vitality: 36
Magic: 14.4Poise: 37
Fire: 17Total Equip Weight: 20.5
Light: 11.4
Holy: 18.4

Location: Purchasable from Enia after killing Malenia, Blade of Miquella at the Miquella’s Haligtree.

Like General Radahn, Malenia, Blade of Miquella is also a fan-favorite boss fight. Arguably one of the most challenging bosses in the game, she is the reason why Caelid is in utter destruction. The Malenia armor set in Elden Ring provides its user with incredible mobility and decent physical resistance. Unfortunately, the armor does not deliver a good magic defense or status boosts.

To receive it, head over to Enia at Roundtable Hold after killing her and purchase the set for 56000 runes.

2. Drake Knight Armor Set

Damage NegationResistance/Armor Weight
Physical: 22.6Immunity: 60
Against Strike: 23.6Robustness: 110
Against Slash: 19.1Focus: 50
Against Pierce: 22.6Vitality: 50
Magic: 20.4Poise: 40
Fire: 22.6Total Equip Weight: 22
Light: 17.8
Holy: 20.4

Location: Crumbling Farum Azula, from the Dragon Temple Rooftop site of grace.

Deep in the Crumbling Farum Azula, players can obtain one of the slickest-looking armors in Elden Ring. The Drake-Knight Armor undoubtedly does not grant players special abilities to take out Drakes. It does provide players with a decent defense across physical and magical damage. Unfortunately, the armor set has a disappointing resistance against status effects and hemorrhages.

Players first spawn at the Dragon Temple Rooftop site of grace to obtain it. Drop down to where the elevator shaft is with a wailing hawk. Climb the nearby ladder and face north to drop down on a floating rock. From here, drop down on a platform on which you can find the same elevator shaft from above. Keep going to the end of the circular path outside the elevator to find a chest containing the armor set.

3. Veteran Armor Set

Veteran-armor-set-Elden Ring Armor
Damage NegationResistance/Armor Weight
Physical: 35.5Immunity: 150
Against Strike: 32.7Robustness: 215
Against Slash: 35.5Focus:110
Against Pierce: 33.5Vitality: 110
Magic: 26.5Poise: 80
Fire: 27.6Total Equip Weight: 45
Light: 25.3
Holy: 26.1

Location: Purchasable from Enia after defeating Commander Niall at Castle Sol Rooftop in Mountaintop of the Giants.

Though it looks old and worn, the Veteran armor set is a beautiful armor in Elden Ring that also packs impressive damage protection from physical and magic attacks. It does not end there, as the armor provides increased resistance across all the available options. Players can obtain it from Enia at the Roundtable Hold for 18000 runes after defeating Commander Niall at Castle Sol.

4. Raging Wolf Armor Set

Raging-Wolf-Armor-Set-Elden Ring Armor
Damage NegationResistance/Armor Weight
Physical: 25.9Immunity: 75
Against Strike: 23Robustness: 131
Against Slash: 25.9Focus: 42
Against Pierce: 24.9Vitality: 42
Magic: 19.8Poise: 42
Fire: 22.1Total Equip Weight: 24.2
Light: 13.8
Holy: 18.5

Location: Dropped by Vargram the Raging Wolf. Part of the Volcano Manor questline.

The final piece of armor set in Elden Ring which looks impressive is the Raging Wolf Set, which players get if they progress the Volcano Manor questline. The armor set comes packed with decent protection against physical and magical damage. While it is not resistant to most status effects, it does protect its wearer from frostbite and hemorrhage.

Head to the red mark on the map at Leyndell, Royal Capital, to obtain it. It is required for players to accept the Volcano Manor Proprietor’s questline to defeat this NPC.

So in this article, we checked out some of the best armors obtainable in Elden Ring and their location. Each armor provides its user with various levels of protection, allowing a different experience every time. Which armor is your go-to in the game? Let us know in the comments below.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Upgrade My Armors in the Game?

Elden Ring does not allow players to upgrade armors in the game. Each armor piece has fixed stats throughout the game. If a player wants high defense, mix and match different armor pieces.

Can I Sell Duplicate Armor Pieces?

Yes. Elden Ring allows users to sell identical armor pieces to the various merchants in the game. Head over to one of them and sell the appropriate piece.

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