10 Best Starfield Weapons & Where to Find Them

Starfield, for all its amazing exploration mechanics, has a lot of other elements up its sleeve. One such element is gunplay, which is being loved by a lot of gamers around the globe. However, like any other spacefarer, you can’t expect to win your engagements if you don’t have the proper armaments. To help you out there, we have gone through the game and picked out our list of the best weapons in Starfield that we believe you should get right now. So, without any delay, boot up the game, and let’s learn where to find the best guns in the game.

1. Ashta Tamer

Starfield Ashta Tamer Weapons

Weapon Type: Rare Heavy Grenade Launcher
Ammo Used: 40MM XPL
Where to get: Found in a crate during the “Empty Nest” quest

We start our list with an explosive weapon that you can easily get your hands on early in the game. The Ashta Tamer is a grenade launcher that is naturally capable of causing major damage. As a grenade disperser, the weapon has a large area of effect that helps in causing some nice scatter damage.

Since one of the best Starfield weapons is a launcher, it naturally has a low magazine capacity. However, do note that the Ashta Tamer has multiple variants with different perks so you might find yourself with a larger mag or even incendiary damage. However, when paired with a rapid-fire secondary weapon, the Tamer is one of the best out there so make sure you get it.

2. Experiment A-7

Weapon Type: Rare Shotgun
Ammo Used: 15×25 CLL Shell
Where to get: Found by persuading a guard during the “Entangled” quest

The Experiment A-7, as it suggests, is an experimental shotgun that can only be found during a certain Starfield quest called Entangled. While you must persuade a security guard to get it, we promise it will be worth it. As a shotgun, the A-7 packs a wallop as a single shot is enough to eviscerate humans and aliens alike. It’s also quite possibly the most powerful shotgun in the game.

While it can only carry six bullets in its magazine, they should be more than enough. However, do note that since the shot does scatter, don’t expect it to perform at long distances. Nonetheless, if you want to get up close and personal for some damage, the Experiment A-7 is one of the best weapons to get in Starfield.

3. Sir Livingstone’s Pistol

Weapon Type: Pistol
Ammo Used: .45 Caliber
Where to get: Gifted by your parents if you have the “Kid Stuff” trait

While you might wonder what is an old-world pistol doing on this list, you should know that this is one of the best weapons in Starfield for those who have the “Kid Stuff” trait. For those unaware, this is part of Starfield traits that players can choose from when they make their character. This pistol is given to you by your parents early on in the game.

While seemingly a used-up pistol, Sir Livingstone’s weapon is a strong early-on armament that packs a good amount of damage. Plus, the pistol comes packed with various mods, including a tactical grip, armor-piercing rounds, and a high-powered mechanism, making it a force to be reckoned with. So, if you’re a new Starfield player and want a strong weapon from the get-go, check this gun out.

4. Keelhauler

Weapon Type: Legendary Pistol
Ammo Used: .43 MI
Where to get: Gifted by Delgado during the Crimson Fleet missions

If you have a love for pistols but want something with high damage and mobility, the Keelhauler will do it for you. Acquired during your missions with the Crimson Fleet, the Keelhauler is the weapon of choice for quick yet hurtful engagements. While the gun only packs six bullets in its magazine, the high level of damage means you will eliminate anyone in one or two mags.

Furthermore, the Keelhauler comes with a plethora of mods and perks. These include staggering damage, the berserker perk, and a set of custom modifications like a long barrel, laser sight, lowered recoil, and even a fully automatic mode. So, for the times you need the perfect combination of a rifle and a gun, look no further than the Keelhauler.

5. Heller’s Cutter

Weapon Type: Rare Heavy Cutter
Ammo Used: Cutter
Where to get: Hidden inside a crate in the right building (Vectera, Narion system)

Before you diss this list because you think a cutter doesn’t deserve a spot, hear us out. One of the best weapons in Starfield is a cutter. Not only because it can cause minor damage to enemies but because it’s the only weapon that’s capable of cutting up rocks and minerals. This is important as it lets you retrieve Artifacts that would otherwise be impossible.

Heller’s Cutter is an improved iteration of the same weapon. The cutter comes with an added Disassembler perk that grants the gun +20% damage against robots. This will be useful in cyber encounters. The best part is that it automatically recharges once it heats up, so you essentially have unlimited ammo. So do yourself a favor and get the Heller’s Cutter for free from Vectera.

6. Deadeye

Weapon Type: Pistol
Ammo Used: 7.5MM
Where to get: Given to you after becoming a deputy in the “Deputized” quest (Akila City, Cheyenne system)

Even though Starfield identifies Deadeye as a pistol, it is truly a heavy revolver. It is also one of the finest and most aesthetically pleasing revolvers we’ve seen. However, don’t let that fool you. The Deadeye is a revolver that is more than capable of opening up holes in all types of enemies. It also packs some pushback, so be prepared for your reticle to shake.

As it is a revolver, the Deadeye has a limited magazine capacity of six bullets. However, reloading takes little time as the player has to change the entire magazine at once. Furthermore, while the revolver has a moderate to slow rate of firing, it’s damage more than makes up for it. You can find the Deadeye in Akila City after taking on the quest above.

7. Jake’s Hangover Cure

Weapon Type: Particle Beam Shotgun
Ammo Used: Heavy Fuse
Where to get: Can only be stolen behind the counter at Jake’s Bar (Jemson, Alpha Centauri)

While Jake’s Hangover Cure isn’t the best weapon in Starfield out there, it’s worth keeping for its namesake. Furthermore, the cure is also different from other weapons since it is a particle beam shotgun. Since the gun uses a heavy fuse for ammo, it hits enemies differently.

You will also notice in the image above that the gun packs a lot of rounds. So even if, in the case, you feel the eight-bullet magazine capacity is low, at least you have the reserve to back it up. However, a big downside of Jake’s Hangover Cure is that you can only steal it from Jake’s bar. As you can already tell, Jake might not be happy about it. However, if you don’t mind getting into a gunfight or dozen in New Atlantis, then this is the weapon to get.

8. Novablast Disruptor

Weapon Type: Electromagnetic Rifle
Ammo Used: Heavy Fuse
Where to get: Sold at Laredo Firearms (Akila City, Cheyenne system)

The Novablast Disruptor is not your conventional weapon. We say that because it doesn’t explicitly cause damage but can be used to stun enemies. With heavy fuse electricity powering this rifle, it can be held for a few seconds to charge it up. Once shot, the weapon releases a cloud of current that stuns and immediately stops everyone in the range.

While stunning enemies won’t really help a lot in Starfield, the gun comes especially handy against robots. And as someone who has over 26 hours in the game, I promise you that you will encounter a lot of robots. So do yourself a favor, get the Novablast Disruptor, and prepare for your next cybernetic encounter.

9. Beowulf

Weapon Type: Rifle
Ammo Used: 7.77MM
Where to get: Buy from Trade Authority shop (Neon Core, Volii Alpha/star system)

No matter what shotgun or pistol you play with, some people prefer a good old rifle at the end of the day. While Beowulf won’t get the award for the absolute best in that regard, it’s still an excellent addition to your arsenal. This is due to the rifle’s versatility, which makes it easy to manage while causing enough damage for everyone to take notice.

For starters, the gun outputs a moderate level of damage that can help you finish off enemies in a few rounds. Speaking of that, Beowulf comes with a 30-round magazine, which, while on the lower side, is just enough to fend hostiles off. The modest fire rate is enough to ensure you don’t run out of ammo too quickly but still win gunfights. The best part is that Beowulf is easy to obtain, so you shouldn’t have much trouble.

10. Fiscal Quarter

Weapon Type: Rifle
Ammo Used: 6.5MM
Where to get: Gifted by Walter Stroud for helping him during ” All That Money Can Buy” quest

While I do agree that this name is off-putting for a gun, the Fiscal Quarter is also one of the best weapons that players can get without any fuss. This armament is a rare rifle that packs a modest amount of damage. However, its best strength lies in its high rate of fire that ensures you’re done with enemies in a jiffy.

Besides the high fire rate, the gun comes with many modifications, including a scrope, compensator for recoil, tactical grip, armor-piercing rounds, and more. It even comes with a Shattering trait that will break through even the strongest armor. For all those reasons and more, make sure you get this gun. Players can get this gun from Walter Stroud after helping him with a quest.

We hope you found your choice to pick among these best weapons in Starfield. However, before you get any of these, make sure you offload your loot by learning how to sell weapons, items, and gear. Got any recommendations we should add? Drop them them in the comments below.

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