7 Best Armor Sets (Spacesuits) in Starfield

Regardless of whether Starfield has shortcomings in pacing or storytelling, the care that went into making in-game items like armor sets or spacesuits is commendable. Not only do they tap into the NASA Punk aesthetics the game tries to achieve but also act as protection for your character. Armor in Starfield is not there just for show, as each set also brings certain protection qualities. As such, some of these spacesuits are better than others, and we have listed the best Starfield armors (or spacesuits) you should get in this article.

After playing the game for around 50+ hours, we have selected these armors based on various factors. While some are easier to get, others require you to complete missions in Starfield. Regardless, each of the armors listed below is perfect for you to possess. Moreover, you can mix and match for best results.

1. Mark 1 Spacesuit

Mark 1 Space Armor
  • How to Get It: Right below the Constellation Lodge; locked inside a glass case
  • Damage: 120 Physical

Our first pick for this list has to be the sleek and elegant Mark 1 spacesuit in Starfield. Getting to it is difficult, as the item is locked inside a glass case that requires you to be a master at lockpicking in Starfield. However, as many have pointed out, if you peek through the slit of the case and look at the spacesuit, you can grab it for yourself. Just like me.

The Mark 1 armor looks similar to the Constellation armor in its color tone. However, in terms of stats, it is an all-rounder. It gives you 20 protection from thermal, 30 corrosive protection, and 120 physical damage against enemies. Pair this with the best Starfield weapons, and these stats make it a preferable early-game choice.

2. Reactive Mantis Armor

  • How To Get It: Reward For The Mantis Questline.
  • Damage: Randomized

We have covered the Mantis Quest solution, and I still stand my ground when I say that the quest is one of the better-written side stories in the game. Finishing it rewards you with an early-game spaceship and the armor of Starfield’s version of Batman. The Mantis might lack the edge and beauty of most space armor in-game. However, it is a legendary armor, meaning it provides some of the best stats in-game.

However, the biggest problem with the Mantis is that its stats are randomized. Every person will find a different stat for this armor. In our case, we received thermal protection. Hence, before picking the Mantis spacesuit, make sure you make a save file. Now, load into the game to reroll and find your desired stats.

3. UC Vanguard Spacesuit

  • How To Get It: Given for Completing the questline “Grunt Work.”
  • Damage: 64

UC Vanguard is one of the four joinable factions in-game, and they provide you with various jobs to perform. Finishing the second mission of the faction questline, called “Grunt Work,” will provide you with the UC Vanguard armor in Starfield. Arguably a design that looks very similar to the Kamen Rider suit, it follows the design and colors generally spotted on the United Colonies Space Marines banner.

UC Vanguard armor provides 64 damage against enemies, 15 thermal protection, 30 airborne protection, and 15 radiation protection. This makes it another all-around good spacesuit that you should wear. Thanks to radiation protection, this spacesuit should be your go-to choice for planets and plains that are radiated.

4. The Constellation Armor

  • How To Get It: After completing the “Old Neighborhood” Questline.
  • Damage: 78

The journey with the Constellation is the heart and soul of Starfield, and you will get an armor corresponding to that faction. And it’s not bad at all. The Constellation spacesuit in Starfield visually looks similar to the Mark 1 spacesuit. However, it is bulkier and another early-hour choice for many players.

This armor set is made for exploration, offering 30 protection against thermal damage, 20 corrosive protection, and 10 radiation damage protection. Outside of that, this space armor provides you with 78 physical damage against enemies.

5. Mercury Space Spacesuit

  • How To Get It: On a mannequin in the NASA Launch Facility.
  • Damage: 108

While playing the “Unearthed” mission in Starfield, you find a relic from the past in the form of armor. This spacesuit, called The Mercury, is pretty easy to miss. However, picking it gives you one of the best late-game armors that is good in stats and looks. It also has a real-life history attached to it.

This spacesuit is based on the real-life Mercury Spacesuit worn by the US forces for high-altitude flight aircraft from 1959-1970. As for the stats, it provides 108 damage against enemies, and 25 protection against corrosive, radiation, and thermal damage.

6. Ecliptic Spacesuit

  • How To Get It: Dropped by Eclipse Mercenaries.
  • Damage: 56

Eclipse mercenaries are members of the factions you will lock horns with regularly. Taking them down drops a visually cooler armor in Starfield called the Ecliptic spacesuit. Statistically, this suit doesn’t provide major damage output against enemies. You get only 56 damage. However, you get 30 thermal protection and 20 corrosive protection.

Because of this, the Ecliptic spacesuit becomes a good choice for when you are traveling around and exploring space. Do check out the best planets to set up Outposts while you’re out exploring to get resources and money in Starfield regularly.

7. House Va’ruun Zealot Spacesuit

  • How To Get It: Dropped by the Va’ruun zealots.
  • Damage: 68

House Va’ruun is one of the edgiest factions in-game who want nothing but death, all to propagate their beliefs and practices. While their motivations are dubious, you acquire a visually appealing armor set from them.

The House Va’ruun zealot spacesuit in Starfield provides 68 damage against enemies, letting you annihilate every possible hurdle in the way. Furthermore, it provides 15 protection against thermal and corrosive damage.

Finally, to get maximum results during a situation, we suggest mixing and matching each of the three parts of an armor set. This includes the suit, helmet, and boost pack. Customize and pick the best out of the lot to make the perfect armor for your journey in Starfield. Have a space armor that outperforms the ones mentioned in our list? Then let us know down below.

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  • Stig says:

    I think the gear levels with character, I have a 216/172/188 advanced tracker alliance spacesuit. These types seem to be the highest stats I can find. I have 2×200+ of these.

  • N Lemire says:

    Bounty Hunter armor 128 DR found it the Mantis outpost, unsure if this is random drop.

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