7 Best Screen Recorder Apps For Android Lollipop

There are multiple reasons for why someone would want to record their Android smartphone or tablet’s screens. You can record your game-play and share it on YouTube or other social channels, you can make a video tutorial for using an app, or you can just record your android device’s screen for fun. No matter what your actual reason, you can easily record your android device’s screen with the help of third-party apps.

Unlike the screenshot feature which is built-in, Google has not made the screen recording feature available natively in the Android platform. In order to record your Android phone’s screen, you have to rely on third-party apps available for download in the Google Play store. If you have a device running the latest android iteration, Android Lollipop OS then you can use the following screen recorder apps to record your android device’s screen easily.

7 Best Screen Recorder Android Apps (Works without rooting)

1. Screen Recorder


If you want a simple and straightforward way of capturing high quality screen recordings on your android smartphone then Screen Recorder is the perfect app for you. Screen Recorder offers unlimited video recording on your Android Lollipop device. You don’t require root permissions for this app as long as you are running Android 5.0 Lollipop or higher.

Screen Recorder lets you record your android phone’s screen for as long as you want, however, you can not record the audio because that requires the pro version of the app. In the free version, the app won’t minimize when the recording starts but you can easily edit that part out in any video editing tool. Just shake your android device to start recording the screen with this app.

The Screen Recorder Pro License will cost you $2.89 and you will get features like, audio recording, ability to add your banner during recording, and auto minimize when recording begins.


2. One Shot Screen Recorder


If you want extra video editing features directly from inside your video recording app then One Shot Screen Recorder is the way to go. This app lets you trim your screen recording and also capture time-lapse video recording. You don’t need any third-party tool to edit your videos because One Shot Screen Recorder will let you edit your videos and upload them directly from the app. The free version of the app includes a watermark on your recorder videos, ads, and a notification icon when recording is on.

Paid version of One Shot Screen Recorder costs $1 and gets rid of all the ads, notification icon, watermark, and gives you the ability to add your own logo or banner to the videos.


3. Rec. (Screen Recorder)


One of the best screen recorder apps for your Android Lollipop smartphone and tablet. Rec. lets you record HD videos for up to 5 minutes with the free version. You can also adjust the quality of the recording and change it according to your needs and your device’s storage space. If you want to extend the recording duration then you will have to fork out some money for the pro version. The pro version will let you record HD screen videos for up to 1 hour and also lets you record in-app audio and mic audio. The pro version also lets you shake your device to start the recording and much more features.

The Rec. pro license costs $3.29 and brings you a plethora of extra features for the app.


4. AZ Screen Recorder – No Root


The highest rated screen recording app for your Android smartphone running Android Lollipop OS or higher. This app provides unlimited screen recording with audio free of charge. There are no ads and no watermarks for your video at all. You can record crisp videos with audio without having to pay a single dime, however, if you want cool new features like a magic button that stay invisible during your recording then you will have to pay for the Premium version. The Premium version also let you create gif, draw on the screen during recording, and the best feature with the Premium version includes the ability to use your front-cam to record your face while recording the screen.

The premium version of AZ Screen Recorder costs $3 and adds amazing new features to the already awesome app.


5. Unlimited Screen Recorder


Another screen recorder for your Android Lollipop device. Unlimited Screen Recorder is truly free and offers all the screen recording features for free. You can add extra features by making in-app purchases, however, you can make high quality videos for unlimited duration with the free version as well. The drawback is that you can not record internal audio with this app, however, you can record your own external audio with the microphone. Changing the orientation during recording will crash the app and the video will not be saved, so don’t change your device’s orientation when recording your phone’s screen. The app doesn’t have a premium version but you can donate money to the developers to help them out via the donate button in the app.


6. Lollipop Screen Recorder


The name says it all, it’s the simplest screen recorder app for your Android Lollipop device. There are no extra features and no video editing tools instead this app offers simple and easy to use screen recording for every Lollipop device out there. You can choose the video resolution, orientation, and microphone audio option if you want to record your own audio via the mic, however, you should know that the microphone recording sounds a bit choppy and surely requires a little bit of work before it can perfect. The app is solid and records your screen flawlessly as long as you are OK with your voice sounding like a chipmunk.


7. ilos Screen Recorder


Another simple and basic screen recording app for Android Lollipop devices, however, ilos Screen Recorder does provide a few extra features than the previous app. You can choose from three different recording qualities, Standard, Medium, and High but you should also know that the higher the video quality, the more storage space it will require. You can also record your own audio via the microphone and this one records your voice almost perfectly, much better than Lollipop Screen Recorder. You can create an account on the ilos website and save your videos there. You can even edit your videos from the website before sharing them with your friends or on your social channels.


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These are the best screen recorder apps for your Android Lollipop device. Most of these app will even work on Android KitKat devices but that will require you to have root access on your device, however, on a Lollipop device you don’t need root at all with these apps. If you have any other favorite screen recording apps then do share them with us in the comments below.

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