8 Best Roblox Harry Potter Games You Must Try

Harry Potter, without a doubt, is one of the most popular franchises of all time. Similarly, Roblox is one of the most popular services when talking about custom sandbox games. So, the combination of Roblox and Harry Potter is inevitable and truly magical. Whether you want to fight your friends with powerful spells or fly around Hogwarts on your broom, there’s an option for you. With that said, here are the 8 best Roblox Harry Potter games that every Potterhead should try.

Our list features Roblox games inspired by various aspects of the wizarding world of Harry Potter. All of them focus on unique elements so our list isn’t ranked in any way. Feel free to explore the game that interests you using the table below.

1. RO-Wizard

Ro-Wizard - Roblox Harry Potter Games

This Roblox game takes you back to the wizarding world of Harry Potter by recreating all its iconic mechanics and a beautiful map. As you might expect, the game allows you to fight other students and dementor-like villains with a bunch of amazing spells. But, alongside the action, the game also focuses on the standard Hogwarts experience, including potion brewing, exploration, and learning spells. Not to forget, much like the source material, this Roblox experience is filled with many secrets. Let’s see how many you can uncover.

Play RO-Wizard

2. Wizard Academy: RP

Wizard Academy- RP - Roblox Harry Potter Games

As the name suggests, this Roblox experience focuses heavily on the student aspect of Harry Potter’s world. You get dedicated spell classes, potions, and common interaction areas in a Hogwarts-like location. Moreover, some players can even roleplay as teachers, opening a whole new set of gameplay.

While the resemblance to the HP franchise is clear, the world in this game is a bit limited in terms of exploration, which gives you a chance to focus on the main gaming experience. So, if you didn’t get your acceptance letter at 10, now is finally the time to get enrolled!

Play Wizard Academy: RP

3. World of Sorcery

World of Sorcery - Roblox Harry Potter Games

If I had to choose one Roblox Harry Potter game for its map, it has to be World of Sorcery. You get a detailed Hogwarts castle, including its iconic classes, open grounds, and even the grand hall. But what truly sets the game apart is the inclusion of other less popular areas, such as the Hogsmeade Village where the students hang out during holidays. Leaving the map aside, in terms of gameplay, there are flying brooms, level-based classes, open-world exploration, student duels, and even custom characters.

Do keep in mind that the game is graphically heavy and still in its alpha stage, so you might notice a few bugs or crashes. Though, we didn’t have any issues during our testing.

Play World of Sorcery

4. Wizardry II

Wizardry II - Roblox Harry Potter Games

Wizardry II is a simple Harry Potter Roblox game that serves only the best of the wizarding world. There are potion-brewing mechanics, including the ability to store and use potions. As for the spells, you have to learn them by attending classes, and the game includes all the popular options like Avada Kedavra, Crucio, and many others. Not to forget, this is one of the few Harry Potter games with an accessible Quidittch field along with flying brooms.

Play Wizardry II

5. Wizard Tycoon

Wizard Tycoon

Wizard Tycoon is a unique Harry Potter Roblox game and the only one that has a dedicated two-player mode. So, you and your best friend can compete in broom races, spell duals, and potion-making classes. There is even an option to unlock a special staff and other in-game items to make the experience better. Meanwhile, the single-player experience allows you to explore the HP world on your own, and you get to fight or befriend random players.

Play Wizard Tycoon | 2 Player Edition (visit)

6. Wizard Wars

Wizard Wars

If you enjoy playing some of the best Roblox shooting games, then Wizard Wars will be the perfect pick for you. It focuses solely on wizard PvP combat, but you have to use wands instead of guns. Moreover, to make the same more immersive, you get to speak out the spell while casting them. There is a dedicated server leaderboard and customizable wands to increase competitiveness. But are you skilled enough to become the most powerful wizard on the platform? Only one way to find out.

Play Wizard Wars

7. Magic Training

Magic Training

Magic Training is another combat-based Roblox game that puts you right in the middle of the action. You have to speak the spell’s name to cast it and attack your opponent. If you are being attacked, the game allows you to block attacks, or you can also move around the map. It is a simple PvP battleground format but in the wizarding world setting. If exploration isn’t a big must-have for you, then this map is perfect for some quick battle sessions among Potterheads.

Play Magic Training

8. Wizard Life

Wizard Life

Lastly, we have a Roblox game that relies on Harry Potter too much and uses its core concept to create a new social experience. You get to roleplay as students starting their new life at a magical school or as teachers getting the students familiar with the magical experience. In either case, you have the option to make friends and foes while attempting to unfold your story in this world. Though, if it’s your first time experiencing the magical world, we suggest you maintain your distance from the powerful seniors.

Play Wizard Life

And just like that, you are ready to step into some of the most magical Harry Potter games that Roblox has to offer. But you can’t be a true Potterhead without the iconic wizard robes. So, make sure to customize your Roblox avatar before heading into any experience. Our list of best Roblox character skins might speed up the process. Not to forget, did you find your favorite Roblox game on our list? Or is there any good title that we missed? Tell us in the comments section below!

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