20 Best PlayStation 5 Games you Can Play Right Now

Sony’s Playstation 5 continues to be the best-selling console of the current generation and for good reason. This latest iteration of a long-standing line has awed users with its graphical prowess while having a ton of existing and upcoming games. However, the biggest problem gamers are facing with the PS5 is actually getting their hands on one. That being said, there are some lucky few among you who have managed to grab a PS5 off the virtual shelves. If you’re among that lot, we have compiled a list of the best PS5 games you can play right now.

Best PS5 Games You Can Play Right Now (2022)

This list not only contains current PS5 games but some amazing upcoming games that are scheduled to release soon. Use the table below to check out the list and jump to your favorite.

Best PS5 Games

1. Returnal

Returnal comes as an amazing addition to the PS5 roster. This third-person psychological horror shooter revolves around Selena, a space pilot who crash lands on an alien planet called Atropos. The protagonist tries to make sense of this foreign world around her as she makes her way through strange artifacts and old architecture. However, Returnal shocks the player when Selena discovers a corpse, of herself.

The game is set in a time loop where every time you die, you end back on your ship Helios. However, the world and enemies keep changing and that is what makes up the challenge. Returnal is a roguelike game. For players who aren’t familiar with the concept, a roguelike focuses on procedurally generated levels where one death means the character goes back to the beginning but keeps some progress. Returnal is a fresh addition to the roguelike subgenre and definitely, one game PS5 players should check out.

Publisher, Developer – Sony Interactive, Housemarque

Release Date – Apr 30, 2021

Watch the trailer: YouTube

Check out Returnal 

2. Demon’s Souls

Built from the ground up for the PS5, Demon’s Souls takes gamers back to the bleak and horrifying world that inspired the Dark Souls series and its massive success. You are a lone warrior whose sole purpose is to traverse through the land and defeat The Old One who is the main villain of Demons Souls.

The game is set in a dark fantasy land where monsters of extreme proportions and horrifying nature exist that the player will encounter on the way. You will get to experience this land in all its glory in this PS5 remaster. For the ones who want to experience a challenge and go back to the game that started it all, check out Demon’s Souls.

Publisher, Developer – Sony Interactive, Bluepoint Games

Release Date – Nov 12, 2020

Watch the trailer: YouTube

Check out Demons’s Souls

3. Resident Evil: Village

If you’re a Resident Evil veteran, Village is the horrifying new version that has gained immense popularity of late. Like RE7, Village is a first-person survival horror game set three after the previous one and continues Ethan Winter’s story. When Ethan’s wife is gunned down and his daughter Rosemary taken by Chris Redfield, Ethan finds himself in a dark and mysterious eastern European village. He must make his way through the village while battling the four different mutant lords including the massively popular Lady Alcina Dimitrescu that has stolen the hearts of many gamers.

Resident Evil Village largely follows the same mechanics as its predecessors with the inventory system being the same where players can organize items including weapons and supplies. Village has been revered for its immersive horror setting along with a satisfying story. Horror fans should check RE Village out and get ready for jumpscares.

Publisher, Developer – Capcom

Release Date – May 07, 2021

Watch the trailer: YouTube

Check out RE:Village

4. Ratchet and Clank: Rift Apart

Coming from a long line of games, Ratch and Clank: Rift Apart continues the duo’s journey from back in Into the Nexus. Rift Apart has Ratch having repaired the Dimensionator so that he can find his missing family. The game takes place in an alternate universe which appears after a scuffle breaks out between Ratchet and Dr. Nefarious and the Dimensionator is damaged. Ratchet and Clank must team up along with a new Lombax ally called Rivet and defeat Dr. Nefarious who has now been mistaken as Emperor Nefarious.  

The game is a vibrant mix of previous additions in the series along with some new mechanics that make the ride enjoyable. Players now get instant time travel between different areas through portals. A wide assortment of new weapons has also been added along with a new mechanic called Rift Tether that gives Ratchet the ability to quickly warp between points. A Rift Apart has been well received by players and will be a change of pace to PS5 players who want something lighthearted.

Publisher, Developer – Sony Interactive, Insomniac Games

Release Date – June 11, 2021

Watch the trailer: YouTube

Check out Rift Apart 

5. Spider-Man: Miles Morales

Need we say anything about Spiderman? Miles Morales is the second installment in Marvel’s Spiderman that immediately became loved by gamers all over. The game focuses on Miles, as he moves to Harlem after being trained by the previous game’s hero Peter Parker. Miles must now come off on his own and protect New York as it comes under threat. Many new and previous characters make appearances including popular supervillains like Rhino, Kingpin, and the classic J. Jonah Jameson.

The game’s mechanics are similar to the previous Spiderman. However, there are new additions to the game like Morales having new powers including Venom Blast that uses Bioelectricity and various new gadgets and traps. The snowy new city looks amazing with better animations. Moreover, Miles Morales also leverages the increased power of PS5 and delivers beautiful performance in 4K HDR with Ray Tracing along with a separate mode to run the game in 60fps. Spiderman fans looking for a new addition will find Miles Morales as one of the best PS5 games.

Publisher, Developer – Sony Interactive, Insomniac Games

Release Date – Nov 12, 2020

Watch the trailer: YouTube

Check out Spider-Man: Miles Morales


Putting an end to the World of Assassination franchise and the eighth game in the overall series, HITMAN 3 is a stealth game that follows Agent 47 as he returns to his extremely risky job of hunting down a top-secret organization that controls the world. This third-person game follows along the tracks of previous ones where the player is put in different locations and must take assassinate the given target.

Hitman 3 brings with it six new locations that include Dubai, Dartmoor, Berlin among others. Where there is no multiplayer mode in Hitman 3, other modes Contracts Mode are still there. Hitman 3 is for analytical players who take their time studying a scenario before they strike. However, for the ones who want shooting action, you can always resort to leaving no witnesses and just having fun. Check out Hitman 3 on PS5.

Publisher, Developer – IO Interactive

Release Date – Jan 20, 2021

Check out HITMAN 3

7. Ghost of Tsushima: Director’s Cut

While you may have played Ghost of Tsushima on your Playstation 4, the PS5 version brings about a fantastic set of improvements. Now running at 4K 60FPS, Ghost of Tsushima’s entire map looks even more beautiful than ever. However, that’s not all. The game also brings with it full Dual Sense features and the PS5’s loved 3D audio.

And if that wasn’t enough, the Director’s Cut also has new content including a new part of the island with a storyline. The new host of Tsushima: Iki Island expansion will tell the player more about Jin’s story and introduce new characters that will add to the story. If you’ve already played this game, you know how amazing it is. So go ahead and upgrade to the Director’s cut for even more fun.

Publisher, Developer – Sony Interactive Entertainment, Sucker Punch Productions

Release Date – Aug 20, 2021

Watch the trailer: YouTube

Check out Ghost of Tsushima: Director’s Cut

8. Sackboy: A Big Adventure

Another laid-back fun game, Sackboy: A Big Adventure is a platformer game that has 3D platforming as its main mechanic. A Big Adventure is a spinoff of the LittleBigPlanet series that contained various games including the main LBP Trilogy. The game is set in Craftworld in a cute little village called Loom where Sackboy is introduced along with other sackpeople.

However, there is a sudden rift when a villain called Vex rips their sky apart and starts capturing sackpeople to have them build his Topsy-Turver machine. Vex plans to take over Craftworld and rule it. Sackboy manages to avoid being taken and escapes in his rocket. Now he must prevent Vex from finishing his Topsy Turner and save Craftworld. Sackboy: A Big Adventure is a good PS5 game when you just want to kick back and enjoy some good platforming action. Check out the gameplay and see for yourself.

Publisher, Developer – Sony Interactive, Sumo Digital

Release Date – Nov 19, 2020

Watch the trailer: YouTube

Check out Sackboy

9. The Pathless

Fans of Annapurna Interactive already know that the publisher has a habit of releasing games that provide a very enchanting experience and The Pathless is no different. Developed by Giant Squid, the same company that created the loved adventure game Abzû, The Pathless is a third-person adventure game. The main character is the Hunter an archer, who must find a way to lift the curse off the island.

Movement in the game is powered by Hunter’s own dash meter that can make her swiftly move across the island. The Dash meter can be filled by shooting Talismans. Moreover, an eagle follows Hunter around and when needed can fly her across areas. The Hunter and the eagle also encounter cursed spirits who try to separate them from time to time. However, the different thing about The Pathless is that it doesn’t have a mini-map. According to the devs, the game is focused on players finding their own path and hence they don’t need a map. So if you’re looking for something different or already know Annapurna’s works, try out this PS5 game.

Publisher, Developer – Annapurna Interactive, Giant Squid

Release Date – Nov 12, 2020

Watch the trailer: YouTube

Check out The Pathless

10. Assassin’s Creed Valhalla

Some say competition to the Witcher 3, some say a completely new RPG experience, Assassin’s Creed Valhalla is Ubisoft’s newest entry into a franchise that has spanned eleven other games and become the childhood of many. AC Valhalla is set around the Viking invasion of Britain and centers on Eivor Varinsdottir, a Viking warrior who must unite various fellow Viking clans in a fight against the other Anglo kingdoms. Valhalla gives the player the option to choose between a female or male Eivor or play them both alternatively. In the modern timeline controlling Eivor, the player is Layla Hassan who relieves Eivor’s memories.

The game offers a lot more customization when compared to older AC games. The storyline is branched out and does not play out in a linear way. The player instead has the option to come back to a particular mission and side missions later on. Furthermore, Eivor’s choices in between conversations and missions affect the other characters and the circumstances around them. Since the game plays out like an RPG, different weapon attributes are also available along with options for armor and other items. For die-hard fans of the Assassins Creed series, Valhalla is a good addition to the best PS5 games they can play.

Publisher, Developer – Ubisoft, Ubisoft Montreal

Release Date – Nov 10, 2020

Watch the trailer: YouTube

Check out AC Valhalla

11. Life is Strange: True Colors

Players interested in graphic adventures will be glad to know that the popular Life is Strange franchise has another addition in form of Life is Strange: True Colors. This fifth installment focuses on Alex Chen, a person gifted with the supernatural ability to absorb and control others’ emotions. The story revolves around finding out the truth about her brother’s death who supposedly died in an ‘Accident’.

True Colors brings a host of new elements set in set in a beautiful little town called Haven Springs. As Alex, players will be able to use her special power and tap into people’s Aura to gain insights. This new mechanic will open up a lot of new conversation options and will expand the story further. Furthermore, like the previous games before it, True Colors will be an interactive experience and one that Life is Strange fans should get.

Publisher, Developer – Square Enix, Deck Nine

Release Date – Sep 10, 2021

Watch the trailer: YouTube

Check out Life is Strange: True Colors

12. Far Cry 6

We covered Far Cry 6 as one of the best E3 upcoming games and we stand by it. Far Cry 6 is a first-person shooter set in the tropical nation of Yara. As it is with the Far Cry series, the main theme of the game is centered around one player against the much more powerful villain with overtones of revolution. However, this time your capacity for creating chaos is twofold with the addition of new elements that make this game extremely enticing.

Far Cry 6 features top-of-the-line new weapons including but not limited to machine guns, SMGs, pistols, and backpacks that fire missiles. Did we mention it also has a CD launcher that can kill enemies with a copy of Macarena? You will do all these things through the eyes of Dani Rojas, a revolutionary who is fighting to gain freedom from Yara’s dictator Antón Castillo. With added new characters, an arsenal of weapons, and a story set in a town that has stood still for over 50 years, Far Cry 6 is one PS5 game you should add to your list.

Publisher, Developer – Ubisoft

Release Date – Oct 7, 2021

Watch the trailer: YouTube

Check out Far Cry 6

13. Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War

The latest addition to the COD Franchise is Black Ops Cold War and takes place between COD: Black Ops and Black Ops 2 timeline. Inspired by some actual events, the first-person shooter has you playing ‘Bell’ a soldier who is recruited by CIA officer Russell Adler into a task force to hunt down a USSR extremist group in the early 1980’s Cold War Era.

COD: Cold War is a hard-hitting game that will see you battle around the world in a variety of places like Berlin, Vietnam, Russia among others. Some much-loved characters make an entrance including Mason, Woods, and Hudson. Cold War also has a multiplayer mode along with the signature Zombies mode. Give Cold War a whirl on your PS5.

Publisher, Developer – Activision, Treyarch, Raven Software

Release Date – Nov 13, 2020

Watch the trailer: YouTube

Check out COD Black Ops Cold War 

14. Yakuza: Like a Dragon

Chances are, you’re not familiar with the Yakuza series. If that’s the case, don’t worry because while Yakuza: Like a Dragon is the eighth release in the Yakuza series, it starts with a new protagonist and his own new story. You play Ichiban Kasuga a member of the Yakuza who is imprisoned for 18 years and then betrayed by his own former boss. Kasuga must go on a journey to become a hero and find out the reason for this betrayal.

Like a Dragon departs from the older game’s real-time fighting and goes for a turn-based combat system. Turn-based combat becomes a blend of careful analyzing the fight and funny incidents as you see Kasuga eating a rice cake to heal himself in real-time. Environmental damage is also a big thing in Yakuza as players can pick up nearby items and smash them onto their enemies. Set in Yokohama, the game is a good combination of action and story with crass humor as a sidedish. Easily a game you can add to your PS5 collection.

Publisher, Developer – Sega, Ryu Ga Gotoku Studio

Release Date – March 02, 2021

Watch the trailer: YouTube

Check out Yakuza: Like a Dragon


This is another game roguelike lovers can get their hands on. Deathloop is a first-person shooter set on the mysterious land of Blackreef. You are Colt, an assassin who is caught in a time loop and looking for a way to get out of it. Colt will need to take out 8 targets to break the loop. However, it must be done before the day is over otherwise you are thrown right back to the beginning.

Deathloop is another wonderful addition to roguelikes that promises a healthy dose of gunplay along with a story set on a near wasteland. Dishonored veterans will easily identify some familiar elements as the game has been developed by Arkane Studios. The game also features multiplayer where players can play as Julianna, an agent assigned to stop Colt from breaking the time loop. The short gameplay trailer might just give you a sense of déjà vu. Check it out.

Publisher, Developer – Bethesda Softworks, Arkane Studios

Release Date – Sep 14, 2021

Watch the trailer: YouTube


Best Upcoming PS5 Games

Now that we have covered the best PS5 games you can play right now, let us give you a rundown of our favorite upcoming PS5 games that we are excited about. These games make up a bigger collection of the 20 Best Upcoming Games Announced at E3 2021. Check all of them out to get hyped even more.

1. God of War: Ragnarok

After remaining elusive for so long, the Sony PlayStation Showcase 2021 revealed details about the upcoming God of War: Ragnarok. Set years after the previous GOW, Ragnarok will follow Kratos and a now teenage Loki (Atreus). Loki has now grown up and wants answers about the world and how to stop Ragnarok. However, Kratos remembers his past and forbids him, fearing a fight with the gods. God of War Ragnarok features the same pulse-pounding action gamers are used to.

However, this time the stakes are even higher as the trio of Kratos, Loki and Mimir try to free Tyr, the old God of War and son of Odin. While the God of War series is not a PlayStation exclusive series anymore, PS5 owners can be assured that Ragnarok will have its proper developmental cycle and entertain them for years to come. Check out this amazing game for your PS5.

Publisher, Developer – Santa Monica Studio, Sony Interactive Entertainment

Release Date – 2022

Watch the trailer: YouTube

Check out GOW: Ragnarok

2. Horizon: Forbidden West

Touted to be one of the most anticipated PS5 games, Horizon Forbidden West is a beautiful masterpiece that has us watching the gameplay trailer over and over again. This third-person game continues its focus on Aloy, a brave huntress exploring the dangerous lands known as the Forbidden West. Forbidden West will see Aloy on a quest to this strange land to find the source of a mysterious plague that kills brutally.

This upcoming PS5 game simply looks amazing and will use the power of the console to deliver amazing graphics along with a story that seems very pulling. This gameplay trailer shared by Playstation sees Aloy traverse through this beautiful land while battling dangerous creatures. If there ever was a game that makes you want to go out and explore, Forbidden West could very well be it. Check it out.

Publisher, Developer – Sony Interactive, Guerrilla Games

Release Date – Feb 18, 2022

Watch the trailer: YouTube

Check out Horizon Forbidden West 

3. Ghostwire: Tokyo

This is your chance to become a ghosthunter and fight back the deadly spirits. Ghostwire: Tokyo is set in well, Tokyo and revolves around an age where nearly all of the city’s inhabitants have mysteriously vanished. You are a person gifted with supernatural abilities who has to hunt down these deadly threats and claim back the city and its populace.

Fans of Tango Gameworks will recognize the studio’s work in Ghostwire from its creepy atmosphere and detailed art of the spirits. Ghostwire: Tokyo takes the best horror notes from the studio’s previous successes like The Evil Within and takes it two steps further. The recently released gameplay trailer shows the player battling it out with various ghouls, some of which you might even recognize. We think we saw Slender man too. So if you want an unsettling yet badass experience, check out Ghostwire Tokyo.

Publisher, Developer – Bethesda Softworks, Tango Gameworks

Release Date – 2022

Watch the trailer: YouTube

Check out Ghostwire: Tokyo

4. Elden Ring

If you loved Demon’s Souls then you will fall in love with Elden Ring much faster. Vaguely a part of the Bandai Namco Souls series, Elden Ring is a third-person fantasy RPG hitting PS5 soon. This melee combat game is set in a dark yet rich universe where the Elden Ring, the source of the Erdtree, has been shattered. As the protagonist in the game, you will embark on a mission to slay anyone who stands in your journey to become the Elden Lord.

Elden Ring features the same horrific yet beautiful art style of the Souls series while kicking it up a notch further. The enemies you encounter will be of otherworldly proportions and equal shades of danger. Featuring over 30 hours of action-packed gameplay, Elden Ring is one open-world game with a lot of room for customization and skill mastery. One of our top picks for the best PS5 games, Elden Ring is something you should wait for.

Publisher, Developer – FromSoftware Inc, BANDAI NAMCO

Release Date – Feb 25, 2022

Watch the trailer: YouTube

Check out Elden Ring

5. Dying Light 2: Stay Human

If you’ve just come back from the city of Harran after finishing Dying Light, there’s good news waiting for you. The upcoming survival horror Dying Light 2 is an upcoming survival horror game. It encompasses the same parkour elements of its predecessor but adds a whole bunch of new elements to it along with a riveting story. Dying Light 2 will focus on Aiden Caldwell, a man set in a broken city that has humanity on the edge of extinction.

The design of the game including the various levels has been done in a way to display the bleak nature of everything around the player. Unlike Dying Light 1, the choices you make here gradually affect the story so almost every conversation will hold weight. Dying Light 2 will reportedly be a lot heavy on the story compared to the previous game with emotional consequences waiting for the player.  Aiden himself is equipped with new tools such as the paraglider to aid his journey along with new climbing opportunities and even using zombies to break his fall along the way. When it comes to being a true successor, Dying Light sure looks like it. Check out this horrifying bleak game.

Publisher, Developer – Techland

Release Date – Feb 4, 2022

Watch the trailer: YouTube

Check out Dying Light 2 

Mark these Best PS5 Games down

That was our list of the best current and upcoming PS5 games you can look forward to for your consoles. So, which games are you playing, and which ones are you waiting for? I’m sure Horizon Forbidden West is on your list as well. Also, if you have got a new PS5, check out these PS5 tips and tricks and enable 120 Hz Gaming on your PS5. Got any more suggestions we can add? Let us know in the comments below.

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