12 Best Nintendo Switch Cases and Covers You Can Buy

Nintendo Switch is one of the most versatile and portable gaming consoles ever launched. The portability of Nintendo Switch allows us to play console worthy games on the fly, something that was not possible before. However, this portability also comes with a set of problems. Since Nintendo does not ship a carrying case with its Switch console, it makes it pretty hard to carry the Switch without the fear of breaking it. Also, its plastic build does not instill that much of a confidence. If you are planning to take your Switch with you, wherever you are going, you will need a good case to protect it from getting damaged. Thankfully, there are a lot of really good cases and covers available for Switch in the market. So, before you fling your Switch directly in your backpack, check out these 12 best Nintendo Switch cases that you can buy in 2020.

Best Nintendo Switch Cases and Covers

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With that out of the way, let’s check out some cases and covers, shall we?

1. Nintendo Switch Game Traveler Deluxe Travel Case

This is one of the best travel cases that you can buy for your Nintendo Switch. The case has a hard shell structure which will protect your Switch from damages in the event of drops and falls. The inside of the case has a padded divider which protects the Switch’s display from getting scratched. The case also comes with two game card cases (each can hold four) and a built-in zippered mesh pocket which can hold extra Game Cards.

1-SwitchIt also comes with two Micro SD card holders each of which can hold two separate cards. This means that you are free to carry your games whichever way you like. The case also comes in various colours including black, blue, red, and more. As I said earlier, this is one of the best traveler Nintendo Switch cases that you can buy.

Buy From Amazon: ($17.57)

2. Hestia Goods Nintendo Switch Hard Carrying Case

This is also a hard shell carrying case just like the previous one. The outer hard shell is there to protect your Switch from sustaining any damage while carrying it while the inner layer is lined with soft fabric material to prevent any scratches or scuffs. The case also brings a large zippered mesh pocket which can easily store extra Joy-Cons and the Switch’s power adapter. The case makers have given a lot of attention to details here. The zipper heads are made of nylon (and not metal) to protect your Switch from scratching.

Also, just like the first case on this list, it also comes with built-in game card holders which can store 20 game cards. However, it does not provide a separate space for your SD Cards, but, they can be easily stored in the game card slots. Apart from that, I really don’t have any complaint with this case.

Buy From Amazon: ($9.99)

3. Mumba Nintendo Switch Case

A carrying case is needed when you are protecting your Switch from damages occurring during travel, but what about it when you are using it? Obviously, you cannot use your Switch while it is inside a case, you will need to take it out. In such scenarios, a protective case is what you need, and this offering from Mumba is a pretty good one. The outer layer of the case is made of hard polycarbonate material while the inner layer is lined with a soft TPU material.

The combo protects your Switch by absorbing the impact shocks. The case also has an ergonomic grip handle which will reduce the chances of drops in the first place. If you are looking for a case which can protect it while in use, this is one of the best Nintendo Switch cases that you can get.

Buy From Amazon: ($15.99)

4. Findway Nintendo Switch Crystal Clear Case

If you are a fan of clear cases, you are going to love this one. The case is made of transparent TPU material and is very flexible and soft to touch. This means that this case will only be able to protect your switch from minor drops and scratches and scuffs. However, this tradeoff also comes with a benefit. The case just like the Switch sports a 3-part design meaning you get separate cases for your console and Joy-Cons.

So, you don’t lose the flexibility of Switch. Although it’s a flexible case, it has strengthened corners to enhance the protection. However, even if that was not the case, I love this case just for the fact that it is as versatile as the Switch and its one of my most favorite Nintendo Switch cases on the market.

Buy From Amazon: ($12.99)

5. Amazon Basics Vault Case for Nintendo Switch

I love Amazon Basics products as not only they are of high quality but they also are quite cheap when compared to the competition. The Amazon Basics Vault Case for Nintendo Switch is heavy-duty hard shell Nintendo Switch designed to protect your console when you travel. Despite being a compact case, the vault case offers quite a good amount of storage space. The case can easily store one Nintendo Switch along with joy-cons and eight game cartridges.

The case features a dual-layer design with a hard outer layer for protection against drops and a soft inner layer for preventing scratches. I also love the sleek black color which gives it a stealthy look. The case can easily fit in your backpack allowing you to carry your Switch everywhere.

Buy From Amazon: ($21.80)

6. Butterfox Nintendo Switch Travel Carrying Case

This is yet another great traveling case for your Nintendo Switch. It has a semi-hard outer shell which is good at absorbing shock waves. The interior is lined with soft cloth material to prevent any scratches. The case also packs a large zippered mesh pocket which provides secure storage for accessories like charging cable, slim power bank, ear buds, and extra Joy-Cons.

It also comes with built-in storage for both game cards and SD Cards. Soft flaps have been added to protect the Switch’s display from getting scratched. The best part about this case is that although it packs so much functionality, it is very cost effective. As such, this provides good value for your money.

Buy From Amazon: ($12.99)

7. Zadii Hard Carrying Case for Nintendo Switch

If you are someone who likes to travel with your entire Nintendo Switch along with its dock and the Nintendo Switch Pro controller than the Zadii hard case is just the right thing for you. The case is really compact despite the fact that it can carry everything that I just mentioned. What I love most about this case is that it features separate cut-outs for the Switch, its dock, the Pro Controller, and the joy-cons.

They are using a high-quality foam material for the compartments so no matter how badly you treat the case, all your things will be safe. There are also separate compartments for storing all the wires and game cartridges. if you can’t go anywhere without your beloved Switch and its peripherals, this is the case to get.

Buy From Amazon: ($33.99)

8. JETech Protective Case for Nintendo Switch

While I love the carrying cases for Nintendo Switch, they only protect the Switch when it’s inside the box. But what about the times when you really need the protection, which is while playing games on it. Well, in those cases, this JETech protective case will come in handy. The case is made using high-quality flexible TPU material which can easily protect your Switch against normal drops and falls.

The best part about this case is that you have access to all the ports, controls, and features without having to take it out. The case is also pretty slim so it doesn’t add any noticeable bulk to the device. As far as cases go, this is one of the best ones that you can get.

Buy From Amazon: ($16.99)

9. Aluminium Anti-scratch Dust-proof Hard Case

The last case on the list is different from all the other cases mentioned on this list. This is because the case is made using PC shell along with aluminium sheets which can provide extra resistant and protection against drops. It also sports a 3-section design and has separate cases for the console and the Joy-Cons. The Joy-Cons are protected from all sides as the case also covers the front of Joy-Cons.

However, it does leave the area around the Switch’s kick-stand exposed, which can be a cause of concern. However, one thing that really goes in its favour is the colour options. It can give your Switch a unique look which you can deduce from the picture below. It’s one of the most unique Nintendo Switch cases on the market and you should check it out.

Buy From Amazon: ($9.99)

10. Orzly Carry Case

Going by the design, Orzly is a modern-looking carry case for your Nintendo Switch. The case features a rugged EVA shell exterior to endure shock. As for the interior, it is made of soft material to ward off scratches. Thanks to the durable construction, the case offers a 360° shield to your gaming console.

Protection aside, it comfortably fits Nintendo Switch with both the joy-con controllers attached. And with a separate inner pocket, it allows you to store additional joy-cons and cables. Priced at $12.31, Orzly Nintendo Switch carrying case comes in nine color variants.

Buy From Amazon: ($12.31)

11. Teyomi Protective Silicone Case

If you are looking for a good-looking case that can wrap around Nintendo Switch snuggly, this offering from Teyomi could be a better choice. Made of soft silicone material, the case fits perfectly around the Switch. And with the ergonomic form-factor, it makes a bit easier to hold the gaming console. In addition, there are a couple of storage slots wherein you can keep your game cards securely.

As for protection, Teyomi can resist impact and also prevent scratches from damaging the look of the console. For additional protection from scuffs, the company also offers a high-quality tempered glass screen protector. Considering these notable features, Teyomi seems reasonably priced at $15.99.

Buy From Amazon: ($15.99)

12. FYOUNG Protective Cover

Both in terms of protection and style, FYOUNG’s dockable case has looked impressive to me. The case sports a clear profile to let the gaming console reveal its profile in all its glory. Courtesy the split-type design, you don’t need to remove the case to take the joy-con off, which is a big plus from the flexibility perspective. With the anti-shock bumper, it can also thwart the impact of drops.

The neat cutouts ensure you have painless access to all the ports and buttons of your gaming console. Just like Teyomi, it also comes with a tempered glass screen protector to safeguard the touchscreen against scratches. Overall, FYOUNG is one of the best Nintendo Switch cases in the market right now.

Buy From Amazon: ($16.99)

Best Nintendo Switch Cases and Covers You Can Buy

Nintendo Switch is an excellent device, but it’s also a fragile one. I know this because we broke one in our office within one week of buying it. So, take it from me when I say that you need a case for your Switch. Whether you are buying a protective case or a traveling case (I suggest you buy one of each), the cases will help prolong the life of your Switch. You don’t want to break it, especially at the time, when so many cool Nintendo Switch games are being launched. Check out the list and tell us your favorite ones in the comments section below.

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