The Nintendo Switch is the latest console released by Nintendo, and it looks fantastic. There are multiple modes of gameplay available in the Switch, including a mode where you just slide the Switch into the included dock connected to your TV, and you can continue playing your favourite game on the big screen! Plus, there are some great Nintendo Switch accessories to enhance your gameplay on the console. However, as with every gadget with a screen, the Nintendo Switch is also prone to scratches. Plus, reports have surfaced saying that even docking the Switch into the included dock can easily scratch the edges of the screen! Now that may be a defect in some of the units, but it’d be silly to risk it, either way. So, if you own a Nintendo Switch, and are worried that you might scratch that gorgeous display, here are 10 best Nintendo Switch screen protectors you can buy:

1. amFilm Tempered Glass Screen Protector

One of the best options you have to protect your beloved Nintendo Switch’s display, is this tempered glass screen protector from amFilm. The ultra clear screen protector guarantees 99.9% transparency, to provide a natural viewing experience. To maintain the touchscreen sensitivity, the screen guard is kept extremely thin at 0.3mm, but is still strong enough to protect your Switch’s display from getting scratched or cracked.

The 9H rated screen guard is also topped with an oleophobic coating to prevent fingerprints smudges on the display. Inside the pack, you will find 2 screen protectors, along with wet and dry wipes, and dust removal stickers, to allow you to easily install the screen guard on your Nintendo Switch.

Buy on Amazon: ($10.99)

2. HORI Screen Guard for Nintendo Switch

The HORI screen guard is another reliable screen protector you can use to keep your Switch’s display from getting scratched, and protect it from minor scrapes and drops. HORI guarantees that their screen guard will be completely bubble free, which is definitely good, because bubbles under screen protectors look really annoying.The screen guard is made out of PET material, manufactured in Japan, and offers perfect clarity and touch responsiveness.

The screen guard is a bit overpriced, when compared to what other screen guards for the Nintendo Switch are priced at, but then again, it is officially licensed by Nintendo for use with the Switch. So, if you’re looking for a product that can be completely relied on, and is approved by Nintendo themselves, look no further than the HORI screen guard. That is, if you don’t think $24 is a bit much for a screen guard.

Buy on Amazon: ($24.00)

3. ILLUMISHIELD Screen Protector for Nintendo Switch

If you want one of the best screen guards for the Nintendo Switch, but don’t want to spend $24 on them, the ILLUMISHIELD Screen Protector is probably the one you should go for. The screen guard is priced competitively, and offers quite a lot for the price. First off, this is a three pack of screen protectors. These screen protectors are made out of a high quality PET film, to ensure the best clarity, and touch screen responsiveness that you can get on the Nintendo Switch.

The screen protector comes with an anti-bubble coating that allows the screen guard to be installed easily, and prevents bubbles from forming while installation. The screen guard is scratch resistant, and fingerprint proof, so you can rest assured that your device will keep looking like new, even after a long time of using it. The ILLUMISHIELD Screen Protector comes with a lifetime replacement warranty as well.

Buy on Amazon: ($7.85)

4. YZtree Tempered Glass Nintendo Switch Screen Protector

The YZtree Tempered Glass Screen Protector is another really good option that you can consider for keeping your Nintendo Switch’s display protected from scratches and cracks. The tempered glass protector is extremely thin at 0.33mm, which ensures that the touch responsiveness of the screen remains unhampered, while the 99.9% transparency rating guarantees that the display quality will also remain just as good as it was without the screen protector.

The screen guard is rated at 9H, which means that it is extremely scratch resistant, and will definitely keep your Switch protected. Plus, the oleophobic coating on the YZtree screen protector ensures that it is fingerprint resistant as well. Inside the box you will find two glass screen guards, along with wet and dry wipes to clean your screen before applying the screen guards on it. YZtree offers a 30 day money back guarantee, along with a lifetime warranty on the screen guard.

Buy on Amazon: ($8.99)

5. Antsplust Edge to Edge Screen Protector

The Antsplust edge to edge screen protector is a two pack of screen guards, that guarantees a 99.9% light penetration to ensure that the display on the Nintendo Switch remains just as good with the screen guard on, as it did without it. The screen guard is extremely thin, and will definitely maintain the touchscreen responsiveness of the console; plus, it perfectly matches the contours of the Switch, for a perfect fit on the device. Antsplust used military grade materials to create a screen guard that is scratch proof, extremely tough, and very clear.

The edge to edge protector is flexible enough to curve along with the shape of the device, ensuring a better fit, and longer lasting life. Plus, since it’s a two pack, even if one of the screen guards starts to fail, you can easily replace it with the second one, and get back to playing Legend of Zelda on your console.

Buy on Amazon: ($8.99)

6. IQ Shield Full Coverage Nintendo Switch Screen Protector

The IQ Shield LiquidSkin screen guard ensures a bubble free installation on the Nintendo Switch thanks to its wet-install method. The screen protector guarantees 99.9% transparency, along with excellent touch responsiveness to ensure that you get the best experience possible.

IQ Shield offers a lifetime replacement warranty on their LiquidSkin screen protector, so you can rest assured that if anything goes wrong with the screen protector, you can easily get it replaced for free.

Buy on Amazon: ($7.85)

7. Mothca Screen Protector for Nintendo Switch

If you’re looking for a highly affordable screen protector for your Nintendo Switch, this set of 3 screen guards from Mothca are going to be a perfect fit. The 3 pack of screen guards is priced at an extremely affordable $4.39. The screen protectors are extremely thin, coming in at only 0.1 mm thickness, which ensures perfect transparency, and touch responsiveness. It also comes with cutouts for all the sensors on the switch, to ensure that they can function properly, even with the screen guard installed on the Switch.

What’s more, Mothca offers a hassle free lifetime replacement warranty on their screen protectors, so you can rest assured that you can easily get them replaced in case of a problem.

Buy on Amazon: ($4.39)

8. FastSnail Nintendo Switch Screen Protector

Another very affordable option you can choose for your Nintendo Switch’s screen protector, is the FastSnail screen protector. A pack of four screen guards is available on Amazon for around $8, which is an extremely good deal. The screen guards offer a high level of transparency for perfect viewing pleasure, and are very thin in order to maintain a high level of touch responsiveness.

FastSnail coats their screen guards with a silicone-resin layer to prevent bubbles from forming when the guard is being installed on the Nintendo Switch. The oleophobic coating on the screen guards makes them fingerprint proof, so your Switch keeps looking good as new. Inside the pack, you get 4 screen guards, along with dry and wet wipes for easy installation of the screen guards on the Nintendo Switch.

Buy on Amazon: ($7.95)

9. Akale TechSkin Screen Protector

The Akale TechSkin screen protector comes in at $6.99 for a three pack of screen guards, making it a great deal if you’re looking for affordable screen guards for your Nintendo Switch. The screen guard comes coated with silicone-resin coating, to ensure a bubble free installation. Plus, the 99.9% transparency guarantees great viewing quality, and touchscreen responsiveness. The screen protectors can be installed easily, and fit perfectly with the screen.

Akale backs their screen protectors with a 100% money back guarantee, so if you don’t like the screen guard for any reason, they’ll replace it, or give back every single cent you paid for it.

Buy on Amazon: ($6.99)

10. Orzly Nintendo Switch Screen Protector

This pack of two screen protectors from Orzly is another good choice for your Nintendo Switch. The screen guard is rated at 9H hardness, which means that it’ll easily protect your Switch from most scratches, and cracks. Coming in at a thickness of barely 0.24mm, the screen protector is thin enough to maintain perfect touch responsiveness.

Plus, with a 94% transparency, you can rest assured that your Nintendo Switch screen will look great even with the screen protector on. It also includes cut-outs for all the sensors on the device, and comes with a limited 2 year warranty, which is also a plus.

Buy on Amazon: ($9.39)

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Protect Your Nintendo Switch Display with These Screen Protectors

The Nintendo Switch comes with a good looking touch-enabled 720p display. As with any other device, no matter how carefully you keep your Nintendo Switch, it is bound to get scuffed, and scratched. You should always use a screen protector in order to keep your display looking as good as new, even after months of heavy usage. All the screen protectors in this article have a great transparency, and are thin enough to not cause issues with touch on your screen. Plus, with silicone-resin layers coated on some of these, you are guaranteed a bubble free installation of the screen guard on your Nintendo Switch. Almost every screen guard on this list offers great protection for your screen, and if you want to keep your display looking as good as new, you should definitely invest in a screen protector.

As always, I would like to know your thoughts on the Nintendo Switch, the games available on the console, and your experience with the Switch, if you’ve played around with one. Also, if you know of any other good screen protectors for the Nintendo Switch that you think deserve to be on this list, do let us know in the comments section below.

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