Which Is the Best Netflix Subscription Plan for You to Get in India?

Which Is the Best Netflix Subscription Plan for You in India?

Which Is the Best Netflix Subscription Plan for You to Get in India?

Following the Coronavirus-led lockdown, online streaming platforms have gained a ton of popularity. It’s not only the netizens but the production houses also turned to digital streaming platforms for movie releases. Amongst others, Netflix gained millions of new users during the lockdowns and added a ton of new features to its platform. So, if you are planning to get a Netflix subscription or want to upgrade or downgrade from your current plan, we have got you covered. I think you will have a better picture of which Netflix is best for you to get in India by the end of this article.

Which Netflix Subscription Plan Is Best for You?

So, in this story, you will find the details about all the subscription plans that Netflix offers in India and choose the one that best suits your needs.

Netflix Mobile Plan

If you are always on the move and your go-to device for your entertainment needs is a smartphone, then Netflix has two options for you – one is the Rs 199 plan that will allow you to watch some of the best TV series and movies on Netflix in standard definition (SD) or 480p quality.

The other one is the Mobile+ plan with 1080p support at Rs 299, which the company is testing in India. It is an experimental tier and may not show up for everyone. These two plans allow users to stream Netflix content only on their smartphones and no other device. That means you cannot stream content on your laptop or PC if you buy this plan.

However, you still have to ask yourself how important is video resolution and sound quality to you. And if they are worth that extra 100 bucks, we suggest you get the former Rs 299 Netflix subscription to get 1080p and laptop-viewing support.

Netflix Basic Plan

Coming to the next one, the Netflix Basic plan is for those who use multiple devices to consume their daily dose of content. This subscription plan is priced at Rs 499/ month and allows you to watch Netflix not only via a smartphone but on other devices such as laptops and smart TVs as well.

So imagine you are watching a fresh episode of your favorite show on a smart TV and you suddenly remember you have to be somewhere. In this situation, you could easily use your travel time to continue the episode right where you left off on your smartphone. This plan supports one screen at a time, along with 1080p support. So this is not the ideal plan for couples or families.

Netflix Standard Plan


Now, if you are not alone and live with your partner, or maybe have a roommate or just want to share your Netflix account with somebody, then the Standard plan should float your boat.

This particular plan will allow you to stream content on two different internet-connected devices simultaneously. Also, it offers HD (1080p) streaming options for every TV show and movie on the platform. Moreover, you can make two different profiles and not get your personalized recommendations all mixed up.

Since you are getting more benefits with the Netflix standard plan, you obviously need to spend more moolah. This subscription plan is priced at Rs 649/ month in India.

Netflix Premium Plan

Coming to the top-tier subscription plan for Netflix, the Premium plan, priced at Rs 799 per month, offers various benefits such as four-screen support, 4K streaming, and Dolby Atmos support for compatible devices.

So, if you are a family man or live in a dorm, the Netflix Premium plan should be the perfect choice for you. You can create multiple profiles for your kids or parents, with personalized content and recommendations based on their watch history. It will allow you to keep your own profile separate. You can also lock profiles using PIN codes on Netflix to keep a close check on your kids activity.

Plus, with this plan, you can watch shows on your 4K TV in the highest resolution right from the comfort of your living room. The Rs 799 per month Netflix plan is suitable for families and users who plan on sharing their subscriptions.

Netflix India Subscription Plans: Comparison

Well, with the basics out of the way, here’s how all the different Netflix subscription plans compare to each other in India:

FeaturesMobile PlanMobile+ Plan (testing)Basic Plan Standard PlanPremium Plan
Monthly CostRs 199Rs 299Rs 499 Rs 649Rs 799
Yearly CostRs 2,388Rs 3,588Rs 5,988Rs 7,788Rs 9,588
Number of Screens11124
Streaming QualitySD (480p)Full-HD (1080p)SD (480p)Full-HD (1080p)UHD (4K) + HDR
Data consumption (best video quality)up to 1GB/ hourup to 3GB/ hourup to 1GB/ hourup to 3GB/ hourup to 7GB/ hour
Watch on mobile or tabletYesYesYesYesYes
Watch on laptop or PCNoYesYesYesYes

Pick the Right Netflix Subscription Plan

So, these are all the plans that Netflix currently offers in India. Now that you know all the details, you can assess your requirements. Then, you can get the Netflix subscription plan that best suits your needs to enjoy the best animated series, best Hindi movies on Netflix, and award-winning movies from Netflix’s massive digital library. So, which Netflix plan did you choose and why? Let us know your opinion in the comments below.


  1. no it was 1080p ..i double checked .. you need to test it with compatible devices / browsers

  2. Hello Dwaipayan,

    this so called 299 plan is only experimental and not to everyone. and others could only see the old plans. may be you have written this seeing the plans on your subscription plan. May be doing research on the plans before writing this article would have been appreciated. please update the article as it is misleading..

    and let me know if i am wrong or anyone else in the comments mentioned about this.

    i always appreciate the content you guys provide. many thanks.


  3. Still, I didn’t get the new 299 Netflix plan. I can only see 199, 499, 649, 799 plans in my laptop.

    1. It was available for a selected users and I was the lucky one.
      I used it for a month and later cancelled it. BUT the streaming quality was 720p and not 1080p.

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