Best Medium Builds in The Finals

In Short
  • We recommend two different builds for the medium class in The Finals, called Cashout Support and Medium Assault.
  • Cashout Support sees you support your team during cashouts, utilizing AKM or FCAR, Healing Gun, and specializations like Gas mine, Defibrillator, and Goo Grenade.
  • The Assault build allows you to run and gun your opponents, utilizing recon senses, FCAR, and specializations like Pyro Grenade, Jump Pad, and Defibrillator.

Medium is a support and assault class in The Finals, allowing you to experiment with a few different builds. And if you are one of the new players searching for a few of them to experiment with, you are in the right place. In this guide, we recommend one support and one assault build for medium class players, explaining the use of each device in their arsenal. Whether you support your team or shred the opponent, these medium-class builds will help you dominate the battlefield.

Cashout Support Build

Weapon: AKM or FCAR
Gadget: Gas mine, Defibrillator, Goo Grenade
Specialization: Healing Beam or Turret

The first medium build we tried in The Finals is what we are calling the cashout support. It’s a self-explanatory build, as you are the support system for your team, holding out cashout. This build goes well with our initiator light build in The Finals, helping them during the gunfights. And if the player performs their duties properly, it can make their team unstoppable.


For weapons, we would like to recommend two different guns instead of one. We suggest trying out the AKM and FCAR in the training course and choosing the one that suits your taste.

Our primary choice for this build is the AKM, which is already unlocked for the medium class. AKM is the jack-of-all-trades gun. Anyone can use it, and it barely has any skill ceiling. Damage with this gun will take out the opponent within a magazine (36 bullets) if you line up your shots correctly. The only real downside with this weapon is its recoil and bullet range.

Our second weapon of choice is the FCAR, which you unlock for 800 VRS (in-game currency). FCAR is a slightly better AKM with a holo attachment, but the magazine is only 20 bullets. This means you have a better range of fire than AKM. Furthermore, it has a faster reload and slightly higher damage per bullet.

If you don’t wish to unlock FCAR and rather get gadgets, you should be good with an AKM. Simplicity is sometimes the best choice, or whatever some wise person once said.


Medium defense gadgets to bring over

For gadgets, we are picking the best support items here. This means no grenades that damage your opponent. We’ll pick three items – a gas mine, a defibrillator, and a goo grenade. All three of these items are unlocked from the get-go. So, you don’t have to worry about spending VRS on them.

Gas mine is for disorienting and slowly damaging an opponent while they try to steal the cashout. Place the mines at various strategic points around the cashout zone and wait for the opponents to approach. Once they trigger the mine, they’ll start losing health, and you can intercept them with your trusty AKM.

The second gadget we went with is the defib, as everyone likes to call it. This is one of the most essential items in this build. While respawning your dead teammates takes a few seconds, defib respawns them almost immediately with a click. Hence, we will use this to revive dead teammates, reduce downtime, and get back into action instantly.

Finally, we will keep the goo grenade for when we have to create some temporary cover for cashbox defense. Throw a few around the floor near the cashout box and anchor down. This further allows you to hold out and take the money for yourself. Since goo grenades can also stop bullets for a while, you are safe and sound to gather your wits back.


For specialization, we have two choices for two different scenarios. If you want to help your team by fighting alongside them and shooting, then go for turrets. These are auto-turrets you place around the cashout area. So, when an opponent enters its vicinity, they get shot. Taking them out requires one whole magazine.

The other specialization is the healing beam, which you can utilize in a typical Overwatch-style pocket medic gameplay. Just keep using the healing beam on your team while they keep attacking the opponents. Your whole job at that point is to make sure that your light and heavy players stay alive while they protect the cashout or steal one from the opponent.

Medium Assault Build

Weapon: AKM or FCAR
Gadget: Pyro Grenade, Jump Pad, Defibrillator
Specialization: Recon Senses

Unlike the support build, where you assume a more passive role, this build sees you assist your team by becoming a solid DPS. The gadgets used in the assault build further assert your dominance on the battlefield, and the specialization helps to detect and take out enemies effectively.

Once again, this build will help your team to dominate The Finals but specifically focus on you, the player.


For weapons, we will again recommend going for the AKM or FCAR. However, this time, we’ll focus on getting the FCAR. Since this is primarily a DPS build, we will utilize an AR that deals damage to your opponent, regardless of their distance.

FCAR helps with that, as not only does it have a better recoil, but it also has a better bullet travel distance, thanks to the holo attachment. Hence, we recommend unlocking the FCAR to run this build. Otherwise, use AKM to win matches and build enough VRS to unlock this gun.


For gadgets, we will pivot towards movement and damage with this build. Hence, we will select the Pyro Grenade, the Jump Pad, and the Defibrillator.

Pyro grenade sets everything in its vicinity, including your goo, on fire upon impact. We want an attack-first build, where you start damaging your opponent effectively. Of course, you can switch it out with a frag grenade. However, a frag grenade takes time to work after impact. Since we wanted immediate results, we went with pyro grenades.

Now, for the third gadget, we are sticking with the Defibrillator, as it comes in super handy even in the middle of fights. You can stop your assault for a teeny second, use defib to bring your teammate back to life, and have an upper hand. There’s no downtime in fights now, and you can keep up your assault on the opponents.

For movement and evasion, we’ve opted for the jump pad. This allows you to evade tough spots and enemy sightlines. A jump pad gives you the verticality to run away from the rooftops. It also enables you to catch your opponents by surprise.


Finally, for our specialization, we’ve chosen Recon Senses for this build for additional info. It allows us to look through walls for enemies, letting us know their position and take them out. However, if you are at a distance while using recon senses and try taking out a player, you’ll deal lesser damage in the process. And since we’ll be taking the fight to them, we suggest using this specialization.

So these are the two medium builds we’ve created for the new shooter, The Finals. Of course, in the end, it’s all about experimentation and how you play the game. So, let us know if you have created any unique builds for the medium class in The Finals.

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