Best Heavy Builds to Try Out in The Finals

In Short
  • We recommend two different builds for the heavy class in The Finals, namely the machine gun and defense builds.
  • The machine gun build allows you to become a powerful offense tank, utilizing the mesh shield, Lewis Gun, and RPG.
  • The defense build helps you to protect the cashout and your team, utilizing the mesh shield and the SA216 shotgun.

Heavy class in The Finals is arguably one of the strongest out of the three classes, and we can utilize his strength to create some great builds. Whether it is defense or being a scary tank, you can do both with ease. And thanks to their limited yet varied kit, you can also make some amazing builds. So, we sat down to create the perfect builds for heavy class players who want some initial guidance.

The Machine Gun Build

Weapon: Lewis gun
Gadget: RPG, Pyro Grenade, Goo Grenade
Specialization: Mesh Shield

The first of the two heavy builds we have concocted for The Finals relies on the machine gun. It’s very self-explanatory and utilizes the health pool of the heavy. The whole point of this build is to rake in kills for your team while ensuring their survival.

Pairing this up with the support build for the medium class is preferable. And even if there isn’t a dedicated healer, you can still wreak havoc on the opponent team with this build.


Lewis Gun for the heavy builds in The Finals

Since we named it the machinegun build, we will go for the Lewis Gun. It is the dedicated machine gun for heavy class in The Finals, and the staple for this build. Lewis gun has a high rate of fire and deals impressive damage per bullet without any problem.

A few well-placed shots will immediately shred your opponents away, and pairing that up with other classes will assure more confirmed kills.


Best Heavy Builds to Try Out in The Finals

We chose the following three gadgets to reinforce this build: RPG, Pyro Grenade, and Goo Grenade.

RPG are the first and foremost gadget to keep with you when playing heavy. You certainly have to bring it along with you. It’s a high-damage explosive that has the potential of toppling a whole structure down, enabling you to get a cashout down to you. And if you are quick, an RPG can also take out the entire team, dealing serious damage.

The second gadget we’ve opted for is the good old pyro grenade. Since we already have the RPG for breaching a cashout zone during the match, we don’t need a breach charge with us. Additionally, the pyro grenade immediately starts damaging upon impact. You can throw it at the cashout to stop the enemy from stealing it.

Finally, for general defense, you should bring the goo grenade with you. While it doesn’t protect the players for a prolonged period, it will temporarily hinder entry for opponents at various spots. Plus, it temporarily stops bullets.


Mesh Shield in The Finals

For specialization, we’ll pick something that will protect heavy for a few more minutes while taking a beating. And for that, we’ll pick the mesh shield. This specialization offers a 1,100 health shield at the front of the heavy, allowing them to block bullets and most gadgets head-on.

Moreover, team members can shoot through it, which means your whole team can pressure the opponents. However, your back is completely open, so one of your team members has to protect you from incoming damage.

Ultimate Defense Build

Weapon: SA216
Gadget: RPG, Dome Shield, Barricade
Specialization: Mesh Shield

The second heavy build we would like to recommend to players in The Finals is a defense build to hold out your opponents from stealing cashouts. This defense build helps in protecting your team during gunfights. Here, more emphasis has been put on cashout defense over general defense.


The Finals heavy builds SA216 weapon

For the weapon, we are choosing the SA216 over others. The reason is simple. Since we will be fighting close quarters for the most part, this gun will help us achieve our goal when enemies rush your cashout. SA216 is a hard-hitting auto-shotgun and even manages to put out damage from a distance.


The FInals heavy defense tank build gadgets

For gadgets, we will pick only defense-based and support gadgets. This includes RPG, Dome Shield, and a Breach Charge.

We will continue to have the RPG on us, as we want immediate damage inside tight spaces. RPG will help us out with that. As mentioned before, this gadget outputs so much damage that it will chew up the health of most of your opponents or even kill them. Furthermore, if you ever want to change the room layout by dropping some ceilings, RPG will help out with that too.

The second gadget we shall pick up is a dome shield. It’s a 360-degree deployable shield that blocks out bullets for a while, thus, forcing the opponents to enter the dome to attack. On the flip side, you and your team can shoot through it, giving you the much-needed edge. Furthermore, when enemies push into the dome shield, you use your handy shotgun to turn them into a wax figure.

Finally, we will choose the barricade for emergency cashout box defense. This is for those moments when you and the team are stealing the cashout. Place two barricades around the cashout floor and take cover. Then, during the chaos, systematically overwhelm the opponent and take them out.


Mesh Shield in The Finals

Finally, for specialization, we’ll again bring along the trusty mesh shield. Since this is a defense-based build, we wouldn’t prefer going for anything better. We wouldn’t be talking about this shield extensively here since we already covered its usage above. However, use it when the situation gets tough, inside the tight areas, and when a volley of bullets and grenades come at you.

These are our two heavy builds for The Finals that you can try to experiment with. Ultimately, it all boils down to your preference and what playstyle you wish to adopt. And thus, we want to hear from you. Let us know your go-to build for the heavy class in The Finals.

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