The Finals Season 2 Just Might Bring It Back to Life

The Finals Season 2 Poster cover
Image Courtesy: Embark Studios
In Short
  • Embark Studios has released a trailer to hype up The Finals Season 2, which launches on March 14th for PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X/S.
  • Season 2 brings a ton of fresh content, including four new gadgets, such as teleporting portals, wall or item shifters, and gravity manipulation tools.
  • Along with the gadgets, a brand new game mode called Power Shift, new maps, weapons, and abilities are also coming, along with a private match option.

After a shaky season 1 coming closer to its ending days, it seems The Finals game show has been hijacked by a rogue hacking collective CNS. However, despite what happens in or out of the game, the ‘show must go on.’ This brings us to the brand new trailer of the Finals Season 2 which launches on March 14. But what exactly comes with it? Will the upcoming be enough to get the crowd back on its feet? Well, here’s what I feel.

The New Gadgets Look Amazing

Don’t get me wrong, despite being a shooter game, the gadgets are the best part of The Finals. Trying new stuff is always fun, no matter how many rounds of the game I play with my friends. With that said, it looks like season 2 packs an amazing collection of hardware. Four new gadgets are coming into the game with their style of play. Have a look at them below:

Gadget NameClassGadget Usage
GatewayLightCreates a limited-range portal between two locations. This lets players and objects shift between these locations. You cannot see or shoot through it.
Data ReshaperMediumChanges the shape of any object. Example: You can change the Sentry Gun into a signboard or the Mine into a flowerpot.
Dematerializer MediumCreate a desired hole in any type of surface including walls and roofs. Can be closed down by the player anytime.
Anti-Gravity Cube HeavyCreates an area affected by anti-gravity effects. Applies to all the players and objects within the cube area.
  • Gateway for Light
  • Data Reshaper for Mediums
  • Dematerializer for Mediums
  • Anti-Gravity Cube for Heavy

New Map, New Weapons, and Finally a New Game Mode

Along with the new gadgets, CNS twisted the game’s coding and created many other things. So, what are the things that are coming apart from the cool new gadgets? The trailer does confirm a lot of new things. Here is a quick overview:

  • 5 vs 5 Power Shift: This will be officially the new game mode from The Finals franchise. Although we previously had a solo game mode, it wasn’t received well. The new game mode, however, seems promising. Power Shift appears to involve a moving (and very destructive) control point that you and your four fellow friends will fight over.
  • New weapons: Players of different classes will also receive multiple new weapons. A burst assault rifle for Mediums, a burst pistol for Lights, and a pump action slug shotgun for the Heavys are on the cards. Coupled with the new fun gadgets, this can make the game more enjoyable.
  • A more Destructible Map: The trailer also confirms a new map that we get a slight glimpse of. The map SYS$HORIZON seems much more blockier and destructive. It is based on the hacker-centric theme as the textures resemble pixelated art and neon colors.
  • Along with these changes, Private matches are also coming to The Finals. New abilities will also join the player’s arsenal. However, the trailer does not confirm those abilities yet.
  • Power Shift Game Mode reveal
  • New Map The Finals

Will The Changes Revive The Finals?

After all is said and done, the main point is whether the update will be enough to revive The Finals. As someone who played the game regularly for the first month, I have witnessed unfair advantages in some classes.

If The Finals can tackle elements like the broken Invisibility or Triple Heavy stacks in casual modes, it can be a better ground for both casuals and competitive players. With that said, the upcoming season does give me some hope and makes me think it just might breathe more life into the game.

I hope Embark Studios takes note of the issues that players face regularly. If these QoL changes are made, season 2 of The Finals looks promising.

What are your thoughts on the new season of The Finals? Share with us in the comments below.

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