15 Best Kodi Skins You Should Install for a New Look

We use Kodi every day and sometimes the regular look of the setup makes it boring to look at. But the good thing is that Kodi allows you to change the entire appearance of Kodi using skins. By default, Kodi uses Estuary skin and frankly, it’s not that bad. However, if you want a more vibrant look with sleek animations and modern design, third-party Kodi skins are highly recommended.

On top adding a new look, these skins have some handy features like widgets, accessibility customization, accent picker, and even built-in Kodi addons, and repositories. Without a doubt, skins are quite helpful and can make your Kodi setup look visually appealing. To make things easier for you, in this article, I have sorted the 15 best Kodi skins which you can install on Kodi.

Best Kodi Skins You Should Use in 2020

Here, I have listed out the 15 best Kodi skins which you can use on Kodi to make your setup visually appealing. All these skins work perfectly fine on Leia, the latest version of Kodi. So don’t worry about compatibility and other issues. I have added anchor links for all the skins. You can click on the links below to quickly move to the skins that interest you the most.

But, before we get to our list, let us first see how you can install the Kodi skins that you discover on this list.

How to Install Kodi Skins

There are two ways to install Kodi skin. One is through the official Kodi repository where you don’t need to download separate files. And the other is installation using a ZIP file. I will mention both the methods below so you can choose accordingly.

1. Install Kodi Skin from the Official Repository

  • Open Kodi and switch to the “Add-ons” tab. Here, click on “Search” and enter the name of the skin.

Install Kodi Skin from the Official Repository

  • Next, open the skin of your choice and install it.

  • After the installation, it will prompt you to change the skin. Click on “Yes” and you are done.

2. Install Kodi Skin From ZIP File

  • Download the ZIP file from the link given below under every Kodi skin.

  • After that, open Kodi and navigate to the “Add-ons” tab. Here, click on the “Install from ZIP file” menu.

  • Locate the downloaded ZIP file on your device. Now, click on the “OK” button and the skin will be installed immediately.

  • A prompt will appear asking to change the skin. Click on “Yes” and you are all set to enjoy the new skin.

Now that you know the installtion process, let’s get to our list:

Our List of the Best Kodi Skins

Warning: Some of the websites hosting the Kodi skins may contain tracking pixels. If you don’t want to give away your personal information like IP address, you should use VPNs. Remember to check out our article on the best free VPNs for the same.

1. Titan Bingie

Titan Bingie is a new Kodi skin, making a huge noise in the Kodi world. The reason is its Netflix like user interface which truly looks stunning with interesting artwork and movie information. It even lets you customize the home screen, similar to Netflix with a spotlight, pop-up window, and trailer autoplay.

Titan Bingie is based on the popular Titan skin so be assured that you will get good performance. It also provides a recommendation on the home screen which is absolutely amazing. If you want to explore Kodi in a new way, I would strongly recommend Titan Bingie. It’s just amazing to use and look at. As far as best Kodi skins go, this is at the top.

2. Aeon Nox: SiLVO

Aeon Nox: SiLVO is the redesigned skin of the hugely popular skin, Aeon Nox. The developer behind this skin, SiLVO has brought some major new changes to make it look modern and clean. In my experience, the skin was quite consistent with the performance.

In terms of look, it has a handy search bar, weather widget, and various sub-menus on the home screen. It has that distinct Aeon look from earlier days and I think you are going to love that classic look. Aeon Nox always ranked among the top Kodi skins and still, the redesigned version is pretty damn good.

3. Eminence 2 Mod

Eminence was quite a popular Kodi skin back in the day when the original developer jurialmunkey maintained it. However, Eminence skin was abandoned after a few years, but by that time it had garnered a lot of loyal audiences. At present, a Kodi user named Alanon has stepped in and modified the original Eminence skin to work with the Leia build.

At the outset, Eminence 2 Mod is quite similar to its original one and the performance is also pretty good. The vertical menus look great and the skin provides movie banners and synopsis for local media content. To conclude, it’s a great looking skin and you will love the distinct look of Eminence if you are coming from the default Estuary skin.

4. Embuary

Embuary is a dedicated skin for Emby users who use Kodi as a client-media app. It looks very similar to the web UI of Emby, and if you want the same appearance in a standalone app, Kodi with Embuary skin can be a solid alternative. Users who don’t use Emby can also use this skin.

It looks slick with modern design and a Netflix-like interface. You get movie banners, synopsis, IMDb, and Rotten Tomatoes rating on the dashboard of every media content. There is also support for on-screen lyrics while playing music on Kodi. All in all, it’s one of the best Kodi skins I have come across on Kodi.

5. Arctic Zephyr 2

Arctic Zephyr 2 is a lightweight Kodi skin which looks elegant in its minimal design. The interface is pretty clean with menus and submenus in rounded UI. It looks somewhat similar to Aura skin because the developer jurialmunkey is the developer behind both the skin.

While Aura and Arctic Zephyr look almost the same, there is a major difference in their performance. Aura is a heavy skin that is best if you have a powerful system running Kodi. However, if you are using Kodi on Raspberry Pi or low-end system then Arctic Zephyr is highly recommended. You get a clean home screen with modern design and all the necessary features.

6. Titan

Titan is the oldest skin you can find on Kodi and it has been updated to the latest version year after year. It is one of the best skin you can find on Kodi both in terms of visuals and performance. To give you a sneak peek of Titan, it has all the media categories on the home screen and you can add or remove menus to your liking. You can add time and weather widget to the home dashboard as well.

The Settings page and add-on browser are organized in a more cohesive manner so that you can find what you are looking for. Moreover, you get predictive searches while doing a global search and I find it really helpful. One thing to note is that it’s a pretty heavy skin so install it on a powerful device to enjoy all the perks of Titan.

7. Atlas

Along the lines of Titan, Atlas was also a hugely popular skin back in the day. And still, it is being updated to support the latest version of Kodi. Now the skin has been revamped completely and it looks modern with top menu bar and lightly themed design pattern. In the Settings page, it has a drop-down menu which many prefer over the categorized menu.

Overall, I really liked the minimal home screen. It looks very similar to Amazon Prime Video UI with large banners of movies and slideshow of media content. The skin is really responsive like Aura and I like how optimized it is even on the low-end devices. So if you are looking for a minimalist skin other than Aura, you should definitely give Atlas a try.

8. Confluence

There was a time when Confluence was the default skin of Kodi. It was simple to use, the library was upfront and accessible, there was support for widgets and overall provided a stable experience. Now Confluence has been replaced with Estuary as the default skin, but users still prefer the old look of Kodi.

Also, the performance is pretty good even after all these years of development. Currently, an independent developer, Jezz_X is developing the skin for Leia. To sum up, it may look legacy, but hey it works pretty well and without any hang-ups or lag issues. If you are a long-time Kodi user, you should give Confluence a shot.

9. Mimic

Mimic is a pretty old Kodi skin but still, it has its own loyal user base. Generally, users like it for the no-nonsense experience on Kodi. Mimic is inspired by various skins like Aeon Nox and Arctic Zephyr. So you will find lots of UI elements from those skins into Mimic. The interface is largely uncluttered with libraries of movies, music, and all your media content placed at the home screen.

It looks somewhat identical to the current Kodi skin Estuary, as it also has a left-side menu and similar home screen setup. You can also choose the accent color for the entire UI and it looks really interesting. To conclude, if you want to clean skin which is lightweight and performs pretty well then Mimic can be a great start. You should definitely check it out for a tried and tested experience on Kodi.

10. Andromeda

Andromeda is our final Kodi skin on this list. It’s pretty simple and lightweight with all the major features you would want in a skin. You have the top-bar menu with a slideshow of movies, music, and other media content on the home screen. Also, you can find video and image information of each media file at the top.

Along with that, there is the IMDb integration within the skin which can help you in sorting your local library more efficiently. All in all, it does all the basics well and performs quite well. I didn’t face any lag or major stuttering issues. So if you are bored with the default Kodi skin, you can give Andromeda a chance. It can surely make an impression on you.

11. Chroma

Chroma is the sort of Kodi skin that most movie buffs, who enjoy watching flicks on full HD TV screens, would like to get. Yeah, you got that right! The skin is specifically designed to be used on an ultra HD television set (i.e 4K TVs). And if you are willing to get a skin that can bolster your movie watching experience on the TV screen, you should keep it in mind.

Chroma delivers high-definition images and fonts to enhance media viewing on an HD television. Being quite lightweight, it’s incredibly easy to use. As for the installation of this skin, you can get it done with the help of the add-on manager (Home screen -> Add-ons -> Download -> Look and fell -> Skins -> Black Glass Nova -> Install).

12. Adonic

There is a lot to like in Adonic. For starters, the skin sports an elegant look and has emblems for each category. With this skin installed, you will get several important details like rating, duration, cast, year, and more when searching for a title. As a result, it will become a bit easier for you to find out the movies that can live up to your specific taste.

Many a time, it becomes a bit tricky to get the sort of movies and TV shows that can be in line with personal preference. And that’s where a skin like Adonic has a role to play thanks to the ability to offer a quick way to check out ratings and cast. So, don’t fail to get this one to let you quickly sort through flicks!

13. Pellucid

Designed for the living room, Pellucid can play a vital role in enhancing your media watching experience. The clean and intuitive interface coupled with the high-quality background gives it an edge over many other counterparts. But what has caught my eyes in this skin is the skin shortcuts addon support that opens the gate for full-on customization.

If you like tweaking skins for a personalized experience, you would indeed appreciate the skin shortcuts. To get started, use the Add-on manager to install this skin and then fine-tune it as per your taste. Considering these notable features, Pellucid can safely claim to be a top-notch Kodi skin out.

14. Box

For the folks who never seem to get enough of customization, Box appears to be a fantastic choice. Created by DjCisco, the skin has been inspired by LightBox and nbox. Using the same layout, it lets you display your media in many different ways to keep monotonous feeling away.

For instance, you can choose to hide touch controls, tweak the theme color, enable visualization, and even play video on background. Not to mention, the music, TV shows, and movies also feature different displays to let you sort them out as desired. Whether you want to categorize your music based on add-ons, arrange TV shows as per genres or organize movies according to titles, it’s got you fully covered.

15. Black Glass Nova

Yet another top-notch Kodi skin that’s designed for full HD TV screens! Created by Tgx, Black Glass Nova is ported from MediaPortal and is fanart oriented. It sports a clean look and is pretty straightforward to use. While it works well on HD TV screens, you can use it on other devices as well.

As for features, the skin has got plenty of cool tricks under-the-hood. For instance, you can hide some movies and also upload personal images. To get this Kodi skin, you need to use the add-on manager. Both in terms of personalization and versatility, Black Glass Nova has a clear edge over many other rivals out there.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How do I Get Skins for Kodi?

It’s quite straightforward to get skins for Kodi. All you need to do is open Kodi -> Add-ons tab. Now, search for the skin. Once you have found the skin you are looking for, open it. Then, hit the Install button and you are ready to go. As mentioned in the guide above, you can also install Kodi skin from the Zip file.

Simply download the ZIP file given under every Kodi skin. Then, launch Kodi and head over to the Add-ons tab. Now, click on the Install from ZIP. file menu. Next, find the downloaded ZIP file on your device. After that, click on the OK button to confirm the installation of the skin on your device.

Q. How do You Change Skin on Kodi?

Changing skin on Kodi is just as upfront. And you can get it done right from Kodi. Just open Kodi on your device -> Gear icon -> Interface. Now, click on Skin in the left sidebar and choose Skin on the right side of the screen. Next, you can choose from different skins to install on Kodi. To explore more skins, click on Get More and choose the one that you find interesting.

Q. What is the Best Kodi Skin for Fire Stick?

There are tons of highly popular Kodi skins like Chroma, Nebula, and Aeon Nox for Fire Stick. However, the one that can easily stake the claim of being the best Kodi skin for Fire Stick is Black Glass Nova. It’s the sheer number of tricks that make it stand out of the rest.

Q. How do You Change Your Skin on No Limits Build?

You can change your skin on no limits build with ease. To do so, launch Kodi on your device -> gear icon -> Interface Settings -> Skin. Now, click on Skin and then select Estuary, which is Kodi’s default skin. Now, confirm your selection and restart Kodi.

Disclaimer: It’s worth noting that we never recommend you to stream pirated content as it could compromise your privacy. Besides, we firmly believe that streaming pirated content is illegal and therefore, we must not do it.

Whether you should use a specific Kodi add-on or not is a decision that you have to take. With this detailed piece, we’ve simply endeavored to guide you through so that you can use the media player as a pro user. 

Best Kodi Skins to Change the Look of Kodi

So that ends our list of best Kodi skins you can install right now on your device. As I mentioned earlier, all these skins have support for Leia, the latest version of Kodi so no worries there. I have also included both light and heavy skins so that you can choose the perfect skin according to your device capability.

Moreover, Kodi skins make your Kodi setup look visually appealing so you should definitely go ahead and change it to whatever that suits your taste. And if I missed something or your favorite skin is not mentioned in this list, you can comment down below and let us know. We will definitely look into it.

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  • pinkbeat says:

    I’m shocked that Aeon MQ 8 isn’t on this list. It’s such a beautiful skin

  • Graeme says:

    I’ve tried a lot of different skins after being bored with the default Estuary. Read up on all the top skins and didn’t like any of them. I wanted a skin that looked good, was simple and could quickly get where I wanted – my favourites or a specific add-on. I found Embuary and was impressed. It might not be as flashy as some like but you can customise to a degree. It doesn’t support mouse control but since I’m using a remote, it’s not a big deal to me.

  • Jackal says:

    Trouble with Kodi skins is most of the Authors seem to have an attitude (some especially) and you see a LOT of concepts or started projects that never get finished, or get abandoned pretty quickly leaving a buggy Skin. Very frustrating.

    There’s one skin that only just made it to an Alpha stage, after five years. Five.

  • Mark says:

    How do I change the Las Vegas skin background on kodi

  • Bob says:

    i don’t see how to add custom home widgets in transparency skin…alternative facts?

  • KidneeX says:

    I still love Silvo Aeon Nox , highly customizable and looks great right from the start. If you like tinkering with skins then this is a fun skin . I think 8 customize more than I watch lol. Google Silvo Aeon Nox, he’s always updating.

  • Bill L says:

    Confluence 1080p is probably top 3.
    Any add-on in any section,5 and 7 not 5 items per branch.
    Lots just 2 or 3 clicks away!

  • Steve says:

    I agree with most skins just crap. I am looking for skin with “planets surface” and looks 3D it came when setup kodi, jarvis it also was easy setup and added a neseccary video addons in one step.

  • ShipShape says:

    I have the app on my phone “AppstoFire” I went into it and found the nebula file and deleted it, from my phone, which also deletes it from the Kodi app.
    I restarted Kodi and it auto loaded the default skin. WHEW! I thought I bricked my firestick.
    This isn’t to say that Nebula is bad, I just configured the custom home menu wrong before I knew what I was doing.
    A lot of you are saying how bad Nebula is because of the bright white background. I agree. it’s terrible. BUT it is VERY easy to change within the skin settings. You can change it to a black background that is more appeasing to the eyes.

  • ShipShape says:

    I tried nebula, switched immediately to black. Very easy to do.
    I customized the home screen to go to a particular channel from my video add on and now when I start Kodi nothing happens.
    There is one icon on the screen, space Galaxy thing, and no e of the buttons on my fire TV remote do anything. They make the sound to indicate I am pressing them but nothing happens on the screen.
    Can’t get into menus to change anything or switch to my previous skin.

    • jbarchuk says:

      The last gasp ‘fix’ is to hard reset / master reset the device.

  • John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt says:

    Well what about for Krypton Kodi 17? It’s April 2017. Everyone should be on it now. And Im bored of this skin and can’t find a smooth-working build that doesn’t slow down my firestick…

  • Tim76 says:

    No love for the Pellucid skin?

  • David says:

    Titan is the best, (Can have Animated covers) 🙂 ….but I’m having an issue with it right now, can’t add any items to the widget section, use to be able to until I had to reinstall Kodi..

    • A Kodi User says:

      Latest Version of Titan is broken. So roll back to older version (if you got a backup) or wait for the next update which will hopefully fix those bugs.
      Agree that titan was one of the best, and still can’t find a perfect replacement.

  • Dany says:

    I’ve just changed the Confluence one with Amber.
    Now, when I go to videos, I cannot find addons anymore.
    Is it located elsewhere?
    How do I access my videos addons?


  • makaf says:

    Rapier is the best…

  • Scotty says:

    u can change nebula to dark colors.. i did it with a build i made once. not a huge fan of nebula anymore though.

  • Cow Bovine says:

    Gil, I totally agree, especially with Nebula. I’ve known many people with eye problems that require black lit backgrounds. Mainly, white lit background drown out any black letters… similar to trying to see people on the road with their headlights on super bright.

  • Gil says:

    I don’t like this artical, this list include all the skins you can download without any add-on, and most of them isn’t good!
    3.Black Glass Nova – is nice, but not more.
    7. Nebula – BAD!!!, it’s so white, that the TV make your eyes heart
    8. Xperience 1080 – BAD!!!, you must download additional add-ons for this skin to work, but all I wanted is skin, no more.

    I think the default skin is the better one

    • Big John says:

      I don’t like that you can’t spell ‘article’ correctly.

    • terry says:

      i think its stupid how someone has enough time in their day to write a complaint on an “artical” hahaha

      • Jim says:

        I don’t like that you think it’s stupid that someone doesn’t like that someone can’t spell ‘article’ correctly.

  • Forkboy says:

    I’m really missing Aeon MQ7 (or 5 or 6 for that matter) in this list. Beautiful, rich and very customizable.

  • kodi says:

    confluence skin is probably one of the best. top 5 for sure.

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