Kodi (previously known as XBMC) is one of the most powerful, free and open source media player that works well with plenty of devices such as Windows PC, Linux, Mac, Android, Raspberry Pi, Amazon Fire TV etc. It lets users play their favorite (and latest) music, movies, TV shows and even let them record live TV.

However, the real power of Kodi lies in its Addons that enhances your experience by providing just what you need in the best possible manner. Previously, we did an article on best Kodi addons, feel free to check this out.

Today, we are going to show you how you can enhance your favorite media player’s look with the help various freely available skins. Let us first show you how you can change Kodi skins and then we’ll move on to the best Kodi skins that are available.

How To Change Kodi Skin

When you install Kodi for the first time, its default skin is Confluence which also happens to be one of the best skin.

However, if you want to change the Kodi’s default skin, follow the process given below. (It’s very simple)

  • Open Kodi -> System -> Settings -> Appearance -> Skins -> Get more

Best Kodi Skins

Now you know how to change Kodi Skin, Let’s show you some of the best Kodi Skins that you can choose from. It will give your media center a brand new look. So, let’s start.

1. Aeon Nox

Aeon Nox - Kodi Skin

Aeon Nox is one of most recommended Kodi Skin after Confluence (which is Kodi’s default skin). It works well with all the devices since it is lightweight and doesn’t hung up the system. It is a rare combination of beauty and ease of customization. It has a modern look while retaining the classic Aeon feel.

Author: BigNoid

2. Amber

Amber - Kodi Skin

Amber is again a lightweight Kodi skin which offers good number of features and runs smoothly on all devices. It lets you customize home shelf either horizontally or vertically. Other key features includes, custom home menu, custom home shelf and add custom background.

Author: Pecinko

3. Black Glass Nova

Black Glass Nova - Kodi Skin

Back Glass Nova is an easy to use skin and boasts a lot of features and customization options. Some of its key features are – customize home items, Artwork downloader, skin widgets, clear art and clear logo, etc. It looks best on full HD TV screens.

Author: Tgx

4. Mimic

Mimic - Kodi Skin

Mimic is a feature rich skin with touches of ReFocus and Aeon Nox. It has a nice and clear approach, and works well on all devices. Available in many different colors, lets users customize home items, has touch support, extra fan art and TV shows logos.

Author: bryanbrazil

5. ReFocus

ReFocus - Kodi Skin

ReFocus is a beautifully designed, feature rich skin and offers a lot of customization options. It lets users customize home items, has artwork downloader, touch support, skin widgets, etc.

Author: Jeroen

6. Eminence

Eminence - Kodi Skin

Eminence is sleek in look and works pretty fast. Although, It doesn’t have a lot of features but it covers up with its look and feel. If you aren’t looking for too many customizations and looking forward to a smooth experience, you must opt for this skin.

Author: jurialmunkey

7. Nebula

Nebula - Kodi Skin

Nebula is a simple yet feature rich skin. It offers tons of customization options and works well with HD TV screens. It offers custom home items, Extra fanart. Live TV/PVR, Touch support, etc. It might not be great on design but gets the work done in the most efficient way.

Author: Tgx

8. Xperience 1080

Xperience1080 - Kodi Skin

Xperience 1080 is a full width (1920 x 1080) panel based skin. Its features includes custom home items, horizontal home menu, TV shows logos, etc. Only drawback is partial touch support.

Author: Piers

9. Transparency

Transparency - Kodi Skin

Transparency is best known as fanart skin. Some of its key features are custom home items, TV shows logos, vertical home menu, etc. It is known for its ease of use.

Author: ronie

10. Ace

Ace - Kodi Skin

Ace is a lightweight yet feature rich skin. It offers tons of customization and has almost every feature that one can imagine. Its only drawback is that it does not support Live TV/PVR but other than that, it’s a superb skin.

Author: MarcosQui

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If you think we missed out on any good Kodi skin that deserves to be on the list, let us know through your comments.


  1. Trouble with Kodi skins is most of the Authors seem to have an attitude (some especially) and you see a LOT of concepts or started projects that never get finished, or get abandoned pretty quickly leaving a buggy Skin. Very frustrating.

    There’s one skin that only just made it to an Alpha stage, after five years. Five.

  2. I still love Silvo Aeon Nox , highly customizable and looks great right from the start. If you like tinkering with skins then this is a fun skin . I think 8 customize more than I watch lol. Google Silvo Aeon Nox, he’s always updating.

  3. Confluence 1080p is probably top 3.
    Any add-on in any section,5 and 7 not 5 items per branch.
    Lots just 2 or 3 clicks away!

  4. I agree with most skins just crap. I am looking for skin with “planets surface” and looks 3D it came when setup kodi, jarvis it also was easy setup and added a neseccary video addons in one step.

  5. **UPDATE**
    I have the app on my phone “AppstoFire” I went into it and found the nebula file and deleted it, from my phone, which also deletes it from the Kodi app.
    I restarted Kodi and it auto loaded the default skin. WHEW! I thought I bricked my firestick.
    This isn’t to say that Nebula is bad, I just configured the custom home menu wrong before I knew what I was doing.
    A lot of you are saying how bad Nebula is because of the bright white background. I agree. it’s terrible. BUT it is VERY easy to change within the skin settings. You can change it to a black background that is more appeasing to the eyes.

  6. I tried nebula, switched immediately to black. Very easy to do.
    I customized the home screen to go to a particular channel from my video add on and now when I start Kodi nothing happens.
    There is one icon on the screen, space Galaxy thing, and no e of the buttons on my fire TV remote do anything. They make the sound to indicate I am pressing them but nothing happens on the screen.
    Can’t get into menus to change anything or switch to my previous skin.

  7. Well what about for Krypton Kodi 17? It’s April 2017. Everyone should be on it now. And Im bored of this skin and can’t find a smooth-working build that doesn’t slow down my firestick…

  8. Titan is the best, (Can have Animated covers) 🙂 ….but I’m having an issue with it right now, can’t add any items to the widget section, use to be able to until I had to reinstall Kodi..

    • Latest Version of Titan is broken. So roll back to older version (if you got a backup) or wait for the next update which will hopefully fix those bugs.
      Agree that titan was one of the best, and still can’t find a perfect replacement.

  9. I’ve just changed the Confluence one with Amber.
    Now, when I go to videos, I cannot find addons anymore.
    Is it located elsewhere?
    How do I access my videos addons?


  10. u can change nebula to dark colors.. i did it with a build i made once. not a huge fan of nebula anymore though.

  11. Gil, I totally agree, especially with Nebula. I’ve known many people with eye problems that require black lit backgrounds. Mainly, white lit background drown out any black letters… similar to trying to see people on the road with their headlights on super bright.

  12. I don’t like this artical, this list include all the skins you can download without any add-on, and most of them isn’t good!
    3.Black Glass Nova – is nice, but not more.
    7. Nebula – BAD!!!, it’s so white, that the TV make your eyes heart
    8. Xperience 1080 – BAD!!!, you must download additional add-ons for this skin to work, but all I wanted is skin, no more.

    I think the default skin is the better one

  13. I’m really missing Aeon MQ7 (or 5 or 6 for that matter) in this list. Beautiful, rich and very customizable.