10 Best iPhone 7 Plus Cases and Covers

Apple launched the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus on September 7, and while the design changes sure seem minimal, the changes made to the camera on the iPhone 7 Plus, and the removal of the headphone jack are radical. The iPhone has been upgraded to an A10 Fusion chip, which is quad core, and is much faster than the A9 used in iPhone 6s, the home button has also been changed to a solid state, pressure sensitive design, with a taptic engine to give the user the feeling of clicking it. Plus, the iPhone is finally, officially IP67 rated water and dust resistant; and the extra colors don’t hurt. So, if you are going to get the new iPhone, or if you have already pre-ordered it, you should definitely invest in a cover for it, as well. After all, iPhones are premium devices, and it wouldn’t be a good idea to get them scratched and dented. Apple themselves warn users that the new Jet Black iPhone is prone to scratches.

Well, we are here to save you the time of looking through the internet, trying to find a case worthy of your brand new iPhone. So here’s a list of the 10 best iPhone 7 Plus protective cases and covers:

1. Spigen Tough Armor Heavy Duty Case for iPhone 7 Plus

There is no doubt that iPhones are built well, but no matter what, if you are the kind of person who drops their iPhone way too often, and often from quite a bit of height, then you would do best to invest in a case that can protect your iPhone from such incidents; and nothing can do this better than the Tough Armor case from Spigen.


The Spigen Tough Armor Heavy Duty case for iPhone 7 Plus has a lipped design that offers button and screen protection, so even if you drop your phone flat on its face, you can rest easy, knowing that the Spigen Tough Armor case will protect it. The case has a two part construction using TPU and hard polycarbonate to give your phone the protection it deserves. The cutouts made in the case are big enough to accommodate almost every cable that you might want to plug into your iPhone, so you don’t need to worry about having to take the cover off to plug something into your iPhone 7 Plus. The case is drop tested using military standards, and has air cushions to reduce the impact force, should your iPhone fall out of your hands. It also comes with a kickstand that can prove extremely handy to watch movies on that big, bright screen, or to take FaceTime calls on your iPhone.

Buy for $16.99 on Amazon.com

2. Spigen Liquid Armor Case

Not everyone wants a heavy duty case on their iPhone 7 Plus. After all, if you don’t tend to drop your iPhone, or if you just don’t want the added bulk of using a case like the Spigen Tough Armor, while still protecting that glossy finish of your brand new iPhone 7 Plus, you can go with the Spigen Liquid Armor case. The case is built using a flexible but durable TPU material that provides users a comfortable and soft grip. The case is slim, and perfectly matches the look and feel of the iPhone 7 Plus, so your cool new device does not look like a bulky model from the past.


Don’t be fooled by the flexible, slim and elastic TPU material used in the case, though; the Spigen Liquid Armor case for iPhone 7 Plus is built to be able to absorb shocks, so you don’t need to worry about minor drops or collisions. The look afforded by the Liquid Armor case feels much better to me, than the Tough Armor case by Spigen, because it is slim, and the cutouts are a perfect fit for all the ports and the camera bump on the back of the iPhone. The case will be available on September 10.

Buy for $11.99 on Amazon.com

3. OtterBox Statement Series Case for iPhone 7 Plus

If you have used iPhones before, and if you had cases on them, chances are, you have heard of OtterBox. The company makes some of the best covers and cases that one can have for their iPhone 7 Plus. The OtterBox Statement Series case is an exclusive tie-up with Apple, so the case is only available through the Apple website. The case offers a scratch resistant, clear back, with genuine leather accents. The case is made out of plastic and leather, and provides great protection, while looking like a premium accessory. To ensure that your screen remains protected, the Statement Series case has a raised protective bumper, and it comes with OtterBox’s “certified drop+ protection seal”


Buy for $39.95 on Apple.com

4. Spigen Slim Armor with Card Holder

Another case from Spigen, the Slim Armor also comes with dual layered protection and air cushions to protect your iPhone 7 Plus better than most other cases. The case uses a two part construction using both TPU and hard Polycarbonate. The interior of the case is built using TPU, while the exterior is made out of polycarbonate. As an added feature (or gimmick, for some), the case comes with an integrated card holder in the back, that can slide out and reveal a compartment that is big enough to hold up to 3 cards. The case comes in three colors: Gunmetal, Black and Rose gold to match with whatever color iPhone you might have. The design of the case is minimal, and the case looks very sleek, for the kind of features and protection it offers.


Buy for $16.99 on Amazon.com

5. Ringke Fusion Case

If you would rather not hide the look and color of your brand new iPhone 7 Plus, the Ringke Fusion Case is definitely worth considering. The Ringke Fusion Case is a clear transparent case that comes with TPU corners to protect your iPhone from falling down on the edge, which is usually the kind of impact that causes the most noticeable damage to any device. The case comes with military grade drop protection, which is definitely a plus.


The design of the case includes a lifted bezel design on both the camera opening, and on the front, to protect your iPhone’s camera and screen if you end up dropping your iPhone 7 Plus. They also include a design template that you can use to customize your case as you see fit, and make it reflect your style.

Buy for $10.99 on Amazon.com

6. FYY RFID Blocking Wallet Case for iPhone 7 Plus

If you like cases that include slots for your cards, and money, then the FYY RFID Blocking Wallet case might be something that you would like to consider for your iPhone 7 Plus. The case is made with RFID blocking materials, to protect your credit cards from being stolen using RFID scanners. The outside of the case is made with leather to give your iPhone 7 Plus the premium look it deserves.


The case is designed to serve as both a case for your iPhone and as a make-shift wallet, that can store a couple of cards and some cash, and as the name implies, it is a wallet case, so your iPhone’s screen will be hidden completely when the case is closed. The case can be used as a kickstand as well, so you can place your iPhone 7 Plus on landscape mode, and kick back and watch a movie, or attend a FaceTime call without having to hold the phone in your hand. It is definitely a case to check out if you like the idea of a completely closed case that can also store your cash and cards, without having you worry about someone using a RFID scanner to steal your credit card details.

Buy for $26.99 on Amazon.com

7. OtterBox Defender Series Case

OtterBox makes cases in a variety of styles to suit different users’ needs. While the “Statement” series is meant to appeal to people that want their phone to look as premium as they can while using a case, the “Defender” series is aimed at people who tend to use their iPhone for more outdoorsy things. This Defender series case comes with drop protection, and it can deflect and absorb impact. It also covers all of the ports on your iPhone, to prevent dust and dirt from entering them, and causing problems. Obviously, the ports can be revealed easily, without having to take the cover off.


The case also comes with a built in screen protector to guard your iPhone’s screen against scratches. It’s a full cover case, but it does leave the screen visible, and it also comes with a holster that you can attach to a belt, if you’re into that look at all. If not, that holster can also be used as a kickstand for your iPhone 7 Plus.

Buy for $59.95 on Otterbox.com

8. MoKo Transparent Hard Cover

This case from MoKo is another clear case for your iPhone, so you can keep showing off the original look of your lovely new iPhone 7 Plus, while protecting it from scratches and dents. Thanks to the scratch resistant coating on the back of the case, you don’t need to worry about scratches at all. The case comes with precise cutouts for all the ports, buttons and speakers on the iPhone 7 Plus, so you won’t find your case blocking any port, or button on your iPhone.


The design of the case uses a raised lip design on both the edges of the screen, and around the camera bump, to protect your iPhone’s screen and camera from scratches. It is made out of hard polycarbonate and TPU to provide protection as well as a comfortable and good grip in your hand. Along with that, the case also comes with a lifetime warranty. If you don’t want the case in the clear transparent style, there are a variety of styles available, that you can choose from.

Buy for $7.99 on Amazon.com

9. Trianium Heavy Duty Extreme

The Trianium Heavy Duty Extreme is another case that aims to protect your iPhone from some pretty serious falls. The case comes with corner cushions to protect your iPhone 7 Plus from all those dangerous corner down falls. Along with that, the case also has a raised lip design to protect your screen and camera from scratches. Even with all that, the case manages to look slim and feel light.


The construction of the case is a triple layered using TPU, GXD impact gel, and polycarbonate on the hard outside shell. The case also comes with a lifetime warranty. The buttons are all covered with the case’s own buttons to provide impact protection to them as well, and it comes with a circular cut out on the back, so the classy apple logo on the back of your iPhone 7 Plus is visible even with the case on.

Buy for $14.99 on Amazon.com

10. Speck Presidio Grip for iPhone 7 Plus

Speck Presidio Grip is another really good case for the iPhone 7 Plus. The case does come with drop protection, as is expected of any case, and it uses a technology that Speck calls “impactium”. What this technology is all about, is that Speck uses shock barriers inside the cover, that, on impact, compress and spread the shock out to a wider area, thereby reducing the pressure exerted on the phone due to impact. This, obviously, helps in minimizing the amount of damage that the phone suffers.


The button covers in the Speck Presidio are responsive, so you aren’t left wondering whether or not you pressed a button, and it also uses a raised bezel design, to protect your screen and camera bump from scratches when you place the phone down on any surface. The reason that Speck decided to append “grip” to its name, is because the case features raised rubber ridges, that give a much better grip, than a simple case would’ve done. So there’s a low chance that you drop your phone while it is in this case.

Buy for $44.95 on Speckproducts.com

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Protect Your iPhone 7 Plus with These Great Cases

If you are planning on buying the new iPhone 7 Plus, or if you have already ordered it, these are the best cases that you can buy right now to keep your brand new iPhone in shape throughout its life. No matter if you’re looking for a case that protects your iPhone from the hardest of falls, or if you’re simply looking to increase the aesthetic appeal of an already amazing looking device, you can find a case that fits your needs in this list. Make sure you pick out a case for your iPhone 7 Plus, and keep it looking great.

Do you use cases on your iPhone? What cases are your favorites? If you think we missed out on a really great case for the iPhone 7 Plus, do let us know in the comments below.

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