25 Best GoPro Accessories for HERO 5 Black and HERO 5 Session

GoPro cameras are by far the best action cameras you can buy, and with the launch of the GoPro HERO 5 Black, and the GoPro HERO 5 Session cameras, they have improved upon the already pretty badass GoPro HERO 4 action cameras. The HERO 5 cameras are natively (without a cover) waterproof to up to 10 metres, and can even be controlled through voice commands. That’s pretty exciting! However, to use an action camera to its full potential, you should definitely consider the accessories that it supports. There are a number of cool GoPro accessories that basically augment the usability of the GoPro, and add a number of possibilities to the kind of shots that you can take. With that in mind, we have compiled a list of the 25 best accessories that you can buy for the GoPro HERO 5 Black, and the GoPro HERO 5 Session action cameras.

NoteGoPro offers a number of official accessories, and we have included the ones we liked the most, along with cheaper alternatives that you can check out if you don’t want to spend too much on accessorising your GoPro.

1. GoPro Seeker Backpack

The official GoPro backpack is $169 worth of pure GoPro care. The bag has soft lined compartments that keep your cameras and accessories safe, and can store up to 5 GoPro HERO 5 Black cameras, along with multiple batteries and SD cards. The bag is lightweight, weather resistant, and comes with an integrated chest mount for all your “point-of-view” shooting needs. It also features a shoulder mount, so your GoPro is always within reach, and can take shots from a shoulder height as well. The bag has a total capacity of 16 litres.

best GoPro accessories

Buy for $169.93 on Amazon.com

2. Dual Battery Charger + Extra Battery (Hero 5 Black)

If you take a lot of adventure footage from your GoPro, chances are, you can’t do it with just one battery, or even just two for that matter. The Dual Battery Charger for the GoPro HERO 5 Black can come in extremely handy in such cases. It comes with an additional GoPro HERO 5 Black battery, and can charge two batteries simultaneously. The charger has individual LED indicators for both the batteries, that glow amber while the battery is charging, and green when it has charged to the full capacity.

best GoPro accessories

Buy for $49.99 on GoPro.com

3. GoPro Portable Power Bank

While additional batteries are exceptionally useful, they won’t really work well if you are taking a long timelapse video. After all, you can’t really switch batteries between shots. If you want to leave your GoPro unattended while taking a timelapse, and not worry about the battery running out, you should definitely check out this official GoPro power bank. It holds 6000 mAh of juice for your GoPro, and has dual 1.5A USB ports that can charge two GoPros simultaneously in 2 hours. It does come with an LED indicator, so you can check the amount of power left inside the power bank.

best GoPro accessories

Buy for $59.04 on Amazon.com

4. Anker Powercore 20100

If the portable power bank from GoPro seems too expensive to you, at $59.04 for a 6000 mAh power bank, and you want a cheaper alternative, you can check out the Anker Powercore 20100. The 20000 mAh power bank is an absolute beast for your charging needs, and features two 2.4A USB ports for fast charging. It comes with a travel pouch, and an 18 month warranty. The included microUSB cable might not prove useful, because it is not a Type-C cable.

best GoPro accessories

Buy for $39.99 on Amazon.com

5. GoPro Handlebar Mount

The GoPro handlebar mount is an all metal mount with durable, yet lightweight Aluminium construction that can fit on all standard size handlebars and seatposts. It is compatible with all GoPro cameras, and users can even rotate the camera 360º, to get the shot that they want. The mount features an ultra compact footprint that makes it perfect for mounting in tight spaces.

best GoPro accessories

Buy for $59.99 on Amazon.com

6. Sametop Handlebar Mount

If you want an affordable handlebar mount, you can check out the one from Sametop. It fits most standard handlebars and seatposts, and can be attached to tubes with diameters ranging from 19mm to 35mm. The 3-way pivot arm offers enough adjustment options to get the perfect shot in every condition, and as such, the product is advertised as being suitable for mountain biking, motocross and similar activities. At $9.99, it is definitely much more affordable than the official handlebar mount from GoPro, but the quality might not be as good.

best GoPro accessories

Buy for $9.99 on Amazon.com

7. GoPro Seat Rail Mount

The GoPro Seat Rail mount is an accessory that you can use if you want to mount your GoPro under your bicycle seat. It uses a single screw to mount under the seat, which results in less set up time, and being very compact, it also keeps a low profile under the seat. The mount is constructed using lightweight and durable aluminium, and can clamp on to most two rail seat designs.

best GoPro accessories

Buy for $39.97 on Amazon.com

8. SANDMARC Navy Mount

Another mount that you can consider for mounting your GoPro HERO under the seat of your bicycle is the Navy Mount from SANDMARC. It is an all aluminium mount, that can even be attached to handlebars, ski poles, and more, enabling you to take a lot of great footage, no matter what adventure sport you are into. The mount comes with diameter adjustment screws, a wrench tool, as well as an aluminium thumbscrew for attaching your GoPro HERO camera to the mount. At $29.99, it is definitely much more affordable than the official offering from GoPro, but once again, you never know about the corners that were cut to sell it at a lower price, so consider these factors before making a choice.

best GoPro accessories

Buy for $29.99 on Amazon.com

9. GoPro Helmet Front + Side Mount

If you are into the kind of adventure sports that require a helmet, and you want to take over-the-head, first-person shots from your GoPro, you should definitely invest in this mount. The accessory enables you to attach a GoPro camera to the front or the side of a helmet. It comes with a swivel mount assembly, so you can easily adjust, rotate and aim the GoPro, offering maximum adjustability for a variety of shots and capture angles. The mount will definitely allow you to capture some extreme and great looking shots from your GoPro HERO 5 action camera. To make things simpler for you, the mount includes an easy to use mounting buckle as well.

best GoPro accessories

Buy for $29.99 on Amazon.com

10. Full Face Helmet Chin Mount

If you want to mount your GoPro on the chin of a full face helmet, this accessory is definitely the way to go. It is compatible with any full face helmet, and features an easy to mount solution for your GoPro HERO 5 camera, offering the perfect angle for point-of-view shots, along with easy access to the mounted camera. The mount is removable and transferable, so you can attach it to a different helmet if you need to.

best GoPro accessories

Buy for $39.95 on Amazon.com

11. GoPro 3 Way Grip, Arm, Tripod

The GoPro 3 Way Grip is an accessory that features a 3-in-1 design, and can be used as a camera grip, an extension arm, or even a tripod, therefore being extremely versatile, and enabling the user to take a variety of shots. The handle can be detached from the grip, and can be used as a lightweight grip for the camera, while the tripod is stored inside the handle itself, making it very compact, while being extremely useful when needed. The tripod can be removed from the handle to use as a standalone accessory, or it can be used in conjunction with the handle as well. The 3-way grip is water resistant, just like the GoPro HERO 5 action cameras, which means you can use it underwater without any worry.

best GoPro accessories

Buy for $69.99 on Amazon.com

12. Rusee 3 Way Adjustable Arm

The Rusee 3 Way Adjustable Arm is an affordable alternative to the (honestly, quite expensive) GoPro 3 Way Grip, that offers the same features as the official accessory from GoPro. The Rusee 3 way arm can be used as a camera grip, an extension arm, or a tripod, allowing users to take a variety of shots. The tripod is stored inside the handle itself, and the handle can be removed from the grip to be used as a lightweight grip for the action camera. Along with that, it features a folding arm, allowing users to take selfies without the arm coming in the shot. Also, it lets users take a variety of shots such as point-of-view shots, follow cam shots, and even static tripod shots.

best GoPro accessories

Buy for $14.99 on Amazon.com

13. GoPro Chest Mount Harness

The GoPro Chest Mount Harness is exactly what it sounds like. It is a harness that you wear around your chest, which can mount a GoPro camera on it. It provides for an ultra immersive perspective in the shot, and is perfect for activities such as skiing, cycling, motocross, or paddling sports. The harness is available for both adults and kids, and is fully adjustable to fit a wide range of sizes.


Buy for $39.97 on Amazon.com

14. Chest Mount Harness for GoPro

An affordable alternative to the official GoPro Chest Mount, the Chest Mount Harness is compatible with all GoPro cameras, and comes in a “one-size fits all” elastic build that can be adjusted as well. It is made of durable nylon material and polycarbonate, so you don’t really need to worry about everyday wear and tear. The chest harness is perfect for skiing, mountain biking, motocross, water sports and a lot of other applications.


Buy for $19.95 on Amazon.com

15. GoPro Suction Cup Mount

The GoPro Suction Cup Mount is perfect if you want to attach your GoPro to the outside of a car, boat or a motorcycle. The suction is superb and is industrial grade, proven to hold at speeds of up to 150 mph. It is made to provide a broad range of motion and stability and will enable you to capture some epic shots of a car, boat, or a bike. The mount also features a quick release band, so you can move it between shots and locations quickly and conveniently.


Buy for $39.00 on Amazon.com

16. GOMA Industries Suction Mount

A much more affordable alternative for the official GoPro Suction Cup Mount, the GOMA Industries Suction Mount has a small footprint, and attaches with industrial strength to your car, or other vehicle. While the suction is top grade, they recommend not taking any risks while taking shots from outside a car, by attaching a coated wire to the GoPro to protect it from falling, just in case. The wire is included with the mount, along with a faux leather travel bag, and a 100% lifetime money back guarantee.


Buy for $15.70 on Amazon.com

17. GoPro Jaws Clamp Mount

This official mount from GoPro features a strong grip, that allows users to attach it to objects ranging in size from 0.6cm to 5cm, and get a variety of shooting angles, thanks to its adjustable neck. So, you can get any angle that you desire for the perfect shot on your GoPro HERO 5. You can even attach the camera directly to the clamp, if you desire a low profile mounting solution for your GoPro. The quick-release base makes it easier to move the camera between different mounts and locations.


Buy for $49.00 on Amazon.com

18. Captain Jaws Flex Clamp Mount

The Captain Jaws Flex Clamp Mount features a very strong grip, and an adjustable neck. So, you can take fast paced shots, at any angle you want, without having to worry about the GoPro coming loose and falling off. It is an affordable alternative to the official GoPro Jaws Clamp Mount and has all the features that the official mount has.


Buy for $12.99 on Amazon.com

19. GoPro The Strap

If you want to attach your GoPro HERO 5 action camera to your wrist, or your leg, then GoPro The Strap is definitely the accessory you should get. It features a specially designed hand and wrist strap that can even be wrapped around your leg, or any other object that you may want to attach it to. Being water resistant, the strap can be used inside water, and it allows for a full 360º rotation of the GoPro camera mounted on it. The strap is adjustable in order to fit a wide range of hand sizes.


Buy for $59.99 on Amazon.com

20. TELESIN 360 Degree Rotary Wrist Strap

To be honest, paying almost $60 for a wrist strap is rather steep. If you want an affordable alternative to the official GoPro strap, you can go with the TELESIN Wrist Strap. It is easy to install the GoPro camera on to the strap, and arrange it in a variety of positions, so you can shoot with the GoPro being parallel to your arm, or even perpendicular to your arm. The strap also features a full 360º rotation, so you can achieve the perfect shot, just the way you want to.


Buy for $12.99 on Amazon.com

21. GoPro Floaty Backdoor (Hero 5 Black)

A lot of people like to use their GoPro HERO 5 Black for water sports. While GoPro offers a plethora of clamps and mounts that can be used for this purpose, sometimes the GoPro might fall off. If you don’t want to lose your GoPro camera in such an event, you should use the GoPro Floaty Backdoor. This accessory will make your GoPro float on the water, if it falls. The Floaty comes in a bright orange color, which makes it easier to spot in the water. It includes two adhesive anchors and camera tethers for added security in extreme conditions, along with spare backdoors for both standard and dive housing.


Buy for $19.99 on Amazon.com

22. GoPro Floaty (Hero 5 Session)

If you use a GoPro HERO 5 Session camera, you can pick up a GoPro Floaty that is made specifically for the GoPro Session camera. The Floaty for the HERO 5 Session has all the same features as the Floaty for the HERO 5 Black, and is indispensable if you are into extreme water sports.


Buy for $9.99 on Amazon.com

23. Remo: Voice Controlled Remote

The GoPro Remo is a voice controlled remote for your GoPro cameras. It is water resistant up to 5 metres, and features 13 voice commands in 10 languages that users can use to control their GoPro camera from afar. The range offered by Remo is up to 10 metres, and it features a one button shutter to take pictures and videos from your GoPro, if you don’t want to use the voice control features.


Buy for $79.99 on GoPro.com

24. Sail Video Systems 3rd Person View Mount

Quite possibly one of the best, and most widely used 3rd party accessories for the GoPro action cameras, the Sail Video Systems 3rd Person View Mount allows users to attach their GoPro such that it takes third-person view shots, instead of the usual “point-of-view”, or “first-person” shots. The accessory definitely allows users to take some really great shots, and also allows users to be in the frame along with the video, making it much more impressive. It is pretty expensive, but works great.


Buy for $199.99 on Amazon.com

25. GoPro Tripod

The GoPro Tripod is a compact, lightweight tripod solution for the GoPro action cameras, featuring a quick release tripod mount that allows for convenient versatility between quick release bases. The accessory is compatible with industry standard tripods, so you can quickly release your GoPro from the tripod and attach it on to another tripod that supports quick release bases. The GoPro Tripod is great for taking stable shots of a moving subject, and for timelapse videos.


Buy for $19.99 on Amazon.com

The GoPro Karma Drone

Along with the GoPro HERO 5 Black, and HERO 5 Session cameras, GoPro also announced the release of their Karma drone. The Karma drone is a foldable drone to which users can attach a GoPro camera and take some amazing aerial shots. The Karma is meant to be comfortable to fly, even for beginners, and being foldable, it can be carried in its case easily. It supports GoPro HERO 4, Go Pro HERO 5 Black, and the GoPro HERO 5 Session cameras to record and view the video stream.


The drone comes with a Passenger App, using which your friends can view and control the GoPro mounted on the Karma, while you fly it. The drone can achieve a top speed of 35 mph, and has a range of 1000 metres. The battery on the GoPro Karma is rated at 5100mAh, and can give a maximum flight time of 20 minutes.

Buy for $799.99 on GoPro.com

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Push Your GoPro HERO 5 to the Limits with These Accessories

With these accessories, you can achieve almost any shot that you want to take with your GoPro HERO 5 Black, or GoPro HERO 5 Session camera. If you know of a GoPro accessory that you think is awesome and deserves to be on this list, feel free to drop us a line in the comments section below. Also, let us know what you think about the latest action cameras released by GoPro, as well as the new GoPro Karma Drone.

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