10 Best Budget IEMs in India Under Rs. 5000 You Can Buy

While noise-canceling headphones provide active noise cancellation and good sound, IEMs on the other hand, bring crystal-clear sound and superb noise isolation. Not to mention, IEMs have offerings at all price points so you get Hi-Fi audio experience with decent noise suppression at a relatively low price. So to make things easier for you, we have curated a list of the 10 best budget IEMs in India under Rs. 5000 that have plenty of features and compatibility with Android and iOS smartphones. So without any delay, let’s jump to the list.

Best Budget IEMs in India Under Rs. 5000

Here, we have put together the 10 best affordable in-ear monitors in India under Rs. 5000. In case you are not familiar with IEMs then you can go through our explainer right below.

What are IEMs and How are They Different From Normal Earphones?

First off, if you are not familiar with the whole IEM thing then no need to worry. Here is a brief explainer. IEMs or In-ear monitors are audio devices just like earbuds or earphones but are primarily used by professional musicians. It allows artists to hear a clear, pristine sound of each instrument or simply hear a particular sound from the mix. The reason it’s called a monitor because traditionally, it lets a musician monitor audio sources coming from various devices. That said, audio purists prefer using monitor headphones and earphones to listen to music for their better flat response curve, without being heavy on bass response, or anything.

Apart from that, the unique part about IEM is that how it looks. IEMs are designed like earmolds so that they fit snugly to the ears. It also helps in passively isolating the noise around you. Unlike ANC earbuds, IEMs block surrounding noise physically. Another technical difference between a normal earphone and an IEM is that earphones generally use a single transducer. Whereas IEMs use multiple tiny transducers which were, by the way, invented for hearing aids. They are extremely powerful and assigned for specific frequencies to create a rich and fuller sound.

Having said all of that, IEMs have now become quite popular in the mainstream market as well and audiophiles swear by it. Nowadays, IEMs are available at affordable price tags and they sound really good — much better than your average earbuds/earphones/headphones. So if you want to hear studio-quality, high-fidelity music then IEMs will let you experience that.

Things to Keep in Mind Before Buying In-ear Monitors (IEMs)

Before you invest in an in-ear monitor, make sure to follow these points. First of all, check the sound profile of the IEM you are buying. Based on your sound preference, look for a balanced sound profile or a V-shaped sound signature. The former lets you enjoy all kinds of music genres whereas a V-shaped sound profile lets you enjoy music that have high bass and energetic treble.

Secondly, check how many balanced armatures are packed in the IEM as it will handle different frequencies — low, mid, and high. Also, if you want to use an IEM for HD calls then check if it comes with a built-in microphone. Also, many IEMs come with a replaceable cable but make sure to check it. Also, if you have got some sort of sweat or water resistance then that’s good.

Best Budget In Ear Monitors You Can Buy in India

kz edc in ear monitors
Rs. 799
kz zex iem earphones
Rs. 2,199
trn st2 iem budget earphones
Rs. 1,599
cca in ear monitors affiliate image
Rs. 1,799
cca c12 iem image
Rs. 4,499
cca c10 iem
Rs. 3,999
moondrop ssr
Rs. 3,499
audio technica ath e40
Rs. 6,999
belity iem earphones
Rs. 1,395
cvj trn iems
Rs. 2,199


Key Features
  • One of the most affordable IEMs in India
  • 10mm dynamic driver
  • Flat, copper cable

One of the most affordable in-ear monitors you can get on Amazon is the KZ EDC earphones. These budget IEMs come with a flat copper cable which prevents entanglement and also helps in transmitting cleaner signal with low signal loss. There’s a 10mm dynamic driver, complete with a magnetic structure as well as a through tube cavity allowing for a better soundstage.

There’s a mic built-in as well, so you can use these IEMs for taking calls, and the detachable cable ensures that packing them up is an easy task. Overall, if you’re looking for budget in-ear monitors in India under Rs. 1000, I would recommend you definitely check these out.


Key Features
  • Electrostatic + Magnetic driver setup
  • Detachable cable
  • Built-in mic

Another offering in the budget IEM segment from KZ — the ZEX in-ear monitors come in at just Rs. 2,199 and bring quite a bang for your buck. The earphones come with a dual driver set up, so you get a 10mm dual magnetic dynamic driver along with a 6.8mm electrostatic unit. The electrostatic unit offers better sensitivity in the high-frequency range (trebles), allowing for clear, detailed sound.

The body of the earphones is made out of Zinc-alloy, and the detachable cable comes with gold-plated pins for better longevity along with a layer of silver plating which, according to KZ, allows for better resolution, lower distortion, and overall high quality sound output through the earphones.

Similar to the highly affordable KZ EDC in-ear monitors, the ZEX IEM comes with a built-in inline microphone which means you can easily use it for making calls as well as for gaming and talking to your friends on Discord.

TRN ST2 In-ear Monitors

Key Features
  • Dual driver set up
  • Inline mic

Another pair of in-ear monitors that you can consider buying in the budget segment in India, the TRN ST2 bring a dual magnet dynamic driver which includes a dynamic driver and a balanced armature 10mm high flux driver for better resolution audio. The earphone’s balanced armature consists of a magnesium diaphragm and copper coil for improved treble performance as well as natural tones.

Similar to most IEMs in the market, the ST2 also offer a detachable cable with a standard 2-pin connector which means you can easily upgrade or replace the cable if needed, or use the cable with other IEMs you might have. Plus, you get an in-line mic so you can easily take calls on your earphones, or use it for multiplayer games.


Key Features
  • Dual drivers
  • Ultra thin diaphragm
  • Detachable cable

The CRA in-ear monitors from CCA are another pair of budget IEMs that you can consider buying in India. The earphones come with an ultra-thin 3.8 micron diaphragm for better details. There are two drivers here, for better reproduction of sound in low-frequencies as well as in the middle and high-frequency ranges.

The earphones come with the standard two pin detachable cable, which means you can easily replace the cable, or use the cable for other IEMs that you may have. You can also use a different cable if needed.


Key Features
  • Five balanced armature drivers
  • Chi-Fi rated

CCA – C12 is another IEM that has gotten quite popular among audiophiles in India. Apart from the stylish look, it offers five balanced armature drivers and one dynamic driver. The IEM has been tuned properly for all three frequencies so you can enjoy the music of all kinds with this in-ear monitor. What I particularly like is that the highs are quite detailed which is pretty impressive.

Other than that, the IEM is Chi-Fi rated, comes with an integrated microphone, and the cable can be replaced through the 2pin connector. Simply put, if you want a premium IEM at a budget price then CCA – C12 packs a punch. The soundstage is surely comparable to the premium IEMs that costs 2x-3x the price.


Key Features
  • Elevated bass and treble
  • Four balanced armature drivers
  • Detachable 2-pin cable

Similar to CCA – C12, C10 is another offering at a considerably lower price with deeper bass. The IEM features a V-Shaped Sound Signature which means you are going to experience elevated bass and enhanced treble. So unlike the C12, the C10 is well-tuned for genres like EDM, Rock, Hip-Hop, and Pop. And you do get four balanced armature and a dynamic driver.

In terms of functionality too, the C10 comes with all the essential features such as an integrated microphone, tangle-free cables, all-around noise isolation, replaceable 2 pin cables, and more. To sum up, if you want the best features of C12 at a lower price then C10 will take you right home.

Moondrop SSR

Key Features
  • Balanced sound response
  • Beryllium-plated polyurethane diaphragm

Moondrop – SSR has an uncharacteristic spaceship design, featuring a metal build that promises to produce studio-quality sound. It has a balanced sound profile which is good for people who don’t want to manually finetune their music. The Moondrop SSR IEM has put special attention to bass and mid-high response. If you want to experience natural-sounding treble and bass then Moondrop SSR does a commendable job.

Unlike other IEMs that pack the carbon diaphragm, Moondrop SSR features a beryllium-plated polyurethane diaphragm for delivering high-quality sound. It also comes with a low impedance coil and a magnet circuit to keep the sound distortion-free. Note that the IEM does not come with a microphone. Overall, I think, if good sound is what you are looking for then Moondrop – SSR will not disappoint you.

Audio Technica ATH-E40

Key Features
  • Detachable cable with A2DC connectors
  • Dual-phase push pull drivers

If your budget is slightly higher than Rs. 5000, I would recommend that you definitely take a look at the Audio Technica ATH-E40 IEM earphones for your needs. The ATH-E40 comes with specially designed housings that not only help with a better fit in your ears, but also helps with noise isolation. Moreover, the earphones have a detachable cable that comes with A2DC (Audio Designed Detachable Coaxial) connecters at the ends.

The ATH-E40s come with dual-phase push pull drivers that the company claims result in clear and high-fidelity sound. The earphones offer a frequency response of 20-20,000Hz, impedance of 12 ohms, and a sensitivity of 107 dB/mW. Overall, if you can extend your budget by a little bit, you should definitely take a look at these earphones for your IEM needs.

Find Affordable IEMs in India at All Price Points

So these are the in-ear monitors we have found in India which are popular and affordable. Even if you are new to the audiophile world, you will find an IEM of your choice on this list. If you are looking for noise-canceling earbuds like AirPods Pro then go through our curated list. And if you have any questions then comment down below and let us know. We will surely help you out.

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