Best Flash Games You Should Be Playing Right Now

Flash may have had it’s drawbacks and security issues, but anyone who has grown up in the 90s probably has fond memories of playing Flash games on their browser. So, if you’re looking to rehash old memories, or just pass some time online playing fun, casual games that don’t need a lot of time investment, this is the list for you. Here are the 30 best Flash games you can play in 2022.

List of Flash Games (2022)

We’ve spent a lot of time playing all sorts of flash games for this article. That means, yours truly here spent hours on end, playing games for work. Yeah, that’s a lot of work, but someone had to get it done. Jokes aside, we’ve compiled a list that includes shooter games, action adventure games, puzzles, free-for-alls (FFA), racing games, RPGs and more. You can use the table of contents below to navigate through the list.

Note: Since most browsers no longer support Flash, some websites have used workarounds to let you play Flash games. However, you can also check out the Y8 Browser (visit website), which is dedicated for playing flash games. We have also included some games that are playable on Y8 browser in this article.

Shooter Games

If you’re a fan of shooting games, check out these games to scratch that itch.

1. Snakes in a Game (Snakes on a Plane)

Have you seen the movie ‘Snakes on a Plane’? Well, that’s exactly what this game is about. You’re Samuel L. Jackson, and you have to kill all the 100 snakes that are heading towards you on the flight. Fortunately, there’s no dearth of ammo, but you will need some quick reactions to get through the game. I’ve so far not managed it, but apparently, the ending of the game is fun as well. So, let me know if you finish the game?

Play Snakes in a Game

2. N3wton

Think ‘Tank’ (the classic NES game) but with recoil, and with the aim of pushing your enemies out of the playing area using your shots. Couple that with some, slightly puzzling levels, and you have N3wton. In this game, you don’t need to worry about hitpoints, shields, or ammo. You simply navigate your tank using the WASD keys and aim/shoot with the mouse. Push your enemies off the play area before they push you off and that’s it. There are multiple levels, and they get progressively more difficult (read: fun).

Play N3wton

3. Metal Slug 3

Another fun Flash game you can play, Metal Slug 3 is a simple game that gets difficult really quickly. You get unlimited ammo, a bunch of bombs (and other explosive items), and a couple of lives (1UPs). You just have to shoot your enemies, and make sure you manage your bomb inventory because you will need them towards the end of a stage. There are helpful items you can pick up along the way to get better weapons, HP, and score boosters.

Play Metal Slug 3

4. Bullet Time Reaction

Okay so this is not so much a shooting game as it is a game about dodging while the game shoots at you. As the name would suggest, you have to react quickly in order to dodge a bullet shot at you by a shooter who stands at varying distances every round. It’s a test of your reaction time, and as long as you react within the safe-time, you will live on for another level. My best so far, is around 238ms, so try your hand at it, and let me know in the comments how it turns out.

Play Bullet Time Reaction

Racing Games

If you’re looking to get an adrenaline rush with racing games, check out these Flash games that will let you race your heart out, all within your browser.

5. Desktop Racing 2

Desktop Racing 2 is a fun car game that’s less a race against others, and more of a race against yourself. In this game, you control a race car on the top of a table (hence the name). You can accelerate the car, and perform stunts such as backflips and frontflips by tilting the car as you jump off of things like books, rulers, and pencils.

Play Desktop Racing 2

6. Extreme Racing 2

If you’re looking for more of a challenge than Desktop Racing 2, try Extreme Racing 2. In this game, you will use your arrow keys to change lanes in your race car. Your aim is to travel as far as you can, by avoiding crashes with other cars that appear rather suddenly, as well as oil spills and traffic cones on the way that you will also have to avoid. It’s one of those Flash games that have easy controls but difficult gameplay.

Play Extreme Racing 2

7. Formula Racing

Play in a F1 car, but you’ll find yourself racing against the cops. Traverse the seemingly endless number of cop cars that will try to smash into you to impede your progress through the rounds. It’s an easy enough game to play, but it can be used to pass quite a bit of time, if needed.

Play Formula Racing

8. Dakar Racing

This is one of the most fun Flash racing games that you can play. Dakaar Racing pits you against a number of computer controlled cars and trucks. You have to simply accelerate, and perform stunts in order to get nitro which you can then use to increase your speed and win the race, which is, after all, what it’s all about.

Play Dakar Racing

9. Moto Quest: Bike Racing

Moto Quest is a bike racing game where you’re simply racing increasingly difficult opponents on a quarter mile. You can unlock new bikes, upgrade them to get faster and quicker, and of course, you have to time your gear shifts in order to get the most power out of your engine and win the race.

Play Moto Quest: Bike Racing

10. Bike Racing Math: Algebra

If you enjoy quick mathematical problems, Bike Racing Math: Algebra is the game for you. There are no controls here; all you need to do is solve the equations below and select the correct answers. If you choose the right answer, your bike’s speed is increased. However, choose wrong and the speed will drop as well. You also can’t take too long to choose because your bike will slowly lose speed if you don’t answer at all. There are difficulty settings, so you can start off easy and increase the difficulty as you see fit.

Play Bike Racing Math: Algebra

Sports Games

11. World Cup Penalty

Football fans, unite! World Cup Penalty is a really fun flash game that has since been ported as an HTML5 game, but the fun remains the same. Select your favourite team, take penalties, and save penalties to advance through the world cup group stage. Here, at least the losses can be tolerated at times, but once you’re in the playoffs, things get more intense. Master your aim and power, save all the goals you can by reacting quickly, and become the world champion of football.

Play World Cup Penalty

12. NexGen Tennis

NexGen Tennis is a fun little tennis game that you can play online. You can choose from a bunch of players, and participate in tournaments and grand slams to win the most coveted titles in the world of Tennis. The controls are simple enough, you can use the arrow keys to move around and space bar to hit shots.

Play NexGen Tennis

13. 3D Air Hockey

Another fun flash game that you can play is Air Hockey, which is exactly the same thing you probably remember from old-school arcades. You can use your mouse to control your paddle/striker and hit the puck towards the other player. The best part is, you can control the difficulty level of your opponent, though it’s considerably difficult to beat the game even with the easiest difficulty level.

Play 3D Air Hockey

14. Table Tennis – World Tour Game

Fancy yourself a table tennis master? This game is sure to challenge you, and possibly frustrate you, because it’s not the easiest TT game to play out there. However, it is a load of fun, and the controls are ridiculously simple. Control your paddle using your mouse, and move it around to hit smashes, spin shots, and even drop shots if you can.

Play Table Tennis – World Tour Game

15. Speedy Golf

Speedy Golf is one of the most fun golf flash games that I have played. The game is easy enough to play, which is the basic USP of most flash games, and you can select the power and spin for the shot, once you’ve aimed at the perfect spot. It’s a fun game, but it gets difficult when you’re putting sometimes, just make sure to set your power to the correct point on the slider and you’ll be hitting well under-par on most holes.

Play Speedy Golf

Platformer Games

16. Fall Beans

If you’ve enjoyed playing Fall Guys, you can now play pretty much the same game directly on your browser in the form of a flash game! Fall Beans is almost the same game, where you have to survive through multiple levels where a certain number of players get disqualified. It’s challenging, and fun! You can jump, dance, and even emote in Fall Beans, so go ahead and get your Fall Guys fix directly on your browser.

Play Fall Beans

17. Fireblob Winter

Firebob Winter is a straightforward platformer game that you can play to spend hours of your time without even realising it. You play as a blob of fire, and your goal is to light up all the bonfires on the level, while avoiding enemies and other obstacles. You will have to time your movements and jumps in some levels, but overall, the game is quite easy to play and you will definitely have a lot of fun.

Play Fireblob Winter

18. Big Tower Tiny Square

You should definitely give this platformer a shot if you like challenging levels, and an infinite number of chances to try and solve them. As the name suggests, you’re a tiny square inside a big tower, and you have to clear levels to get out of the tower. As you move on to upper levels, things get more difficult, and you will have to rely on using multiple lives to clear most levels. It’s a lot of fun though, and I would recommend you to try this flash game.

Play Big Tower Tiny Square

19. Armed with Wings

If you’re looking for a fighting platformer, Armed with Wings should definitely be on your list. Think Shadow Fight, but with an eagle (hence the ‘Wings’ in the title) that you can control. It’s a fun take on regular platformer games, and the eagle offers more complication to each level.

Play Armed with Wings

20. Big Tall Small

Big Tall Small is a puzzle platform game where you have control over three separate blobs. There’s a big one, a tall one, and a small one, and each of them have unique features that make them suited for handling particular obstacles in various levels. It’s fun figuring out how best to utilise these features to help the three get out of every level.

Play Big Tall Small

Idle Clicker Flash Games

21. Idle Farming Business

There’s a reason why idle farming games are super popular — they are relaxing, and a lot of fun. Well, with this flash game, you can enjoy a game similar to Farmville and the rest directly on your browser. You can buy pieces of land, farm a variety of different crops and harvest them to earn more money. There is an upgrade system as well, and the game is overall, pretty well made and fun to play.

Play Idle Farming Business

22. Babel Tower

Babel Tower is another clicker game where you have to build a tower. However, you have to first mine for stone in the quarry, convert it into bricks and then use them to build the tower. You will also be able to sell bricks for coins which you can use to upgrade the quarry and your brick machinery. It’s a decent clicker game to pass the time.

Play Babel Tower

23. Idle Defense

In Idle Defense, you are tasked with ensuring the safety of the planet from asteroids and other falling debris. You can upgrade your weapons to do more damage, fire faster, and more. You can also upgrade your defensive capabilities to reduce the damage you take from asteroids that hit you, and even regenerate health.

Play Idle Defense

24. Idle Building Company

Ever fancied creating your own building company? Well, with Idle Building Company, you can do that in your free time, and straight in your browser. Of course, the money isn’t real, but the fun is definitely real. You can hire workers, set up new manufacturing lines, and even use skills to speed up production, earn extra income, and more.

Play Idle Building Company

25. Idle Shooter

If you’re simply looking for some mindless fun, with a lot of clicking and satisfying sound effects, this is the game for you. You get three ships, each with its own unique power, and they automatically shoot at incoming bogeys. If you want, you can click on these incoming objects to destroy them faster and earn money quickly, or you can let your ships handle it on their own. Your call.

Play Idle Shooter

Other Games

26. Funny Battle Simulator

Imagine yourself the architect of great battles. Set up your forces by hiring spartans, knights, grenadiers, and even cyclops to fight for your side, and crush your opponents with sheer brute force. The game sets limits on the total population of the army you can create, as well as the total amount of money you can spend on hiring your mercenaries. The final result is a spectacular battle that you can watch from multiple angles, and even zoom in on.

Play Funny Battle Simulator

27. Medieval Battle 2P

If you want something that’s a battle simulator, but not in a funny way, this is the best flash game for you. In this game, you can set up your army with soldiers, archers, and more, and then simulate a battle against enemies. The game has pretty good graphics for a flash game, and zooming in on battles will show you some intense moments as your valiant men fight their foes.

Play Medieval Battle 2P

28. Naruto RPG

Naruto RPG is a flash game where you play as the famous anime hero. The game starts off with Naruto discovering an injured Sakura, and he chases after her attacker. You will find yourself fighting some of the well known characters from Naruto in this game, and armed with your kunai as well as various punch and kick combos, you will have to take them all out.

Play Naruto RPG

29. Cooperative Chess

Cooperative Chess is a unique take on playing chess with friends. Basically, you and your friend have to work together to complete a game of chess, while the game marks squares on the board that must be occupied once the moves are done. Unless you occupy the places marked by the game, you will have to try the moves again. The fun part, is that you don’t know the moves your friend is making, and vice versa.

Play Cooperative Chess

30. Strategy Defense

Strategy Defense is a turn-based RPG style game where you have to clear levels by defeating enemies and ensuring that you don’t end up dying. You can move, wait, or attack in each turn. Use your turns wisely to ensure that you’re attacking at opportune times, and that you don’t end up facing multiple enemies at the same time.

Play Strategy Defense

Play These Flash Games in Your Browser

Well, these are the 30 best flash games you can play. We have included a wide variety of games in this list, so hopefully you’ll have found something that suits your needs. What’s more, if you want something more, you can check out some of the best browser games as well. So, which games are you playing right now? Let us know in the comments.

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  • Tetris is one of the evergreen game I used to play this game in my childhood . Flash games have changed nowadays with high graphics. There are many websites providing free flash games online

  • Wow, this list is garbage. A good quarter of these aren’t even flash games (, 2048, etc.), then half of whats left is just bad. Where is Super Mario 63? Or AK2R? Or Snailiad, or The Power, or Happy Wheels, Vex 3, or JackSmith, or Motherlode, or F**KING FROG FRACTIONS, or Futilitris, or that one game where your the purple robot and split the playing area with purple lines that was really good, or THE ENTIRE RUN TRILOGY, or Bloxorz, or Raze, or Abobo’s Big Adventure, or Portal Flash, or Raiden X, or Kolm? Oh, oops, I just made a better list.

    • You mean Pang Adventures? Where you shoot bubbles that keep dividing into more smaller bubbles? or do you mean a puzzle bubble shooter? Both are awesome though.

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