With over 1.4 billion active users each month, Facebook is a force to be reckoned with. Of course with so many users, developers will never overlook it. So you will find tons of games from every genre available on Facebook. You can just click on any game you like, and start playing it right inside the Facebook’s interface. There are tons of games to choose from, so it is quite easy to get confused and miss out on many astounding games. But fret not, we are not going to let you get lost in the games realm. We have created this list of best Facebook games of year 2015 from different genres to help you with finding a perfect game according to your taste.

Note: Almost all of the games mentioned below have a way of spending real money in the game to buy special items. Although, it is not necessary to buy things with real money, but to get an advantage over others, it is a good source.

Best Action Games on Facebook

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1. UberStrike

UberStrike as the name suggests, is an MMO FPS game similar to Counter Strike. It is definitely not the best FPS, but you will be able to waste quite good time on it. It offers some berserk range of weapons both melee and ranged with amazing effects and a bit of futuristic touch. You can use virtual currency to rent awesome weapons and customize your character in ways you can’t even think of.

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2. Dungeon Rampage

Dungeon Rampage is a full of action game where you get to choose different human and monster characters with different skills and powers (both melee and ranged). You need to clear dungeons with your friends or random people (you and two others) with monsters attacking from all sides. It is best for people who like playing games that don’t even give time to breathe.

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3. Marvel: Avengers Alliance

If you are a big fan of Marvel heroes, then you really need try this one out. It is a 3v3 strategy-action based game, where you get to select your favorite heros with different skills to destroy enemies. Here, you will find all your favorites Marvel heroes like, Wolverine, Ironman, Hulk, Hawkeye, Deadpool, Spider Man and Iceman, etc.

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4. Social Wars

Social Wars is a mix of simulation and RTS (real-time Strategy) game with a Army and Alien theme. You get to build structures and create an army, and also control units in real-time. As a dutiful soldier, your job is to save mankind from Alien Orcs attack.

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5. Legends: Rise of a Hero

Social Wars is another simulation and RTS mixture game similar to Social Wars. However, it is targeted more towards magic and choosing a single race to destroy monsters in your path. You can choose from, Warrior, Ranger and Wizard (the standard stuff) and use their special weapons and abilities to destroy enemies in your path.

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Best Puzzle Games on Facebook

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6. Candy Crush Saga

ahh, the good old Candy Crush… how can we not put this into our list? You get to solve colorful puzzles with candies everywhere, a good place to freshen up yourself. You need to solve different puzzles like, matching candies, finding objects, beating time and defusing candy bombs. Level difficulty increases as you play on and some of them could get extremely hard (not impossible) to beat with new levels added frequently.

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7. Criminal Case

Criminal Case is a HOG (Hidden Objects Game) game with a very different approach. In most case HOG games should be easy on the eyes and help you ease your mind while you find the hidden objects. However in Criminal Case, you need to solve crime scenes, including murders. It can a bit disturbing, but some people love to solve crime cases!

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8. Tetris Battle

Tetris Battle works on same old Tetris platform where you have to complete lines with different shapes of blocks. However, the developers have added a bit of twist with already arranged levels and full multiplayer support. Levels are pre-made with already added blocks, which leads to different strategy each time. You can race against up to 6 other players for never ending fun.

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9. Bubble Witch Saga

Another interesting game from King, the creators of Candy Crush Saga. The plot is same as any other bubble popping game, you have to shoot bubbles and match 3 or more bubbles. However, the animations and sceneries along with different power-ups make it worth a try. Of course, the theme will be related to witches making potions and spiders crawling, etc.

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10. Papa Pear Saga

Another title from King with a different approach. Unlike Bubble Witch Sage, where you need to shoot bubbles from top, here, you need to send Papa pear (a funny pear wearing a helmet) from top to bottom. Using some physics, you need to clear fruits, nuts, etc. in your way and make it to the bottom.

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Best Strategy Games on Facebook

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11. Clash of Clans

Clash of Clans is a strategy/simulation game where you get to create buildings and make an whole army of crazy soldiers and wizards. You can battle other people and destroy their base, and the only thing that can stop you is your resources (no turns or lives). You get to choose heroes and create an army of warriors, rangers, wizards and giants!

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12. Social Empires

Social Empires is another game similar to Clash of Clans. You get to create a village and a army to defend yourself from orcs. It is not nearly as fun as Clash of Clans, but the battles are easy to control and give you that magical feeling.

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13. Throne Rush

Throne Rush is a simple RTS game with very simple yet intuitive game play. The concept is same as others, you get to make buildings, create an Army, battle other people and defend your kingdom. However, it is very easy to battle other people along with easy navigation, making it perfect for beginners.

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14. Backyard Monsters

As the name suggests, this RTS game completely revolves around monsters. You have to create defense and resources buildings to survive and get different monsters with amazing skills to finish off the enemy. The game is also quite attractive due to its humor, with different sounds and funny monsters.

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Best Facebook Games Based on Sports

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15. Baseball Heroes

Baseball Heroes is an interesting game based on.. well, baseball. You get to customize your characters and create squad to play in championships. The whole thing revolves around becoming a champion from just a rookie. You will level up and get points to enhance your baseball skills.

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16. Real Racing 3

Real Racing is a car racing game created by EA supports, so you can expect some high graphics. You can buy cars, upgrade them and take care of their maintenance. You will earn cash when you will race and you can also spend real-money to buy more upgrades to speed up your progress. You can race with your friends in different modes.

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17. 8 Ball Pool

8 Ball Pool is an attractive virtual-pool game with great animations and simple style. You get to play with other players around the world whether just an average game or a tournament to win prizes. You can also play with your friends, however, the social feature of this game is a bit limited.

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18. Pool Live Tour

Pool Live Tour is another good virtual-pool game out of few that offers everything along with some social options. Just like others, the rules are same, put all balls in the pockets and make sure black one goes the last. However, you can actually chat with other people while playing, which makes this game a good pick.

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Best Simulations Games on Facebook

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19. Hay Day

Really like farming, but don’t like all the hard work it requires? Well, just try out Hay Day, it will satisfy your farming needs in a beautiful manner. It is a farm Sim game where you can do everything a farmer does, raise animals, paint, keep things tidy, defend and grow different foods. It has a really beautiful interface, enough to put a smile on your face.

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20. Dragon City

In Dragon City, you should not expect Godzilla destroying buildings in its path. It is actually all about tiny habitats for dragons where they live, eat, and breed to make baby dragons (awk…ward). The dragons will level up and learn new abilities as they become adults ,and you can fight other people in the Arena to be the best!

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21. FarmVille 2

Where all this Fcebook farming and simulation games started becoming popular. FarmVille 2 is a sequel to FarmVille with better graphics and animations. The concept is still the same, you need to raise animals, grow crops, and pretty much anything that is connected to farming. FarmVille 2 has better graphics with 3D effects, making it much more fun.

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22. Monster Legends

From the creators of Dragon City, comes Monster Legends. It is quite similar to Dragon City, but they have replaced dragons with monsters, opening up more creativity to design as they can add anything that is unnatural. The plot is same, you need to feed monsters to level them up and breed monster to get new monsters. There are different types of monsters with different abilities, and new monsters are added frequently with over 150 monsters available.

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23. Car Town Streets

Car Town is a virtual car game where cars are everything. You have your own garage where you can upgrade your cars to make them faster and attractive. You can race with your friends and get rewards for winning. When you are not racing, you can work on quests to earn cash and spend on the cars. You can also unlock different buildings as the game progresses.

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Best Adventure Games on Facebook

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24. School of Dragons

School of Dragons is a game based on the famous movie “How To Train Your Dragon”. The story is same, you are a viking who is learning about dragons and their relation with human. With some basic quests like delivering items from one person to another, you will also get to battle and fly with your dragon.

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25. Magic Land

Magic Land is a good old adventure game that is based on saving a princess from the dragon. It is a combination of simulation games and an adventure game. You need to make food, construct a castle and fight with monsters to keep them away from your castle. You can also go on quests to progress in game and save the princess.

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Though we have handpicked these 25 Facebook games but chances might exist that we didn’t include your favorite Facebook game. If that’s the case, feel free to let us know in comments section.