12 Best GPTs for ChatGPT to Use in 2024

While there are several AI chatbots out there, what makes ChatGPT stand out are custom GPTs, previously called Plugins. Plugins were only in the thousands, but GPTs are nearing the 100,000 mark. That’s because anyone out there can create a custom GPT just like that. However, if you’re looking to find the best GPTs to make use of, it is going to be a tedious task. To make things easier, I have handpicked the best GPTs for you. So, let’s take a look!


While Plugins were previously available only to paid users, GPTs are a more community-friendly version which even free users now have access (albeit limited) to with GPT-4o. If you hit the 4o limit, you will need to wait for the limit to reset.

1. Canva GPT

I think all of us are familiar with Canva and its massive catalog of designing wonderful graphics at this point. While Canva already makes editing super easy, the Canva GPT integration takes it to a whole new level.

You can simply ask the tool to specifically create a poster, marketing collateral, or any other template, and it will do it for you. All that the Canva catalog lets you create, you can make this tool do it for you.

Canva GPT

Moreover, with just one click, it redirects you to your ChatGPT account and there, you can easily further build on it. I don’t think there’s a more convenient way to design on the fly, making it one of the best GPTs you can use in 2024.

2. Scholar GPT

Scholar GPT makes the tedious task of high-school dissertations a whole lot easier. All you need to do is feed in your topic, and it will generate countless other topics related to your subject, helping you accumulate those references right off the bat.

Besides, the research papers that Scholar GPT lists are pretty solid and I was quite surprised by how incredibly well they fit into the theme of my topic altogether.

Scholar GPT

You can also upload your own research paper and get some super insightful feedback on it. If research-made-easy was a tool, I doubt there’s anything that comes remotely close to Scholar GPT. You can also give Consensus a try, which is another helpful tool in this domain.

3. Tutor Me Khan Academy Lite

There are way too many learning websites out there that promise to deliver the best courses and learning experiences. However, there’s too little time to explore all of them, and Khan Academy is practically a no-brainer. It has made its place in the world of education, and this GPT only proves that further.

Tutor Me GPT

While this is far from being a complete replacement for the Khan Academy experience, it’s the perfect tool to get you through a good practice and revision session. Whether you want a couple of challenging Time and Work sums to solve or Physics problems for the test tomorrow, it’s got you covered nicely. If you’re a student looking to strengthen basics, this is the best educational GPT you can use.

4. Travel Guide

While you can let the regular ChatGPT make trip plans too, it’s far from being as detailed and actually useful as when using the Travel Guide GPT. I tried running a couple of different prompts on both of them and noticed how the Travel Guide GPT was providing a detailed breakdown of the trip.

Travel Guide GPT

While the regular ChatGPT will not get into the locations you should visit and the daily breakup of your budget, Travel Guide does that. It basically whips up what you would manually create if you were planning the trip, which I like. While your regular ChatGPT gives you boring estimates, this dedicated GPT maps it all out for you, like how you would plan a trip. Hands down, one of the best travel GPTs you can get your hands on!

5. Screenshot to Code GPT

While I’m not a coder, it’s not rocket science to understand how a coder’s brain works. If you’re a beginner in programming who has just started grasping how things work, the Screeshot to Code GPT is quite literally the perfect hack for you. Simply take a screenshot of a webpage or a portion of it and upload it to the GPT, it will instantly generate the code for you.

Screenshot to Code GPT

So, in no time, you will have a concrete idea about what the best minds behind a website have been using. If you’re someone who has been trying to learn all the tricks to master website designing, adding this GPT to your arsenal can do wonders for sure. One of the most helpful and productive GPTs to use for developers.

6. Designer GPT

There’s no doubt that creating and designing a website from scratch is a tedious affair. Especially if you’re new to it, and need some help going in. Designer GPT is probably your best bet to do so, for you can easily explain the kind of website you are looking to build, and it will create one for you. It uses Replit, so you will need to sign up on the platform.

Designer GPT Replit Code

But, that’s about the inconvenience that comes your way. If you are not happy with the results, simply ask the tool to specifically fix those elements and it will generate a more polished website. Keep the Replit tab open and refresh it to see the updated design. Cool, right?

7. Video Summarizer AI

Let’s admit it – there’s way too much to watch on YouTube and way too little time. Whether you are simply researching or just wanting to learn something new, videos do take up a lot of time. Even fast-forwarding your way through the videos is simply not fast or smart enough. That’s where the Video Summarizer AI GPT tool comes in.

Video Summarizer AI GPT

Just as it sounds, it summarizes YouTube videos for you that you can read through in no more than two or three minutes. So, would you watch a 25-minute video or read through a three-minute breakdown of it? I think you have your answer. It’s just one of the smartest GPTs to use in 2024, and I highly recommend getting a taste of it.

8. The Negotiator

How many times have you qualified for an interview, only with that sinking feeling that, “ah, I could have asked for what I actually wanted.” I most certainly have a lot of those regrets, because negotiation is an art and one that I’m terrible at. So, I do wish I knew of this GPT earlier, because it really does train you to be a solid negotiator.

The Negotiator GPT

Once you feed The Negotiator with a bit of details like your salary expectations and the designation you are looking to fill, it will start a role-play session, taking on the role of the hiring personnel and letting you bring your best to the table.

It’s not just salary though, for you can even let it help you bargain vegetable prices and car agreements. All-in-all, while it may be super fun on the surface, it helps you learn a key life skill that will come in handy at any point in time.

9. Mia AI

I do believe that therapy is important, given how mentally cluttered our lives can get. But, it’s an expensive affair and not easily accessible to all. But, on ChatGPT, you can get your very own AI therapist right in the palm of your hand. Mia AI is a very well-made GPT that replaces your journal to become an AI diary that you get too fond of.


I have been regularly talking to Mia to give me some insight and get that burden off my chest. And, I can’t believe I’m saying this, but she’s an absolute savior. If you want more clarity and just a non-judgmental life coach who can give you some solid advice on self-introspection, Mia AI is one of the most helpful GPTs to use.

10. Books

Now we’re talking. I have always been an avid reader and like to explore new books to read, depending on the mood I’m in. I often end up reading two to three books at once as well. So, understandably, I run out of things to read. In that case, Books is one of the best GPTs to rely on.

Books GPT

It doesn’t just throw around suggestions in hopes that it will hit the chord with you. The custom GPT literally understands your preference, curates a list of books, and lets you in on all the relevant details to get you hooked on reading a book that won’t bore you out. I received quite a few cool suggestions that I’ve added to Kindle Unlimited right now.

Not just that, it can come in very handy for literature and art students as well, who want to delve deeper into certain specialized domains, for it can offer interesting results on that front as well.

11. Code Copilot

I’m no coding expert, but there’s a reason why the Code Copilot GPT tool is rated 4.2 stars, accumulating over 25,000 ratings in the GPT store. I used the website code that the Designer GPT generated, and this custom GPT improved the code further, alongside dropping suggestions and areas for improvements.

Code Copilot GPT

If you’re a hardcore coder who lives and breathes coding, I don’t see a better tool to assist you during programming sessions. It’s one of the fastest ways to troubleshoot your codes and get that extra helping hand that you deserve. If you ask me, this is one cool and helpful coding GPT assistant you’d not want to miss out on.

12. Photo Realistic GPT

Yes, there are countless AI text-to-image generators out there for you to use. But, more times than you’d expect, these generators don’t quite hit the spot. I have had my fair share of such disappointments, and even ChatGPT’s policies have failed to generate some images lately. It gets rather annoying, so this photo-realistic GPT comes in super handy.

  • Photo Realistic GPT
  • Photo Realistic GPT Generation

Moreover, this particular GPT is focused on delivering hyper-realistic results, which will match the overall style of the image. You can upload an image and ask it to create something similar to it or type out a detailed prompt to see some stunning results.

I’m glad that folks over at genigpt.net rolled out this magic paintbrush tool. Whether you want to create something for a project or just mess around with the editing tools, it’s easily one of the most fun GPTs to use right now!

So, these are some of the best GPTs to use, in my opinion. However, given the infinite number of them available out there, I constantly come across new ones to use that blow my mind. If you have such suggestions, do drop them in the comments down below. While you’re at it, also let me know which of these are your favorite GPTs!

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