Minecraft Ancient City Portal: Top Speculations and New Dimension Rumors!

Imagine having a mob stronger than the Ender Dragon and the Wither in Minecraft, only for it to drop a sculk block on dying. Feels rather odd, doesn’t it? Well, it gets worse. The mob we are talking about is the Warden from the Minecraft 1.19 update, and it drops sculk catalyst, which you can anyway find and mine in the Deep Dark biome using the silk touch enchantment. Something smells fishy, right?. That’s not all. The location where the Warden spawns is the same spot as the ancient city portal in Minecraft 1.19. At least that’s what the community feels that structure is. Now, to put an end to all the rumors and theories, we are here to uncover everything around Minecraft’s ancient city portal and the likely addition of a new dimension.

Ancient City Portal: New Dimension, New Boss, and Release Date (2022)

Our guide goes over various sources and speculations around the portal-like structure in the ancient city. While doing so, we also discredit the rumors that don’t make sense or are just plain unreliable. You can use the table below to read the theories that interest you the most.

Note: This article is speculative and covers possible ideas that might lead to an ancient city portal. The developers are yet to confirm any speculations.

Is There a Portal in the Ancient City?

The ancient city that spawns in the deep dark biome of Minecraft has multiple smaller structures. Some of the structures look like temples, whereas others include hallways, ruined structures, and gateways. But what stands out the most to Minecraft players is the huge hollow structure that looks like a portal and a window in the center of the ancient city.

Ancient City Center in Overworld
Ancient City Center

Moreover, this structure’s window area is made up of reinforced deep slate blocks. Similar to the blocks that make the End portal in the game, you can’t mine and get the reinforced deep slate blocks. If you try to break the block, it takes over 80 seconds, making it 10 times stronger than the strongest block in the game, i.e. obsidian. Following the trend, obsidian is also a portal block, which you can use to make the Nether portal in Minecraft. Portal or not, these properties definitely point towards an ampler purpose of reinforced deep slate blocks.

Minecraft Ancient City Portal: Speculations

Reference to Portal in Snapshots

The Minecraft snapshot 22W13A was the first beta release that brought Ancient cities to the game. Interestingly, the Ancient city in that snapshot also had a mini version of the city center structure. It was the exact replica of this structure, just much smaller in size.

The most suspicious part of this release was that the game officially called the structure “small portal statue,” which indicates that the bigger structure is a portal of some sort. But before you start looking for hints of this in the official 1.19 update, this structure’s name was changed in the subsequent snapshots.

Music Disc 5: Mysterious Sounds!?

Almost all music discs in Minecraft are made up of in-game sounds or general music. But the new music disc 5 added in the Minecraft 1.19 update is slightly different. It begins with the sound of static. Then, you can hear the sound of someone walking, blocks being broken, the Warden, and susurrating in quick succession. These sounds are followed by a loud metallic click, which sounds similar to flint & steel used to light the Nether portal in Minecraft.

After that, you can hear squealing, metallic footsteps, and a fading music sound. Things seem to calm down after that as soft music plays in your ears, but it stops abruptly and what follows is a bunch of scary noises, including heavy footsteps and extending to monstrous screams before the disc stops. You can give the music disc 5 in Minecraft 1.19 a listen right here:

via Minecraft Wiki

The most suspicious sounds in the disc can be heard in the 12th and 13th seconds of the audio clip. What you hear sounds like flint & steel lighting a fire (possibly the soul fire, more on this below) followed by a Minecraft portal opening (possibly the Ancient City one). But until the developers reveal the story or the concept behind this disc, the mystery will prevail.

According to some speculations, instead of a portal to another world, this music disc sounds like an entrance that leads a monstrous boss into our world. And seeing the side of the portal, I surely don’t want to find out what can come out of it.

Warden Mob is a Guard

The term “warden” literally means “guard” or “protector”. So, it would make sense that the presence of the newly added mob Warden in the Ancient city means it is there to protect something. To be fair, the loot in the Ancient city is amazing. But the Warden is not a boss mob and still stronger than existing boss mobs in the game. Such power isn’t justified for the kind of loot you find in these cities.

Warden in Minecraft

Also, as mentioned earlier, if you defeat the Warden, the mob only drops sculk catalyst, which is one of the many types of sculk blocks in Minecraft 1.19. However, you can obtain the sculk blocks easily with the silk touch enchantment. So yes, at the end of the day, killing the Warden feels useless.

But if the Warden drops something interesting like a portal opener in the future, its presence would certainly fit better within the game.

The Aether Dimension

Brandon Pearce, aka Kingbdoz, is a popular Minecraft Gameplay Developer at Mojang. But before he joined their team in 2020, he was the face behind the popular Aether mod. This mod added a new dimension to the game. And it became so famous that people started trying to make Aether portal even in the vanilla game, assuming it to be an actual feature.

So, if the developer plans to use Pearce’s skills in mod development, a dimension could definitely be on the cards and would make the most sense. Though, it’s worth noting that even he hasn’t said anything about the new update. But his mysterious tweets keep coming.

Will We Get a New Dimension in Minecraft 1.20 Update?

The last time Minecraft’s developer officially talked about a new dimension, they claimed to improve existing biomes and dimensions in the game first. With revamped biomes finally making their way to the game, we don’t think that the chances of a new dimension are high in the Minecraft 1.20 update. But you can use our linked guide to find other speculated features that might actually make it into the game.

However, once the biome revamps are complete, the only thing that would make sense is adding a new dimension to the game. It will allow developers to bring brand-new mechanics to Minecraft, similar to flying with Elytra from the End dimension. And if we are lucky, this new update should be here in Minecraft 1.21 or 1.22 update next year.

Is Minecraft Getting a New Dimension?

Well, that’s pretty much it. You now know most of the theories regarding Minecraft’s Ancient city portal along with the logic behind them. Having said that, if you are yet to witness the new structure yourself, feel free to use our list of the best Ancient city seeds to do so. Not to forget, you can use the best Minecraft mods to get a new dimension and a lot more in the game right away. As for the speculations, there’s no evident end to them. So, if you have some more, please drop them in the comments section.

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    i want them to add a SNAPPING SKULK SHRIEKER


    how do you get to the skulk dmieonsun

  • PersonGuy says:

    I think that when you kill a warden, it should have like a 15% chance to drop a skulk flint and steel that lights the portal, and the portal leads to Herobrines castle and he’s the next boss, which probably won’t happen, but it would be cool

  • TheRealZeta11 says:

    As much as I want a new dimension in the game, Mojang and several devs have said that they do not plan on adding more dimensions in the future. Although this could be a cover-up for something like the deep dark dimension, I have a feeling they just added the portal to troll the fanbase and spark theories lol

  • Mozamaniac says:

    I have made the warden fight the wither and warden won with ez cuz of sonic boom blast can’t be avoided so wither keep on being hit and on half health the wither cant fly that much and warden use melee attack and because it is way more stronger than the sonic boom blast pm wither die in 30 seconds!

    P.S. This is my longest comment LOL!

  • Harry Thurling says:

    I think an Elder Warden should be in the Ancient City dimension. I also want the new Warden boss to drop a special item that lets you summon a portal that takes you back to the Overworld.

  • Evan says:

    I mean Sculk Hide but its a decoration. Also please FOR GODS SAKE MAKE MINECARTS FASTER

  • Crook says:

    the only reason the warden drops 1 Sculk catalyst is because players wanted it to drop something otherwise going to the deep dark would be somewhat useless, the developers even said that the warden is not meant to be killed in a tweet

    • a major warden theory by cooperplayz@twitter says:

      thw warden is trying the protect the sculk and itself otherwise is the reason why the warden is the strongest mob in the game, or the warden is a minion of the sculk dimension boss… maybe

    • Evan says:

      Yeah I think its still useless, why not get something like Sculk Hide, or a special effect where a bunch of dead souls come flying out of the wardens dead body

  • Forgarm says:

    In creative, the easiest way to kill warden is with ravagers, maybe same with the next boss…

  • sami says:

    i think warden guards a boss mob which drops bedrock upon killing

  • Shay says:

    What if you have to kill the warden in a future update and he drops a special flint and steel

  • Ryan says:

    I made the warden fight the wither, but none of them could kill each other until the end the wither came down. The warden practically hit the wither and the wither started to lose. But if the wither didn’t come down the wither would have one. They have really strong power but if there is a new boss coming than it must mean that it can practically kill the wither easily. I don’t exactly know but I sure we can figure out the secret before the next update!

    • Greg says:

      I did the exact same…

  • piza says:

    disc 5 is not the same as otherside

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    lol disc 5 is not otherside they are 2 different discs



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    I think skulk came from the ancient city portal

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