Apple Reportedly Working with Valve to Bring Steam Link to iOS

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Earlier this month, Valve announced a new app called Steam Link which would allow users to stream games from their PC to their smartphones. The app, which was to be released for both iOS and Android users, hit a snag when an App Store review team revoked its approval for violating “a number of guidelines.”

Steam Link

In a statement regarding the rejection, Valve revealed that the Steam Link app was first approved by a review team on May 7th, following which the company made the official announcement for the release. A different review team then revoked the approval on May 10th, citing business conflicts with app guidelines which had not been realized by the original review team.

Even though Valve filed an appeal, explaining that the app simply functioned as a LAN-based remote desktop, the appeal was denied and the Steam Link app was blocked from release on iOS. Now, according to a recent email from Apple’s SVP Worldwide Marketing Phil Schiller, Apple and Valve are working together to brings the Steam Link app to iOS.

The email, which was first shared on Reddit, states:

“We care deeply about bringing great games to all of our users on the App Store. We would love for Valve’s games and services to be on iOS and AppleTV.

Unfortunately, the review team found that Valve’s Steam iOS app, as currently submitted, violates a number of guidelines around user generated content, in-app purchases, content codes, etc.

We’ve discussed these issues with Valve and will continue to work with them to help bring the Steam experience to iOS and AppleTV in a way that complies with the store’s guidelines.”

The email was sent out to a number of users who voiced their concerns to Apple regarding the release of the Steam Link app on iOS. While Apple and Valve try to iron out the details, users have also started a petition on to generate more awareness and get Apple to release the Steam Link app on iOS.

Steam Link Petition

At the time of writing, over six hundred people had already signed up for the petition. If you’re an iOS device user and want to get the Steam Link app on your device, currently the best course of action would be to sign the petition and hope that Apple changes its mind about the rejection.

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