Apple Releases Fun Activity-Sheet to Keep Kids Productive Amidst Lockdown

Apple activity for kids feat

As the Coronavirus-led lockdown periods are getting extended in major global cities, it is keeping families indoors and kids bored. Recently, we saw Spotify expand the Spotify Kids app to more countries to keep the children entertained with music. Now, Apple Education has come up with an activity sheet with 30 fun and creative tasks for the little ones to keep them innovatively productive.

The Cupertino tech giant took the initiative in the name of #CreativityForKids to help the kids stay productive while locked down in their homes. These activities are simple yet fun. Moreover, you can even use your Apple devices like the iPhone or the iPad to complete the activities.

The activity-sheets come in the form of a PDF document and contains two pages. The first page has 30 blocks, each with a fun and creative task. The second page is all about the details about the tasks that are on the first page.

Now, the education wing of Apple has given many enjoyable activities that will surely keep your little one busy in the coming days. It gives the kids fun and creative tasks like capturing a time-lapse video, go on an indoor photo walk, find shapes in natural objects, making a comic strip, emojifying mood and a lot more.

With the schools closed down, the children around the world are having a hard time coping with the situation. So, if you want to keep your little monkey occupied as well as productive at the same time, get Apple’s “30 Creative Activities for Kids” sheet. The tasks are not only for the kids but can be for everyone in the family.

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