spotify kids launched

The Spotify Kids App Can Help Parents Keep Their Little Ones Occupied

spotify kids launched

As the Coronavirus outbreak is keeping families locked down in their houses, parents are trying to find new ways of keeping their little ones busy and educated. To help these parents, Spotify started rolling out their standalone Spotify Kids app that is meant to keep the children occupied with fun and kid-friendly tunes.

Previously, the Swedish company rolled out a beta for the app back in October 2019. Later last year, Spotify started rolling out the app to the UK, Australia, Ireland, Denmark and New Zealand. Now, the app is available for Spotify Premium Family users in the US, France and Canada.

Now, the Spotify Kids app is a great occupier for the kids, especially in this time and age when most of the families are cooped up together in their respective houses 24×7 due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. It provides a fun and educative platform for the kids to spend their time on, giving the parents some time of their own.

Unlike the regular Spotify app, the Spotify Kids does not contain any ads as it is a part of the Spotify Premium Family plan. Hence, the kids can enjoy continued hours of listening without any interruptions. Also, the tunes that are available in the kids’ app are handpicked and curated by experts from Nickelodeon, Discovery Kids and Disney.

The app also complies with the COPPA (Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act), which is a federal law to protect the data of children below the age of 13. The music streaming company states that no data from the kids’ account will be collected or distributed from the app.

Now, Spotify Kids is designed to be a totally kid-friendly app with joyful tunes, singalongs and playlists. Also, the UI of the app includes some bright popping colours to appeal to the kids, unlike the regular Spotify app.

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So, if your little one is driving you a tad bit crazy with their tantrums of staying at home all the time, you can get the app from the App Store or the Play Store.

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