Apple Released an Official AirTag Safety Guide to Help Prevent Privacy Issues

Apple Released an Official "Personal Safety User Guide" to Help Users Prevent Privacy Issues

Apple has always touted the privacy features of its devices, claiming that its ecosystem prioritizes user privacy as compared to Android. But, when the Cupertino giant launched AirTags to compete with other Bluetooth-based tracking devices like Tile and Samsung’s SmartTag, the company faced criticism from security experts, mainly due to the privacy issues related to its tracker. As a result, Apple has now released an official “Personal Safety User Guide” to help users prevent stalking, harassment, and technology-enabled abuse with the use of AirTags.

Apple Releases Personal Safety User Guide

Now, for those unaware, ever since Apple launched the AirTag, many users reported that they faced various kinds of privacy issues, thanks to the constant Bluetooth-based tracking. In fact, as per a previous report, AirTag, which relies on the company’s vast Find My network to keep track of luggage, pets, and other losable items, was being extensively used by thieves to steal cars from malls, parking lots, and other public places. Other reports about AirTag-related privacy issues included stalking, for which Apple also released an Android app to detect unknown AirTags late last year.

Citing these personal safety issues, Apple recently published an official safety guide, making users aware of the existing security features of its devices that could help them prevent these kinds of issues. The guide comes with various sections that provide step-by-step guides for disabling or enabling security, sharing, location-tracking features on iPhones, iPads, and Macs.

There is also a “Review and take action” section that lists 13 different options that allow users to personalize security features, which can, in turn, keep them safe from data and location tracking. Furthermore, in a dedicated section about AirTags, Apple highlighted the built-in security features of the device that could help users prevent stalking or other tracking-related abuse. The company provided instructions for users on how to disable an AirTag if they find an unwanted AirTag on them.

So, if you are someone who has been facing such privacy issues or AirTag-based stalking, you can head to Apple’s official website to access the Personal Safety User Guide resources. And if you are thinking of ditching your existing AirTag due to these issues, check our list of the best AirTag alternatives you can get in the market.

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