This App Lets You Read and Send WhatsApp Messages from Your Apple Watch

This App Lets You Read and Send WhatsApp Messages from Your Apple Watch

Although WhatsApp is one of the most popular messaging apps in the market, the app is only available on the iPhone and Mac platforms in Apple’s ecosystem. While the company might develop a much-awaited iPad app soon, an indie iOS developer has brought WhatsApp to the Apple Watch with a new WristChat app. Let’s take a look at the details below.

WristChat App Brings WhatsApp to Apple Watch

Created by a developer named Adam Foot, the WristChat app is a nifty Apple Watch app that allows users to access, read, and even send WhatsApp messages to their contacts from their wrists. Foot used SwiftUI to develop the UI of the app on Apple Watch and it uses the WhatsApp Web API to access the users’ messages.

Upon installing, users can scan the provided QR code using the WhatsApp app on their phones to set it up on their Apple Watch. After the setup, the WristChat app will show the recent messages, much like how it shows in the Apple Messages app on watchOS. Users can also customize various elements in the app, including the color of the message bubbles. There is also an option to hide/ show the profile images of the users, and the app also has built-in haptic feedback support.

Now, although users can send a new message to any of their existing chats, they cannot start a new conversation from the WristChat app. As for the input method, users can use the dictation and Scribble functions of the Apple Watch to type the messages. Otherwise, they can also use the WristBoard app, which is a full-fledged keyboard app for the Apple Watch, to write messages. With the WristBoard app, users will also get features like auto-correction and word suggestions on their Apple Watch.

This App Lets You Read and Send WhatsApp Messages from Your Apple Watch

So, if you are interested in messaging friends on WhatsApp from your Apple Watch, you can check out the WristChat and the WristBoard app on the App Store. The WristChat app is priced at $2.99, while the WristBoard app comes for $2.99. However, you can get the Watch Keyboard for WhatsApp Bundle, including both apps for a reduced price of $3.99.

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