This App Lets You Add Colorful Date & Time Widgets on iPhone

colorwidgets feat.

With the introduction of iOS 14, apart from adding a ton of useful features, Apple brought support for widgets on the home screen of iOS devices for the first time. This one feature now lets users completely change the look of their home screens by adding dynamic widgets of different shapes and sizes. And with one of the apps that I found recently, you can customize a pre-set widget included in the app to give your home screen the creative appearance that you are looking for.

Following the release of the mobile OS by Apple, many developers have added widget support to their apps. Apart from widget-supported apps, there are now apps to add customized widgets to your iOS devices. And “Color Widgets” is one of those apps with which you can create your widget with custom fonts and colors.

Customized Widgets for That Extra Flare

Now, “Color Widgets” is a free app on the App Store that you can download if you have just 4.9MB of free space on your device. Once you install the app and open it, you will find an array of designs for a pre-set widget showing the date, day, time, and the battery percentage of your device.

colorwidgets designs

From this list, you can tap on one of the designs to bring up a pop-up card to set or edit the widget. On this card, you can tap the “Edit Widget” button to enter the customization screen.

colorwidgets customization

On this screen, you can select the background for your widget, change the color of the fonts, change the font style, or even add a picture from your library as the backdrop of the widget.

Once you are done customizing your widget, just tap the “Set Widget” button to add the widget to your widget gallery.

So now, you can just enter the jiggle mode on your iOS device and go to your widget gallery to find your customized widget ready to roll. From here, you can select the size of the widget and tap the “Add Widget” button to add it to your home screen.

colorwidgets adding widget

Now keep in mind that although you can change the accent color, the font style, and the background of the widget, you cannot change the actual layout of the widget.

Another thing is that not all of the in-app widget designs are free to use. There are some designs that you can get once you unlock all the paid widget designs by paying a one-time fee of Rs 299 (~$4).

Get “Color Widgets” from the App Store.

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