Android’s At a Glance is Moving to the Bottom of the Lock Screen

In Short
  • Google is set to move the At a Glance widget to the bottom of the lock screen in Android 15.
  • The company could be working on making At a Glance more interactive, similar to Live Activities on iOS.
  • The feature is unfinished and has a long way to go before it shows up in Stable Android releases.

At a Glance has been one of Pixel’s signature and most useful features, yet it has rarely received any major perks in the last few years. We have known for a while that Google is testing the ability to allow users to remove At a Glance from the home screen, and it looks like it’s testing another change to the widget that might move it to the bottom of your Pixel’s display, much like live activities on iOS. Here’s what you need to know.

First spotted by Mishaal Rahman via Android Authority, Google is experimenting with shifting the position of the At a Glance widget in Android 15 to the bottom of the lock screen.

At a Glance widget to the bottom Android 15
Image Courtesy: Mishaal Rahman

Google has also been working on bringing lock screen widgets, and if they plan on adding iOS-like live activities to Android, they’ll have to make the RemoteViews API compatible with Smartspace API, a change they’ve been working on slowly.

Smartspace handles At a Glance views whereas RemoteViews is responsible for displaying widgets. Making them compatible with each other would be the first step toward having a widget-compatible At a Glance widget.

Smartspacer is a third-party app that lets you do just that using apps like Shizuku, which lets you use system APIs without fully rooting your phone.

The current positioning is also off and requires disabling lock screen shortcuts which would otherwise overlap. There’s clearly lots of work still remaining, which makes us doubt about the arrival of revamped At a Glance widget in the Android 15 stable update. That is considering Google will go ahead with the change.

What are your thoughts on shifting At a Glance to the bottom of Android? Let us know in the comments below.

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