Google recently released the first developer preview of Android 11 earlier than expected and well, the upcoming Android update has introduced a lot of interesting features. One of those features includes a prompt when users place a device incorrectly on wireless chargers.

The feature, discovered by Redditor “jotafett“, will supposedly display a prompt message that will tell users to place the device correctly on the wireless charger.

Sometimes when users place devices on wireless chargers, the phone might slip or slide away a little bit. This might interrupt the connection as the wireless charging module of the device will not align with the wireless charging module of the charger. In a case like this, the phone will just sit on top of the charger without charging up. This can be frustrating for users because when they come back to pick up a fully charged phone.

So, to help prevent situations like these, Google is including a prompt message that says “Realign phone to charge wirelessly” while placing it on a wireless charger. This prompt will pop up whenever the charging modules of the phone and the charger are unaligned.

android 11 prompt

Now, this feature may not be a revolutionary one, but it can help users while using a wireless charger to charge up the device. Although most of the phones have a charging animation when plugged-in or placed on a wireless charger, there are times when these animations go unnoticed by users.