All the Emoji Meanings and their Types

Emojis have become an integral part of online messaging. It helps us fill in many emotional and expressive cues which are otherwise not available through the typing experience. Over the years, the Unicode Standard has added many emojis covering life’s all aspects. However, sometimes people find it harder to find the meaning of emojis, especially if it’s a newly adopted one. There are cases where users have to find Snapchat emoji meanings for better conversation. So in this article, we bring you an updated list of all the emoji meanings right up to Unicode 15.1 Standards. On that note, let’s explore the list.

❤️The read heart is used to express love and romance.
🫶The two hands emoji creates a heart shape, which exudes love and care.
The Sparkle emoji expresses positivity, love, happiness, and gratitude.
The green check mark button is self-explanatory. It signifies task done or verified.
🔥The Fire emoji with flames convey a situation when something is on fire. In popular culture, it also signifies hotness.
😊The popular smiling face with smiling eyes emoji is used to express genuine happiness and positive feelings.
💀If someone uses the skull emoji, it means they are dying from extreme laughter, irritation, or affection. This emoji is also used mainly during Halloween.
✔️A tick mark emoji is used to signify completed tasks or verification of facts.
🎃The orange pumpkin, also known as Jack-O-Lantern is used during Halloween.
The star emoji is commonly used to express success, fame, excellence and also for reviews.
🎉The party popper emoji is all about celebration, be it birthdays, weddings, New Year’s Eve and more. It’s also used to congratulate someone on special occasions.
👍The thumbs up emoji is a gesture used to display approval.
😂If someone sends you an emoji with a face having tears of joy, well, it means something is very funny or pleasing.
👀The eyes emoji, slightly leaning to the left is used to indicate evil eyes or to approve a deceiving act. It also indicates that something is being watched or monitored.
😭The loudly crying emoji is used to express intense grief, joy or pride.
👉The backhand index pointing right emoji is used when someone wants you to pay attention to something.
👻A cartoonish ghost emoji making a silly face means someone is trying to scare you in a friendly way.
🚀The popular rocket emoji is used to indicate if something grows fast or the value increases exponentially. It’s also used for speed, power and progress over time.
👇The backhand index pointing down emoji is used to explain direction to south or to point out a message while texting.
🥹The face holding back tears emoji is used to express admiration, gratitude, sadness, and even embarrassment.
🫡The saluting face emoji is used to convey respect.
🙏The folded hands emoji signifies thank you in Japanese culture and shows prayers or greetings in Indian context. Keep in mind, some also use it for high-five.
➡️The right arrow emoji means swiping right or showing direction to the right in any context.
🤩A start struck emoji indicates fascination, amazement, and excitement. The emoji is also called grinning face with star eyes.
🫠A melting face emoji indicates a range of emotions. It may mean extreme heat, a sense of embarrassment, being overwhelmed, or sense of dread.
🤔A thinking face with raised eyebrows emoji displays a person being in deep thought. It can also be used to playfully mock someone over over their scepticism.
💪The bicep emoji is used to flex on muscle and to show strength or working out.
😉A winking face is used to signal a joke, hidden meaning, or flirtation.
😍If someone send you a smiling face emoji with hear eyes, it means feeling of love, adoration, or infatuation.

Smiley Emojis

😀A grinning face emoji shows happiness, excitement, good cheer and humour.
😆A grinning face with squinted eyes conveys hearty laughter or excitement.
🤣The classic rolling on the floor laughing emoji is kind of self-explanatory. You use it when you laugh uncontrollably while rolling over.
😂A face with tears of joy depicts a situation where you had a good laugh with tears rolling from your eyes.
🙂A slightly smiling face emoji conveys a simple positive and happy sentiment. Some may construe it as passive aggressive as well.
😇A smiling face with halo overhead emoji is used to express blessings or prayers.
🥰A smiling face with rosy cheeks and hearts floating has a range of happy emotions including affection and being in love.
😘A face blowing a kiss emoji represents romantic love and goodbye kiss.
🥲A smiling face with tear emoji indicates expressions where one is touched, relieved or grateful.
😏It’s a smirking face emoji that suggests sly, smug or mischievous expression.
😋A face savouring food emoji is used to convey when the food item is delicious.
😛A face with tongue out emoji suggests a sense of fun, silliness, cuteness and excitement.
🤪Popularly known as Zany face emoji with a big grin, wide eyes and head tilted, it suggests silliness and goofiness.
🤗Smiling face with open hands displays a person smiling wanting to give a hug.
🤭A face with hand over mouth emoji suggests mischievous reaction or embarrassed giggling. It is also called secretive laughter.
🫣A face with peeking eyes and raised eyebrows indicates the shyness and fear of wanting to see something secretive or captivating.
🤫The Shushing face emoji basically represents silence or shh!
🤤The drooling face emoji displays desire for a delicious meal.
🤠Cowboy face, representing a rugged, adventurous spirit or a sense of the American West.
🥳Face with party hat, indicating excitement, celebration, or joyous occasion.
🥸Disguised face with glasses and mustache, sometimes used to convey a sense of mischief or playfulness.
😎Cool face with sunglasses, expressing confidence, nonchalance, or being in control.
🤓Nerd face with glasses, often used to depict intelligence, studiousness, or enthusiasm for a subject.
🧐Face with monocle, representing examination, scrutiny, or a scholarly demeanor.
🙃Upside-down face, indicating a playful or lighthearted mood, or mild sarcasm.
🫠Face with spiral eyes, possibly indicating dizziness, confusion, or being entranced.
🤐Face with zipper-mouth, implying keeping a secret or not revealing something.
🤨Face with raised eyebrow, suggesting skepticism, disbelief, or mild annoyance.
😐Neutral face, showing a lack of strong emotion or a poker face.
😑Expressionless face, indicating a blank or unimpressed demeanor.
😶Face without mouth, often used to depict speechlessness, silence, or a lack of words.
🫥Face with open eyes and no mouth, possibly indicating surprise, alertness, or attentiveness.
😶‍🌫️Face with a cloud over mouth, signifying a sense of unease, confusion, or uncertainty.
😒Unamused or dissatisfied face, expressing mild annoyance or displeasure.
🙄Face rolling its eyes, often used to show exasperation, annoyance, or mild disbelief.
😬Grimacing face, indicating discomfort, awkwardness, or nervousness.
🫨Face with diagonal mouth, possibly showing skepticism, disbelief, or uncertainty.
😮‍💨Face exhaling in surprise, shock, or relief.
🤥Lying face, with a Pinocchio-like long nose, used to convey deceit or exaggeration.
😌Relieved face, expressing contentment, relaxation, or a sense of peace.
😔Pensive or saddened face, showing a degree of disappointment or dejection.
😪Sleepy face, indicating drowsiness or fatigue.
😴Sleeping face, representing deep slumber and relaxation.
😷Face with medical mask, signifying illness, protection, or concern about health.
🤒Face with thermometer, indicating sickness or fever.
🤕Face with a bandage, representing injury or recovery from an accident or illness.
🤢Nauseated face, indicating disgust or feeling unwell.
🤮Face vomiting, depicting extreme disgust or physical illness.
🤧Sneezing face, often indicating a cold or allergies.
🥵Overheated face, expressing extreme heat, exhaustion, or discomfort.
🥶Freezing face, conveying extreme cold or shivering.
🥴Woozy face, suggesting dizziness, intoxication, or disorientation.
😵Dazed face, indicating a state of confusion or disorientation.
😵‍💫Face with spiral eyes and stars, representing a dazed or spaced-out feeling.
🤯Exploding head, used to depict shock, astonishment, or mind-blowing realization.
🥱Yawning face, expressing tiredness or boredom.
😕Slightly sad or confused expression.
🫤Face with spiral eyes, feeling dizzy or disoriented.
😟Extremely sad or concerned face.
🙁Unhappy or disappointed expression.
☹️Frowning face, expressing sadness or displeasure.
😮Face with an open mouth, often used to depict surprise or shock.
😯Wide-eyed face, conveying amazement or disbelief.
😲Astonished or amazed face.
😳Flushed face, indicating embarrassment or surprise.
🥺Pleading or puppy-dog eyes, asking for something with a cute expression.
🥹Face with medical mask, indicating illness or protection.
😦Frowning face with open mouth, expressing shock or dismay.
😧Agonized or deeply troubled face.
😨Face with fear or anxiety.
😰Anxious or distressed face, often due to a stressful situation.
😥Sad but relieved face, mixed emotions of sadness and relief.
😢Crying face, expressing sorrow or disappointment.
😭Loudly crying face, intense sadness or grief.
😱Face screaming in fear or surprise.
😖Expressing a mix of irritation and sadness.
😣Persistent or intense distress.
😞Disappointed but not devastated face.
😓Anxious or distressed face with a bead of sweat, indicating a stressful situation or hard work.
😩Weary or tired face, often due to exhaustion or frustration.
😫Exhausted and worn-out expression, indicating extreme fatigue.
😤Fuming or frustrated face, indicating strong annoyance or anger.
😡Angry face with a scowl or pout, expressing intense frustration or rage.
😠Angrily frowning face, showing strong displeasure or irritation.
🤬Face with symbols on mouth, representing strong anger or swearing.
👿Angry face with horns, often used to convey mischief or malevolence.
😈Mischievous face with a devilish grin, used to represent playful troublemaking.
💀Skull, representing death, danger, or extreme fright.
☠️Skull and crossbones, symbolizing poison or danger.
💩Pile of poo, often used humorously or to express disdain.
🤡Clown face, symbolizing fun, entertainment, or goofiness.
👹Ogre face, depicting a monstrous or sinister creature from folklore.
👺Goblin face, representing a mischievous or malevolent spirit.
👻Ghost, typically associated with the supernatural or Halloween.
👽Extraterrestrial alien, often used in the context of sci-fi or the unknown.
👾Video game alien, representing a creature from classic arcade games.
🤖Robot face, symbolizing automation, technology, or artificial intelligence.
😺Smiling cat face, indicating contentment, playfulness, or happiness.
😸Grinning cat face, showing joy, amusement, or playful excitement.
😹Cat face with tears of joy, representing extreme laughter or amusement.
😻Smiling cat face with heart eyes, indicating adoration or infatuation.
😼Cat face with sly smile, suggesting mischievousness or playfulness.
😽Kissing cat face, often used to show affection or blowing a kiss.
🙀Scared cat face, indicating surprise, fright, or shock.
😿Crying cat face, expressing sadness or disappointment.
😾Pouting cat face, indicating irritation or disapproval.
🙈See-no-evil monkey, representing covering one’s eyes in a playful or embarrassed manner.
🙉Hear-no-evil monkey, symbolizing covering one’s ears, often used humorously.
🙊Speak-no-evil monkey, signifying covering one’s mouth, often used to convey silence or secrecy.

Travel and Places Emojis

🌏Earth Globe Asia-Australia, representing the Earth.
🌐Globe with Meridians, indicating global or worldwide.
🗺️World Map, used to represent geography or travel.
🗾Map of Japan, symbolizing the Japanese islands.
🧭Compass, representing navigation or direction.
🏔️Snow-Capped Mountain, indicating a mountain with snow at the top.
⛰️Mountain, representing a generic mountain landscape.
🌋Volcano, symbolizing a volcano eruption or geological activity.
🗻Mount Fuji, representing the famous Japanese volcano.
🏕️Camping, indicating outdoor camping or adventure.
🏖️Beach with Umbrella, representing a sandy beach with an umbrella.
🏜️Desert, symbolizing a dry and arid landscape.
🏝️Desert Island, representing a small, isolated island.
🏞️National Park, indicating a protected natural area.
🏟️Stadium, representing a large sports arena.
🏛️Classical Building, symbolizing architecture or history.
🏗️Building Construction, indicating ongoing construction work.
🧱Brick, representing construction materials.
🛖Hut, indicating a simple and basic shelter.
🏘️Houses, representing a residential area.
🏚️Abandoned House, symbolizing a deserted or neglected building.
🏠House, representing a single-family home.
🏡House with Garden, indicating a suburban residence.
🏢Office Building, representing commercial or business space.
🏣Japanese Post Office, symbolizing postal services.
🏤Post Office, representing postal or mail services.
🏥Hospital, indicating medical facilities.
🏦Bank, representing financial institutions.
🏨Hotel, symbolizing accommodation or hospitality.
🏩Love Hotel, representing romantic accommodation.
🏪Convenience Store, indicating a retail store for everyday needs.
🏫School, representing educational institutions.
🏬Department Store, symbolizing retail or shopping.
🏭Factory, representing industrial facilities.
🏯Japanese Castle, symbolizing historical fortifications.
🏰Castle, representing medieval fortresses.
💒Wedding, symbolizing a place of marriage or commitment.
🗼Tokyo Tower, a famous landmark in Tokyo, Japan.
🗽Statue of Liberty, an iconic American monument.
Church, representing religious places of worship.
🕌Mosque, symbolizing Islamic places of worship.
🛕Hindu Temple, representing places of Hindu worship.
🕍Synagogue, representing Jewish places of worship.
⛩️Shinto Shrine, symbolizing traditional Japanese places of worship.
🕋Kaaba, the most sacred site in Islam, located in Mecca.
Fountain, representing decorative water features.
Tent, often used to represent camping or temporary shelters.
🌁Foggy, representing a cityscape with fog or mist.
🌃Night with Stars, indicating a nighttime cityscape.
🏙️Cityscape, representing a view of a city.
🌄Sunrise Over Mountains, symbolizing a scenic sunrise.
🌅Sunrise, indicating the early morning sun rising.
🌆Cityscape at Dusk, representing the evening in a city.
🌇Sunset Over Buildings, symbolizing a scenic sunset.
🌉Bridge at Night, representing a nighttime bridge scene.
♨️Hot Springs, indicating natural thermal springs.
🎠Carousel Horse, representing a fairground ride.
🛝Clamp, representing tools or repair equipment.
🎡Ferris Wheel, symbolizing a fairground ride.
🎢Roller Coaster, representing an amusement park ride.
💈Barber Pole, indicating a barbershop or hair salon.
🎪Circus Tent, representing a circus or fair.
🛎️Bellhop Bell, often used for hotel services or reception.
🗿Moai, representing the famous stone statues of Easter Island.
🚂Steam Locomotive, representing a train.
🚃Railway Car, symbolizing a train carriage.
🚄High-Speed Train, indicating a faster train.
🚅Bullet Train, representing a high-speed train.
🚆Train, symbolizing railway transportation.
🚇Metro, representing an urban subway system.
🚈Light Rail, indicating urban transit.
🚉Station, representing a transportation terminal.
🚊Tram, symbolizing a city tramway.
🚝Monorail, representing a single-rail train system.
🚞Mountain Railway, indicating a train on mountainous terrain.
🚋Tram Car, symbolizing a tram carriage.
🚌Bus, representing road-based transportation.
🚍Oncoming Bus, indicating an approaching bus.
🚎Trolleybus, symbolizing electric bus transport.
🚐Minibus, indicating a small bus.
🚑Ambulance, representing emergency medical services.
🚒Fire Engine, symbolizing firefighting services.
🚓Police Car, representing law enforcement services.
🚔Oncoming Police Car, indicating an approaching police car.
🚕Taxi, representing a taxi cab.
🚖Oncoming Taxi, indicating an approaching taxi.
🚗Car, representing private transportation.
🚘Oncoming Car, indicating an approaching car.
🚙Recreational Vehicle, symbolizing leisure travel.
🛻Pickup Truck, representing utility vehicles.
🚚Delivery Truck, symbolizing goods transportation.
🚛Articulated Lorry, indicating large cargo trucks.
🚜Tractor, representing agricultural vehicles.
🏎️Racing Car, symbolizing high-speed racing vehicles.
🏍️Motorcycle, indicating motorbike transportation.
🛵Motor Scooter, representing small two-wheeled vehicles.
🦽Manual Wheelchair, indicating mobility assistance.
🦼Motorized Wheelchair, representing powered mobility assistance.
🛺Auto Rickshaw, symbolizing a common mode of urban transport.
🚲Bicycle, representing pedal-powered transportation.
🛴Kick Scooter, indicating non-motorized scooter transportation.
🛹Skateboard, representing recreational transport.
🛼Roller Skate, symbolizing recreational skating.
🚏Bus Stop, representing a public transportation stop.
🛣️Motorway, indicating a multi-lane highway.
🛤️Railway Track, representing railroad infrastructure.
🛢️Oil Drum, indicating petroleum or storage.
Fuel Pump, representing a gas station.
🛞Stop Sign, indicating a halt or stop point.
🚨Police Car Light, representing emergency services.
🚥Traffic Light, indicating traffic control.
🚦Traffic Light with Arrow, indicating traffic direction.
🛑Stop Sign, symbolizing a full stop.
🚧Construction Barrier, representing construction or roadworks.
Anchor, representing maritime or nautical themes.
🛟Luggage, symbolizing travel or vacation.
Sailboat, indicating sailing or water travel.
🛶Canoe, representing small watercraft.
🚤Speedboat, symbolizing motorized watercraft.
🛳️Passenger Ship, representing large water vessels.
⛴️Ferry, indicating a boat for carrying passengers and vehicles.
🛥️Motor Boat, representing small powered watercraft.
🚢Ship, representing large sea vessels.
✈️Airplane, symbolizing air travel or aviation.
🛩️Small Airplane, indicating private or small aircraft.
🛫Airplane Departure, representing a flight taking off.
🛬Airplane Arrival, indicating a flight landing.
🪂Parachute, representing skydiving or jumping from an aircraft.
💺Seat, indicating passenger seating.
🚁Helicopter, representing rotorcraft or air transportation.
🚟Suspension Railway, indicating a mode of urban transit.
🚠Mountain Cableway, representing a cable car in mountainous terrain.
🚡Aerial Tramway, indicating a mode of urban transit.
🛰️Satellite, symbolizing artificial satellites or space technology.
🚀Rocket, representing space exploration or travel.
🛸Flying Saucer, symbolizing extraterrestrial objects or UFOs.

People and Gestures Emojis

😕Slightly sad or confused expression.
🫤Face with spiral eyes, feeling dizzy or disoriented.
😟Extremely sad or concerned face.
🙁Unhappy or disappointed expression.
☹️Frowning face, expressing sadness or displeasure.
😮Face with an open mouth, often used to depict surprise or shock.
😯Wide-eyed face, conveying amazement or disbelief.
😲Astonished or amazed face.
😳Flushed face, indicating embarrassment or surprise.
🥺Pleading or puppy-dog eyes, asking for something with a cute expression.
🥹Face with medical mask, indicating illness or protection.
😦Frowning face with open mouth, expressing shock or dismay.
😧Agonized or deeply troubled face.
😨Face with fear or anxiety.
😰Anxious or distressed face, often due to a stressful situation.
😥Sad but relieved face, mixed emotions of sadness and relief.
😢Crying face, expressing sorrow or disappointment.
😭Loudly crying face, intense sadness or grief.
😱Face screaming in fear or surprise.
😖Expressing a mix of irritation and sadness.
😣Persistent or intense distress.
😞Disappointed but not devastated face.
😓Anxious or relieved face with a bead of sweat.
😩Weary or tired face, often due to exhaustion or frustration.
😫Exhausted and worn-out expression.
😤Fuming or frustrated face.
😡Angry face with a scowl or pout.
😠Angrily frowning face.
🤬Face with symbols on mouth, representing strong anger or swearing.
👿Angry face with horns, often used to convey mischief or malevolence.
👋Waving hand, often used as a friendly greeting.
🤚Raised back of hand, used to signal a stop or halt.
🖐️Hand with fingers spread, often used to say “stop” or “talk to the hand”.
Raised hand, indicating a desire to speak or ask a question.
🖖Vulcan salute, a hand gesture used in the Star Trek series.
🫱Hand with index finger and thumb touching, indicating a small amount.
🫲Hand with fingers crossed, representing hope for good luck or a positive outcome.
🫳Hand making a pinching gesture, indicating something small.
🫴Hand holding a pepper, often used in the context of spicy food.
👌OK hand gesture, typically used to signify approval or agreement.
🤌Pinched fingers gesture, often used to suggest something is small.
🤏Pinching hand, indicating something very small or precise.
✌️Peace sign, indicating a desire for peace or a victory gesture.
🤞Crossed fingers, representing hope for good luck or a positive outcome.
🫰Hand holding a plant, often used in the context of gardening or nature.
🤟Love-you gesture, formed by extending the thumb and pinky finger.
🤘Sign of the horns, often used in rock and metal music culture.
🤙Call me hand, indicating a phone call or relaxed greeting.
👈Left-pointing backhand index finger, used to indicate direction.
👉Right-pointing backhand index finger, used to indicate direction.
👆Upwards pointing backhand index finger, indicating upward direction.
🖕Middle finger, a gesture of disrespect or frustration.
👇Downwards pointing backhand index finger, indicating downward direction.
☝️Upwards pointing index finger, often used to indicate direction or attention.
🫵Hand with index finger pointing up and other fingers bent, signaling “wait” or “hold on”.
👍Thumbs up gesture, indicating approval, agreement, or a positive response.
👎Thumbs down gesture, indicating disapproval, disagreement, or a negative response.
Raised fist, symbolizing strength, solidarity, or a call to action.
👊Oncoming fist, often used to indicate determination or readiness for a fight.
🤛Left-facing fist, indicating a punch or a show of strength.
🤜Right-facing fist, indicating a punch or a show of strength.
👏Clapping hands, often used to show appreciation or applause.
🙌Raised hands, often used to express celebration, praise, or excitement.
🫶Hands pressed together, often used to express gratitude or a prayer gesture.
👐Open hands, often used to indicate openness, giving, or receiving.
🤲Palms up together, often used to indicate pleading, begging, or offering.
🤝Handshake, representing an agreement, greeting, or partnership.
🙏Folded hands, often used to express gratitude, prayer, or a wish.
✍️Writing hand, used to represent writing, signing, or taking notes.
💅Nail polish, often used in the context of beauty or self-care.
🤳Selfie hand, indicating taking a photo of oneself.
🦾Mechanical arm, representing a bionic or robotic limb.
🦿Mechanical leg, representing a bionic or robotic limb.
🦵Leg, often used to refer to the lower limb of a person.
🦶Foot, often used to refer to the lower extremity of a leg.
👂Ear, representing the sense of hearing.
🦻Ear with hearing aid, used to represent hearing impairment.
👃Nose, representing the sense of smell.
🧠Brain, symbolizing intelligence, knowledge, or thinking.
🫀Heart, often used to represent love or affection.
🫁Lungs, representing the respiratory system.
🦷Tooth, symbolizing dentistry or oral health.
🦴Bone, often used in the context of anatomy or injury.
👅Tongue, often used humorously or to represent taste.
👄Mouth, symbolizing speech or eating.
🧬DNA double helix, representing genetics or biological information.
🩸Drop of blood, often used to symbolize life, health, or donation.

Food and Drink Emojis

🍇Grapes, representing the fruit grapes.
🍈Melon, indicating the fruit melon.
🍉Watermelon, representing the fruit watermelon.
🍊Tangerine, symbolizing the fruit tangerine.
🍋Lemon, representing the fruit lemon.
🍌Banana, indicating the fruit banana.
🍍Pineapple, representing the fruit pineapple.
🥭Mango, indicating the fruit mango.
🍎Red Apple, representing the fruit apple.
🍏Green Apple, symbolizing the fruit apple.
🍐Pear, representing the fruit pear.
🍑Peach, indicating the fruit peach.
🍒Cherries, representing the fruit cherries.
🍓Strawberry, indicating the fruit strawberry.
🫐Blueberries, representing the fruit blueberries.
🥝Kiwi Fruit, indicating the fruit kiwi.
🍅Tomato, symbolizing the fruit tomato.
🫒Olive, representing the fruit olive.
🥥Coconut, indicating the fruit coconut.
🥑Avocado, representing the fruit avocado.
🍆Eggplant, indicating the vegetable eggplant.
🥔Potato, representing the vegetable potato.
🥕Carrot, indicating the vegetable carrot.
🌽Ear of Corn, representing the vegetable corn.
🌶️Hot Pepper, indicating spicy peppers.
🫑Bell Pepper, representing bell peppers.
🥒Cucumber, indicating the vegetable cucumber.
🥬Leafy Green, representing leafy green vegetables.
🥦Broccoli, indicating the vegetable broccoli.
🫛Flatbread, representing various types of flatbreads.
🧄Garlic, indicating the vegetable garlic.
🧅Onion, representing the vegetable onion.
🫚Tamale, representing the Mexican dish tamale.
🥜Peanuts, indicating the legume peanuts.
🫘Chestnut, representing the nut chestnut.
🌰Acorn, indicating the nut acorn.
🍞Bread, representing a loaf of bread.
🥐Croissant, the flaky, golden-brown crescent-shaped pastry.
🥖Baguette Bread, representing a French baguette.
🫓Flatbread, representing various types of flatbreads.
🥨Pretzel, indicating the snack pretzel.
🥯Bagel, representing the round bread roll.
🥞Pancakes, indicating a stack of pancakes.
🧇Waffle, representing the patterned breakfast pastry.
🧀Cheese Wedge, representing a wedge of cheese.
🍖Meat on Bone, indicating a piece of meat on the bone.
🍗Poultry Leg, representing a piece of chicken or turkey.
🥩Cut of Meat, representing a piece of steak or meat.
🥓Bacon, indicating strips of bacon.
🍔Hamburger, representing a classic burger.
🍟French Fries, indicating a serving of fries.
🍕Pizza, representing a slice of pizza.
🌭Hot Dog, indicating a classic hot dog.
🥪Sandwich, representing a filled sandwich.
🌮Taco, indicating a filled taco.
🌯Burrito, representing a filled burrito.
🫔Tamale, representing the Mexican dish tamale.
🥙Stuffed Flatbread, indicating a filled flatbread.
🧆Falafel, indicating a Middle Eastern snack.
🥚Egg, representing a single egg.
🍳Cooking Egg, indicating cooking or frying an egg.
🥘Shallow Pan of Food, representing a dish being cooked.
🍲Pot of Food, indicating a stew or soup.
🫕Fondue, representing the Swiss dish fondue.
🥣Bowl with Spoon, indicating a bowl of food with a spoon.
🥗Green Salad, representing a mixed salad.
🍿Popcorn, indicating a snack of popcorn.
🧈Butter, representing a pat of butter.
🧂Salt, representing a shaker of salt.
🥫Canned Food, indicating preserved or canned food.
🍝Spaghetti, representing a plate of spaghetti.
🍱Bento Box, representing a Japanese packed meal.
🍘Rice Cracker, a Japanese senbei with a sheet of nori.
🍙Rice Ball, indicating a Japanese onigiri.
🍚Cooked Rice, representing a bowl of rice.
🍛Curry Rice, indicating rice with curry sauce.
🍜Steaming Bowl, representing a bowl of noodles.
🍠Roasted Sweet Potato, indicating a cooked sweet potato.
🍢Oden, representing a Japanese one-pot dish.
🍣Sushi, indicating a piece of sushi.
🍤Fried Shrimp, representing a tempura shrimp.
🍥Fish Cake with Swirl, indicating a narutomaki.
🥮Moon Cake, representing a Chinese moon cake.
🍡Dango, indicating Japanese sweet dumplings.
🥟Dumpling, representing a filled dumpling.
🥠Fortune Cookie, symbolizing a fortune cookie.
🥡Takeout Box, representing takeout or delivery food.
🍦Soft Ice Cream, a swirl of soft-serve ice cream on a cone.
🍧Shaved Ice, representing a shaved ice dessert.
🍨Ice Cream, indicating a scoop of ice cream.
🍩Doughnut, representing a round doughnut pastry.
🍪Cookie, indicating a chocolate chip cookie.
🎂Birthday Cake, representing a celebratory cake.
🍰Shortcake, indicating a slice of cake.
🧁Cupcake, representing a decorated cupcake.
🥧Pie, indicating a slice of pie.
🍫Chocolate Bar, representing a bar of chocolate.
🍬Candy, indicating a wrapped candy sweet.
🍭Lollipop, representing a round lollipop.
🍮Flan, indicating a caramel custard dessert.
🍯Honey Pot, representing a pot of honey.
🍼Baby Bottle, representing a bottle for infants.
🥛Glass of Milk, indicating a glass filled with milk.
Hot Beverage, representing a cup of hot drink (like coffee or tea).
🫖Teapot, representing a traditional teapot.
🍵Teacup Without Handle, indicating a cup for tea.
🍶Sake, representing a bottle and cup of sake.
🍾Bottle with Popping Cork, symbolizing celebration or champagne.
🍷Wine Glass, indicating a glass of wine.
🍸Cocktail Glass, representing a cocktail drink.
🍹Tropical Drink, indicating a colorful cocktail.
🍺Beer Mug, representing a mug of beer.
🍻Clinking Beer Mugs, symbolizing a toast with beer mugs.
🥂Clinking Glasses, indicating a celebratory toast.
🥃Shot Glass, representing a shot of hard liquor.
🫗Strainer, representing a kitchen utensil used for straining liquids.
🥤Cup with Straw, indicating a drink with a straw.
🧋Bubble Tea, representing the popular drink.
🧃Beverage Box, indicating a box of juice.
🧉Mate, representing the South American drink mate.
🥢Chopsticks, indicating a pair of chopsticks.
🍽️Fork and Knife with Plate, representing a place setting.
🍴Fork and Knife, indicating utensils for eating.
🥄Spoon, indicating a spoon.
🔪Kitchen Knife, representing a sharp knife used for cooking.
🫙Screwdriver, representing the tool.
🏺Amphora, representing an ancient Greek or Roman container.

Animals and Nature Emojis

🐵Monkey Face, representing a generic monkey.
🐒Monkey, indicating a specific type of monkey.
🦍Gorilla, representing the large primate.
🦧Orangutan, indicating the ape.
🐶Dog Face, representing a generic dog.
🐕Dog, indicating a specific type of dog.
🦮Guide Dog, representing a service or guide dog.
🐕‍🦺Service Dog, representing a working service dog.
🐩Poodle, indicating a specific breed of dog.
🐺Wolf Face, representing a wolf.
🦊Fox Face, representing a fox.
🦝Raccoon, representing the mammal.
🐱Cat Face, representing a generic cat.
🐈Cat, indicating a specific type of cat.
🐈‍⬛Black Cat, representing a black-colored cat.
🦁Lion Face, representing a lion.
🐯Tiger Face, representing a tiger.
🐅Tiger, indicating a specific type of tiger.
🐆Leopard, representing the big cat.
🐴Horse Face, representing a horse.
🐎Horse, indicating a specific type of horse.
🦄Unicorn Face, representing a unicorn.
🦓Zebra, representing the mammal.
🫏White Horse, representing a specific type of horse.
🦌Deer, indicating the mammal.
🫎Brown Deer, representing a specific type of deer.
🦬Bison, representing the mammal.
🐮Cow Face, representing a cow.
🐂Ox, indicating a specific type of cattle.
🐃Water Buffalo, representing the mammal.
🐄Cow, indicating a specific type of cow.
🐷Pig Face, representing a pig.
🐖Boar, representing a wild pig.
🐗Boar Head, representing a boar.
🐽Pig Nose, representing a pig’s snout.
🐏Ram, representing a male sheep.
🐑Ewe, representing a female sheep.
🐐Goat, indicating the mammal.
🐪Camel, representing the mammal.
🐫Two-Hump Camel, representing the mammal.
🦙Llama, indicating the mammal.
🦒Giraffe, representing the tall-necked mammal.
🐘Elephant, representing the large mammal.
🦣Dodo Bird, representing the extinct bird.
🦏Rhinoceros, representing the large mammal.
🦛Hippopotamus, representing the large mammal.
🐭Mouse Face, representing a generic mouse.
🐁Mouse, indicating a specific type of mouse.
🐀Rat, indicating the rodent.
🐹Hamster Face, representing a hamster.
🐰Rabbit Face, representing a rabbit.
🐇Rabbit, indicating a specific type of rabbit.
🐿️Chipmunk, representing the small rodent.
🦫Beaver, representing the aquatic rodent.
🦔Hedgehog, representing the spiky mammal.
🦇Bat, indicating the flying mammal.
🐻Bear Face, representing a generic bear.
🐻‍❄️Polar Bear, representing the bear in snowy regions.
🐨Koala, representing the marsupial.
🐼Panda, indicating the bear.
🦥Sloth, representing the slow-moving mammal.
🦃Turkey, representing the bird commonly associated with Thanksgiving.
🐔Chicken, indicating the domesticated fowl.
🐓Rooster, representing the male chicken.
🐣Hatching Chick, symbolizing a chick hatching from an egg.
🐤Baby Chick, representing a young chick.
🐥Front-Facing Baby Chick, another depiction of a young chick.
🐦Bird, representing a generic bird.
🐦‍⬛Black Bird, representing a specific type of bird.
🐧Penguin, representing the flightless bird adapted to water and ice.
🕊️Dove, symbolizing peace and love.
🦅Eagle, representing the bird of prey.
🦆Duck, indicating the waterfowl.
🦢Swan, representing the elegant waterbird.
🪿Flamingo, representing the pink wading bird.
🦉Owl, indicating the nocturnal bird of prey.
🦤Dodo, representing the extinct bird species.
🪽Feather, symbolizing a single feather.
🪶Feathered, symbolizing multiple feathers.
🦩Flamingo, representing the pink wading bird.
🦚Peacock, representing the colorful bird.
🦜Parrot, representing the colorful bird.
🪹Sewing Needle and Thread, indicating sewing or stitching.
🪺Mirror and Cloth, representing a vanity or dressing room.
🐸Frog, representing the amphibian.
🐊Crocodile, representing the reptile.
🐢Turtle, indicating the reptile.
🦎Lizard, representing the reptile.
🐍Snake, indicating the reptile.
🐲Dragon Face, representing the mythical creature.
🐉Dragon, indicating the mythical creature.
🦕Dinosaur, representing the prehistoric creature.
🦖T-Rex, representing the dinosaur species.
🐳Spouting Whale, indicating a whale spouting water.
🐋Whale, representing the marine mammal.
🐬Dolphin, indicating the marine mammal.
🦭Seal, representing the marine mammal.
🐟Fish, indicating a generic fish.
🐠Tropical Fish, representing a colorful fish.
🐡Blowfish, representing the fish.
🦈Shark, indicating the marine predator.
🐙Octopus, representing the marine animal.
🪼Piñata, representing a festive decoration.
🐚Spiral Shell, indicating a seashell.
🪸Knot, representing a decorative knot.
🦀Crab, indicating the crustacean.
🦞Lobster, representing the crustacean.
🦐Shrimp, indicating the crustacean.
🦑Squid, representing the marine animal.
🦪Oyster, indicating the shellfish.
💐Bouquet, representing a bunch of flowers.
🌸Cherry Blossom, symbolizing the cherry blossom season.
💮White Flower, representing a white flower.
🪷Lotus, representing the aquatic flower.
🏵️Rosette, symbolizing a decorative rosette.
🌹Rose, indicating the classic red rose.
🥀Wilted Flower, representing a drooping or withered flower.
🌺Hibiscus, representing the tropical flower.
🪻Funeral Urn, symbolizing a cremation urn.
🌻Sunflower, indicating the bright yellow flower.
🌼Blossom, representing a generic flower blossom.
🌷Tulip, indicating the classic spring flower.
🌱Seedling, representing a young plant or sprout.
🪴Potted Plant, representing a plant in a pot.
🌲Evergreen Tree, indicating a pine or fir tree.
🌳Deciduous Tree, representing a leafy tree.
🌴Palm Tree, representing the tropical palm tree.
🌵Cactus, indicating the desert plant.
🌾Sheaf of Rice, representing rice grains.
🌿Herb, indicating a leafy herb.
☘️Shamrock, symbolizing good luck.
🍀Four Leaf Clover, representing good luck.
🍁Maple Leaf, indicating the classic autumn leaf.
🍂Fallen Leaf, representing a fallen autumn leaf.
🍃Leaf Fluttering in Wind, representing a blowing leaf.
🍄Mushroom, indicating the fungus.
🪨Rock, representing a generic stone.
🪵Wood, representing a piece of wood.
❤️‍🔥Heart on Fire, indicating intense love or passion.
🌑New Moon, indicating the first lunar phase.
🌒Waxing Crescent Moon, indicating the moon phase.
🌓First Quarter Moon, indicating the moon phase.
🌔Waxing Gibbous Moon, indicating the moon phase.
🌕Full Moon, indicating the complete moon phase.
🌖Waning Gibbous Moon, indicating the moon phase.
🌗Last Quarter Moon, indicating the moon phase.
🌘Waning Crescent Moon, indicating the moon phase.
🌙Crescent Moon, representing the moon phase.
🌚New Moon Face, representing the first lunar phase with a human face.
🌛First Quarter Moon Face, representing the moon phase with a human face.
🌜Last Quarter Moon Face, representing the moon phase with a human face.
☀️Sun, representing the sun.
🌝Full Moon Face, representing the complete moon phase with a human face.
🌞Sun with Face, representing the sun with a human face.
🪐Ringed Planet, representing a planet with rings.
Star, indicating a single star.
🌟Glowing Star, representing a bright shining star.
🌠Shooting Star, representing a meteor.
🌌Milky Way, indicating the galaxy.
☁️Cloud, representing a generic cloud.
Sun Behind Cloud, indicating a partly cloudy sky.
⛈️Cloud with Lightning and Rain, indicating a thunderstorm.
🌤️Sun Behind Small Cloud, indicating a mostly clear sky with a few clouds.
🌥️Sun Behind Large Cloud, indicating a mostly cloudy sky.
🌦️Sun Behind Rain Cloud, indicating a mix of sun and clouds with possible rain.
🌧️Cloud with Rain, indicating rainy weather.
🌨️Cloud with Snow, indicating snowy weather.
🌩️Cloud with Lightning, indicating a thunderstorm.
🌪️Tornado, indicating a tornado.
🌫️Fog, indicating foggy weather.
🌬️Wind Face, representing a windy day.
🌀Cyclone, indicating a cyclone or hurricane.
🌈Rainbow, symbolizing the meteorological phenomenon.
🌂Closed Umbrella, indicating a closed umbrella.
☂️Umbrella, representing an open umbrella.
Umbrella with Rain Drops, indicating rainy weather.
⛱️Umbrella on Ground, indicating a beach umbrella.
High Voltage, indicating lightning.
❄️Snowflake, indicating snow.
☃️Snowman, representing a snowman.
Snowman Without Snow, representing a snowman without snow.
☄️Comet, indicating a comet.
💧Droplet, representing a water droplet.
🌊Water Wave, indicating the sea or ocean.

Activity Emojis

🎃Jack-O-Lantern, representing Halloween and autumn festivities.
🎄Christmas Tree, a classic symbol of the holiday season.
🎆Fireworks, indicating a festive celebration.
🎇Sparkler, used for festive occasions and celebrations.
🧨Firecracker, symbolizing explosive pyrotechnics.
Sparkles, representing various magic or festive moments.
🎈Balloon, often used for celebrations and parties.
🎉Party Popper, indicating celebrations and parties.
🎊Confetti Ball, representing celebrations and parties.
🎋Tanabata Tree, symbolizing wishes and celebration in Japanese culture.
🎍Pine Decoration, representing traditional Japanese New Year celebrations.
🎎Dolls, symbolizing a Japanese Girls’ Day celebration.
🎏Carp Streamer, representing Boys’ Day in Japanese culture.
🎐Wind Chime, symbolizing summer in Japanese culture.
🎑Moon Viewing Ceremony, indicating a traditional Japanese celebration.
🧧Red Envelope, used for monetary gifts in Chinese culture.
🎁Wrapped Gift, representing a present or gift.
🎟️Admission Tickets, indicating entry to an event or venue.
🎫Ticket, representing entry to an event or venue.
🏮Red Paper Lantern, symbolizing various celebrations in East Asian cultures.
🪔Diya Lamp, representing the Festival of Lights in Indian culture.
🎖️Military Medal, representing honor or achievement.
🏆Trophy, indicating a prize or award for winning.
🏅Medal, symbolizing an achievement or recognition.
🥇1st Place Medal, representing first place in a competition.
🥈2nd Place Medal, indicating second place in a competition.
🥉3rd Place Medal, symbolizing third place in a competition.
Soccer Ball, representing the sport of soccer.
Baseball, symbolizing the sport of baseball.
🥎Softball, representing the sport of softball.
🏀Basketball, indicating the sport of basketball.
🏐Volleyball, representing the sport of volleyball.
🏈American Football, symbolizing the sport of football.
🏉Rugby Football, representing the sport of rugby.
🎾Tennis, indicating the sport of tennis.
🥏Flying Disc, representing sports like Ultimate Frisbee.
🎳Bowling, indicating the sport of bowling.
🏏Cricket Game, representing the sport of cricket.
🏑Field Hockey, indicating the sport of hockey.
🏒Ice Hockey, representing the sport of ice hockey.
🥍Lacrosse, indicating the sport of lacrosse.
🏓Ping Pong, representing the sport of table tennis.
🏸Badminton, indicating the sport of badminton.
🥊Boxing Glove, representing the sport of boxing.
🥋Martial Arts Uniform, representing martial arts.
🥅Goal Net, indicating sports like hockey or soccer.
Flag in Hole, representing the sport of golf.
⛸️Ice Skate, indicating the activity of ice skating.
🎣Fishing Pole, representing the activity of fishing.
🤿Diving Mask, indicating the activity of diving.
🎽Running Shirt, representing track and field sports.
🎿Skis, indicating the activity of skiing.
🛷Sled, representing the activity of sledding.
🥌Curling Stone, representing the sport of curling.
🎯Bullseye, indicating the sport of darts.

Objects Emojis

🎀Ribbon, often used to represent a gift or decoration.
🎗️Reminder Ribbon, symbolizing awareness or support.
👓Glasses, indicating vision or reading glasses.
🕶️Sunglasses, representing eye protection from the sun.
🥽Goggles, used for eye protection in various activities.
🥼Lab Coat, symbolizing scientific work or research.
🦺Safety Vest, often used for visibility and safety.
👔Shirt and Tie, representing formal or professional attire.
👕T-Shirt, symbolizing casual or everyday clothing.
👖Jeans, representing casual or informal pants.
🧣Scarf, used to keep warm or as a fashion accessory.
🧤Gloves, for hand protection or warmth.
🧥Coat, symbolizing outerwear for warmth and style.
🧦Socks, worn on the feet for comfort and warmth.
👗Dress, representing formal or feminine attire.
👘Kimono, a traditional Japanese garment.
🥻Sari, a traditional Indian garment.
🩱One-Piece Swimsuit, representing swimwear.
🩲Briefs, representing underwear or swimwear.
🩳Shorts, representing casual or athletic wear.
👙Bikini, representing swimwear.
👚Shirt, indicating casual or informal clothing.
👛Purse, used to carry personal items.
👜Handbag, used for carrying personal belongings.
👝Clutch Bag, often used for formal occasions.
🪭Bookmark Tabs, representing saved pages or sections.
🛍️Shopping Bags, symbolizing shopping or retail.
🎒Backpack, used for carrying items on the back.
🩴Thong Sandal, representing casual footwear.
👞Man’s Shoe, indicating formal or casual footwear for men.
👟Sneaker, representing casual or athletic shoes.
🥾Hiking Boot, used for outdoor activities.
🥿Flat Shoe, representing comfortable and casual footwear.
👠High-Heeled Shoe, symbolizing formal or dressy footwear.
👡Woman’s Sandal, indicating casual or dressy footwear for women.
🩰Ballet Shoes, representing dance or ballet.
👢Woman’s Boot, symbolizing stylish footwear for women.
👑Crown, representing royalty or special status.
👒Woman’s Hat, symbolizing style or fashion.
🎩Top Hat, indicating formal or stylish headwear.
🎓Graduation Cap, representing education or achievement.
🧢Billed Cap, symbolizing casual or sporty headwear.
🪖Military Helmet, representing protection and defense.
⛑️Rescue Worker’s Helmet, indicating safety and emergency response.
📿Prayer Beads, symbolizing spirituality and meditation.
💄Lipstick, representing makeup or cosmetics.
🪮Soap, symbolizing cleanliness or personal care.
💍Ring, often used to represent marriage or engagement.
💎Gem Stone, symbolizing luxury or preciousness.
🦯White Cane, representing visual impairment or blindness.
🔇Muted Speaker, indicating no sound or silence.
🔈Speaker Low Volume, representing low audio volume.
🔉Speaker Medium Volume, indicating moderate audio volume.
🔊Speaker High Volume, representing high audio volume.
📢Loudspeaker, symbolizing announcement or public address.
📣Megaphone, often used to convey important announcements.
📯Postal Horn, representing fanfare or announcement.
🔔Bell, often used to signify a notification or alert.
🔕Bell with Slash, indicating muted notifications or alerts.
🎼Musical Score, representing sheet music or composition.
🎵Musical Note, symbolizing music or a melody.
🎶Musical Notes, indicating a musical composition.
🎙️Studio Microphone, representing broadcasting or recording.
🎚️Level Slider, used to adjust audio levels.
🎛️Control Knobs, representing audio equipment controls.
🎤Microphone, often used for singing or speaking.
🎧Headphone, symbolizing listening to music or audio.
📻Radio, indicating listening to broadcasts or music.
🎷Saxophone, representing musical performance.
🪗Accordion, representing musical performance.
🎸Guitar, often used to represent music or rock culture.
🎹Musical Keyboard, indicating playing a keyboard instrument.
🎺Trumpet, representing musical performance.
🎻Violin, representing musical performance.
🪕Banjo, representing musical performance.
🪈Chinese Violin, also known as Erhu.
🥁Drum, representing percussion instruments or drumming.
🪘Long Drum, representing percussion instruments.
🪇Short Drum, representing percussion instruments.

Symbols Emojis

💋A kiss, often used to convey affection or love.
💌A love letter, expressing romantic feelings.
💘Heart with an arrow, symbolizing falling in love.
💝Heart-shaped gift, representing love and affection.
💖Sparkling heart, often used to show deep love.
💗Growing heart, indicating increasing affection.
💓Beating heart, showing strong affection.
💞Revolving hearts, signifying being in love.
💕Two hearts, representing mutual affection.
💟Heart decoration, symbolizing love.
❣️Exclamation mark heart, denoting strong emotion.
💔Broken heart, indicating heartbreak or sadness.
❤️‍🔥Heart on fire, expressing intense passion.
❤️‍🩹Mending heart, symbolizing healing and recovery.
❤️Red heart, often used to convey love and passion.
🩷Anatomical heart, representing physical love.
🧡Orange heart, conveying friendship and care.
💛Yellow heart, symbolizing happiness and friendship.
💚Green heart, denoting love for nature or a cause.
💙Blue heart, expressing trust and harmony.
🩵Sky blue heart, indicating an unbreakable connection.
💜Purple heart, showing devotion and spirituality.
🤎Brown heart, signifying warmth and stability.
🖤Black heart, often used to convey sorrow or grief.
🩶Grey heart, representing solidarity and support.
🤍White heart, symbolizing purity and love.
💯Hundred points symbol, meaning perfection.
💥Explosion, representing excitement or impact.
💬Speech balloon, indicating a conversation.
🗯️Anger right bubble, representing a loud outburst.
💭Thought bubble, indicating thinking or pondering.
💤Zzz, representing sleeping or being tired.
🛐Place of Worship, symbolizing religious devotion.
🕉️Om, representing Hinduism and spiritual oneness.
✡️Star of David, symbolizing Judaism and identity.
☸️Dharma Wheel, signifying Buddhism and enlightenment.
☯️Yin Yang, representing balance and harmony in Taoism.
✝️Latin Cross, symbolizing Christianity and sacrifice.
☦️Orthodox Cross, representing Eastern Orthodox Christianity.
☪️Star and Crescent, symbol of Islam and faith.
🪯Piñata, representing celebrations and festivities.
☮️Peace Symbol, denoting peace and non-violence.
🕎Menorah, symbolizing Judaism and Hanukkah.
🔯Dotted Six-Pointed Star, representing faith in Judaism.
Aries, representing the zodiac sign Aries.
Taurus, representing the zodiac sign Taurus.
Gemini, representing the zodiac sign Gemini.
Cancer, representing the zodiac sign Cancer.
Leo, representing the zodiac sign Leo.
Virgo, representing the zodiac sign Virgo.
Libra, representing the zodiac sign Libra.
Scorpio, representing the zodiac sign Scorpio.
Sagittarius, representing the zodiac sign Sagittarius.
Capricorn, representing the zodiac sign Capricorn.
Aquarius, representing the zodiac sign Aquarius.
Pisces, representing the zodiac sign Pisces.
Ophiuchus, representing the zodiac sign Ophiuchus.
♀️Female Sign, representing femininity and women.
♂️Male Sign, representing masculinity and men.
⚕️Medical Symbol, representing healthcare or a hospital.
♻️Recycling Symbol, denoting environmental awareness.
⚜️Fleur-de-lis, symbolizing royalty and nobility.
📛Name Badge, often used to indicate a warning.
🔰Japanese Symbol for Beginner, used to denote a novice.
Hollow Red Circle, representing completeness or a mark of agreement.
Check Mark Button, indicating completion or approval.
☑️Check Box with Check, used to mark items on a to-do list.
✔️Heavy Check Mark, showing a task is completed.
Cross Mark, indicating a task is not completed or a mistake.
Cross Mark Button, often used to indicate a mistake.
Curly Loop, symbolizing infinity or continuous motion.
Double Curly Loop, representing recycling or repeated action.
〽️Part Alternation Mark, indicating a dynamic change.
✳️Eight-Spoked Asterisk, used for emphasis or decoration.
✴️Eight-Pointed Star, representing uniqueness or specialness.

Flags of Countries

Note: Windows users will see the country flag emojis as country codes instead since the platform doesn’t support showing such emojis yet. The flag emojis will show normally on all other platforms, including ios, Android, and mac.

🏁Checkered Flag: Typically used to represent the end of a race or competition, signaling a winner. It can also symbolize accomplishment and success.
🚩Triangular Flag: This emoji is often used to draw attention or mark an important point. It can also be associated with signaling, warning, or indicating a specific location or place. In popular culture, it’s also used to denote a red flag.
🎌Crossed Flags: Represents the Japanese national flag and is often associated with Japanese culture, traditions, and celebrations.
🏴Black Flag: Generally used to symbolize a pirate flag, it can also represent various movements, protests, or be used to signal danger or a warning.
🏳️White Flag: Traditionally a symbol of surrender or giving up, it can also represent peace, neutrality, or a truce.
🏳️‍🌈Rainbow Flag: A symbol of LGBTQ+ pride and inclusivity. It represents diversity, acceptance, and the celebration of different sexual orientations and gender identities.
🏳️‍⚧️Transgender Flag: Represents transgender pride and the transgender community. It stands for inclusivity, visibility, and support for transgender individuals.
🏴‍☠️Pirate Flag: Symbolic of piracy and adventure, often associated with swashbuckling and seafaring activities.
EmojiCountry Name
🇦🇬Antigua and Barbuda
🇧🇱Saint Barthelemy
🇧🇶Bonaire, Sint Eustatius, and Saba
🇧🇸The Bahamas
🇨🇷Costa Rica
🇩🇴Dominican Republic
🇫🇰Falkland Islands
🇬🇫French Guiana
🇰🇳Saint Kitts and Nevis
🇰🇾Cayman Islands
🇱🇨Saint Lucia
🇲🇸Saint Martin
🇵🇲Saint Pierre and Miquelon
🇵🇷Puerto Rico
🇸🇻El Salvador
🇸🇽Sint Maarten
🇹🇨Turks and Caicos Islands
🇹🇹Trinidad and Tobago
🇺🇸United States
🇻🇬British Virgin Islands
🇻🇮U.S. Virgin Islands
EmojiCountry Name
🇧🇦Bosnia and Herzegovina
🇨🇿Czech Republic
🇪🇦Ceuta and Melilla
🇪🇺European Union
🇬🇧United Kingdom
🇮🇲Isle of Man
🇲🇰North Macedonia
🇸🇲San Marino
🇻🇦Vatican City
EmojiCountry Name
🇦🇪United Arab Emirates
🇭🇰Hong Kong SAR China
🇰🇵North Korea
🇰🇷South Korea
🇱🇰Sri Lanka
🇲🇲Myanmar (Burma)
🇲🇴Macau SAR China
🇸🇦Saudi Arabia
EmojiCountry Name
🇧🇫Burkina Faso
🇨🇩Democratic Republic of the Congo
🇨🇫Central African Republic
🇨🇬Republic of the Congo
🇨🇮Ivory Coast
🇨🇻Cape Verde
🇪🇭Western Sahara
🇬🇶Equatorial Guinea
🇸🇱Sierra Leone
🇸🇸South Sudan
🇿🇦South Africa
🇦🇨Ascension Island
🇦🇸American Samoa
🇦🇽Åland Islands
🇧🇻Bouvet Island
🇨🇨Cocos (Keeling) Islands
🇨🇰Cook Islands
🇨🇵Clipperton Island
🇨🇽Christmas Island
🇩🇬Diego Garcia
🇬🇸South Georgia and South Sandwich Islands
🇭🇲Heard Island and McDonald Islands
🇮🇨Canary Islands
🇮🇴British Indian Ocean Territory
🇲🇭Marshall Islands
🇲🇵Northern Mariana Islands
🇳🇨New Caledonia
🇳🇫Norfolk Island
🇳🇿New Zealand
🇵🇫French Polynesia
🇵🇬Papua New Guinea
🇵🇳Pitcairn Islands
🇸🇧Solomon Islands
🇸🇭Saint Helena
🇸🇯Svalbard and Jan Mayen
🇸🇹São Tomé and Príncipe
🇹🇦Tristan da Cunha
🇹🇫French Southern Territories
🇺🇲U.S. Outlying Islands
🇻🇨Saint Vincent and the Grenadines
🇼🇫Wallis and Futuna

We have finally arrived at the end of our comprehensive emoji meanings list. You can also use Google’s Emoji Kitchen to create some pretty interesting emojis too. If you are unaware of how to use the Google Emoji Kitchen, you can simply click on the interlinked guide to give it a read. We certainly do hope that this guide comes in handy and takes your emoji game to the next level.

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  • Alan Coverdale says:

    Ban the emoji its taking the world to the end of life . People and the younger generation do not see there children will not survive

  • Chris deleon says:

    What does it mean when some s nds you emoji with some things catching a chicken by it’s throat?

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