Alexa Lost Her Voice Yesterday Due to Amazon Web Services Outage

Amazon Alexa

Amazon released a hilarious Super Bowl Ad earlier this month depicting a fictional scenario in which Alexa losses her voice. Ironically, the smart assistant sort of lost her voice yesterday as users started reporting unresponsiveness.

Apparently, a regional outage impacted Amazon’s servers leading to Alexa becoming unresponsive to Echo products and other devices. Since Amazon doesn’t have a status page for its consumer products, a lot of users started reporting about the outage on DownDetector.

best-alexa-commands-for-amazon-echoDuring the outage, Alexa started giving replies like “I’m not sure what went wrong,” “sorry, something went wrong,” or a loud chime followed by “sorry, your echo dot lost its connection.” The speaker also showed the red ring instead of the blue light.

However, the outage didn’t last long. Alexa quickly recovered her voice and started responding to voice commands again. That being said, the live outage map on DownDetector still shows some dead spots across the US.

As mentioned earlier, the scenario is weirdly similar to the company’s Super Bowl Ad. The Ad features CEO Jeff Bezos and a scene where celebrities attempt to replace Alexa. Naturally, the frustrated users took it to social media and started lashing out.

So, did you face any issues with Alexa yesterday? Let us know by dropping a comment down below.

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