How to Add Multiple Profiles on Amazon Prime Video

After making us wait for years, a few months back, Amazon finally added the ability to use multiple profiles in Amazon Prime Video. So, now you can create profiles for multiple users, and your watch history and recommendations will not be affected by someone else watching content using your account. In this article, I am going to show you how you can enable this feature.

Add Multiple Profiles on Amazon Prime Video

While Amazon was late in adding this feature, thankfully they have not implemented it half-heartedly. You can have up to six user profiles (one default primary profile + five additional profiles, either adult or kids) within Prime Video on a single Amazon account. This is great news as it can cover most family members. So, now let’s get into the tutorial:

1. Adding a profile is very easy. Just click on your name and then click on “Add new”.

2. Here, enter the profile name. Enable the Kid’s profile toggle if you are creating a profile for your kid, and then click on “Save changes” button.

3. To edit or delete a profile go to Profile Name -> Manage Profiles.

4. Here, click on the “Edit profile” button and then on the profile that you want to edit.

5. Now, make the necessary changes and click on the “Save changes” button. To delete a profile, click on the “Remove profile” button.

Add, Edit, or Remove Profiles on Prime Video

So those were the steps that you can take to add, edit, or delete profiles on Amazon Prime Video. Amazon Prime Video is one of the best streaming services, and I love it. I am happy that it finally allows me to keep my watch history and recommendations separate from other viewers. By the way, we have done an in-depth comparison of Amazon Prime Video and Netflix. Read it to find what are its best features and shortcomings.

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