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Activision Has Banned over 50,000 Cheaters in Call of Duty: Warzone

cod warzone

Activision released its free-to-play battle-royale Call of Duty: Warzone for PlayStation 4, Xbox One X, and PC last month. In a recent blog post, the company confirmed it has permanently banned over 50,000 cheaters since launch.

“There’s no place for cheating in games. Warzone has zero tolerance for cheaters. We take all forms of cheating very seriously, maintaining a level and fair playing field for everyone is among our highest priorities. This is an area we have been working on heavily, but it isn’t always something we discuss publicly.”, states the company.

To make this possible, Activision says it has employed security teams to monitor, investigate, and identify potential violations including the use of aimbots and wallhacks round the clock.

Activision claims to be working to improve its in-game reporting system with improvements in UI for a “more seamless reporting experience”. The company strives to analyze and filter all received reports with utmost priority.

The company will be providing updates on the number of bans in the future. In case you’re wondering what exactly counts as a violation, do not forget to take a look at Call of Duty: Warzone’s security and enforcement policy here.

“We recognize that there’s no single solution for combating cheaters, it’s a constant enforcement every day, 24/7. Rest assured, we’re committed to ensuring a fun and fair experience for everyone.”, says Activision.

CoD: Warzone is available to download for free on PC and PS4, while Xbox gamers require Xbox Live Gold membership for online multiplayer. The game can be downloaded from Microsoft Store for Xbox,  PlayStation Store for PS4, and for PC.

In other news, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Remastered is now available on PS4 but you will have to wait until April 30 to play it on Xbox One or PC, thanks to Sony’s exclusive partnership with Activision.

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