How to Link Accounts for Cross-Progression on Warzone Mobile

In Short
  • Warzone Mobile supports cross-progression which lets you carry over your progress across different platforms.
  • To use this feature, you need to link your Activision ID with different services like PlayStation, Steam,, or Microsoft for Xbox.
  • Most of your content will be synced except a few zombie bundles, camos, and CoD points.

Warzone Mobile has rolled out globally and fans of the franchise can’t wait to experience it on their smartphones. One highlight feature of the game is cross-progression. It syncs and carries over your progress over different devices you play on. In this post, we’ll discuss how to link different accounts to enable cross-progression on Warzone Mobile.

To enable cross-progression, you need to have an Activision account. In case you don’t, then tap on the Sign-Up option during the setup process of Warzone Mobile and create one. Here are the steps to link your Activision ID with different services like PlayStation, Steam,, or Microsoft for Xbox. Here is how can do so from Warzone Mobile.

  1. During the setup process, tap on the Login option at the bottom left corner.
  2. Next, tap on the platform icons you wish to connect to.
  • Login Warzone Mobile
  • How to Link Accounts for Cross-Progression on Warzone Mobile
  1. This will redirect you to your browser. Tap on the Go to Activision Account button at the bottom.
  2. On the next page, enter your login email and password then tap on Sign In.
  3. After signing in, tap on the hamburger menu at the top left corner.
Sign into your Activision account
  1. Tap on the Profile then scroll down to select Linked Accounts.
  2. Inside the “Gaming Networks” section, tap the Link Account button adjacent to the platform (Xbox, Steam, PS, or you want to add for cross-progression.
Link other accounts with your Activision ID
  1. An account verification pop-up will appear, tap on Send Code to verify your email address.
  2. Enter the verification code received within your email address and press Submit.
  3. Then tap again on the Link Account button which will take you to the respective platform’s site.
Verify your email address to link account with Activision
  1. There, login to your account and allow to link your account with Activision.
  2. Once linked, go back to the game and enter your Activision ID credentials. Then tap on Login to continue.
Sign in to your Activision account to play Warzone Mobile and enable cross progression

Now whatever progress that you make in Warzone Mobile will carry forward to the linked platforms.

You can also link accounts on your desktop PC, which makes it a lot easier. Just visit > Login and link your account to different platforms, the same as discussed above. Once linked, sign in to Warzone Mobile with Activision ID, and you are good to go.

How Does Cross Progression Work in Warzone Mobile?

How to Link Accounts for Cross-Progression on Warzone Mobile

Once you’re logged in with your Activision ID and linked to supported platforms, cross-progression will kick in automatically. Here is a list of things that will carry over from Warzone PC and Modern Warfare 3 titles to Warzone Mobile and vice versa.

  • Player Rank: Your current rank and XP earned on Warzone, and MW3 will remain the same in the mobile version of the battle royale.
  • Weapon Level & Camos: The same goes for weapons that you have unlocked, their levels as well as their camos. However, it is not clear if reactive or animated will work on Warzone Mobile as of now.
  • Operators and Skins: Any operator or skin that you may have unlocked by completing challenges in-game or purchased through store bundles would be synced across all platforms.
  • Battle Pass Progress: All the tiers that you have unlocked in the current season of the battle pass will be available to you on the mobile version. Even if you have purchased tier skips or the $30 BlackCell premium bundle. However, zombie-related content will not be available in Warzone Mobile as of now but you can still progress through the battle pass and unlock it on other platforms.
  • Store Bundles: All the bundles, exclusive skins, and other cosmetics will be accessible on all platforms be it PC, console, or mobile. Besides that, a few zombie content-related bundles will be unavailable.
  • XP Tokens: Cross progression will also sync your existing XP tokens over to Warzone Mobile and they will serve the same purpose.
  • CoD Points: As of now, CoD points purchased on Warzone Mobile won’t reflect on other accounts and can only be used through the Warzone Mobile bundle shop.

Cross-progression is a great addition to Warzone Mobile as it incentivizes the player to continue playing the game on their mobile devices. It also lets you show off your exclusive operator skins with other players on Warzone Mobile. Honestly, as someone who regularly plays the game on console, I much appreciate this addition. I am sure that other players will too as they don’t have to start from scratch and can enjoy a seamlessly connected gaming experience.

Of course, we can’t forget that this will also help Activision to push more absurd bundles and stuff on their stores. What are your thoughts on cross-progression in Warzone Mobile? Have you played the game yet? Let us know in the comments.

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