PUBG has been facing a lot of issues lately, because of the many bugs and glitches. But the biggest issue that the development team has been facing is cheating. Hackers have been plaguing the game, and PUBG Corp. has been trying hard to crack down on cheating. And their latest action has just showcased that the team is not going back down, regardless of who the cheating personality is.

As reported by KotakuPUBG Corp has issued a one-month ban to Michael ‘Shroud’ Grzesiek, one of PUBG’s best-known streamers, after a session where he initially complained about a cheater and then went on to pair up with him. The hacker first took Shroud around in a flying car, and further helped him spot rival players that were otherwise invisible to Shroud.

In the aforementioned case, Grzesiek committed two offenses, first by pairing with a player that wasn’t part of his squad, and secondly, killing off players using hacks.

In his stream post the ban, Shroud has apologized for his actions, acknowledging that he knew what he was doing and that it “wasn’t a great idea.” However, he also made sure to point out that PUBG Corp. took its time to ban the original cheater, considering the hacker had killed him twice in dodgy ways. “That guy should have been banned immediately!” he said. Grzesiek simply decided to ride with the hacker to see how long would he be able to pull it off.

The ban on Grzesiek poses a problem for the streamer, considering he was supposed to play in a PUBG Squad Showdown tournament on July 13. 

It is nice to see that PUBG Corp. treats everyone the same, regardless of how big a status that player might be carrying. That being said, on a personal note, I’ll definitely miss Shroud grabbing those chicken dinner for the next month.