All Xiaomi users are well-acquainted with MIUI, which is considered one of the most feature-packed ROMs in this fragmented Android world. But, there is always a part of us that wants to experience the intuitiveness and charm of stock Android. It is one thing to buy a Google Pixel device and give up on the additional features of MIUI but you can opt for a stock-like experience on your Xiaomi device, thanks to its robust theming app and a store loaded with themes. So, if you have been planning to customize the look and feel of your Xiaomi device to match stock Android, here are 12 of the best themes you can apply right away:

Note: If you’re a Xiaomi user who wants to download any of the themes listed below, please open this article on your mobile device to directly be transferred to the official theme store. This will make your life much easier.

Best MIUI Themes For A Stock Android Look

Note: I tried these MIUI themes on my Redmi Note 3 running Android 6.0 Marshmallow and Mi Mix 2 running Android 7.0 Nougat with MIUI 9 Global Beta ROM and they worked perfectly fine.

1. Android Oreo Pro

Android Oreo Pro, developed by AnkyWalker, is possibly the best stock Android theme you will find in Xiaomi’s theme store for free. Not only does it bring along the look and feel of the Pixel launcher, complete with the Google Pill icon and translucent dock bar but also has a redesigned dialer and in-call UI to resemble Google Phone. You can check out the same in the screenshots attached below.

The theme also revamps a range of core features and apps, such as the notification shade, icons, and settings that you’ll find on most Android phones running the stock software. It, however, does not include the swipe-able ‘Google Now’ integration or the app drawer, which would’ve been a nice touch to top off this theme.

Another prominent feature of this stunning theme is that it overhauls the UI of third-party apps such as WhatsApp and Google Play Store. You’ll notice minor icons and color changes within these apps but no major changes will be inducted into the experience. This is a full-fledged stock Android theme with a few stability issues and nasty quirks, which I hope will be fixed in the coming iterations.

Download (Free)

2. Origin

Origin is an open-source theme project that brings Android 8.0 Oreo’s basic look to your Xiaomi device. It’s free to download and comprises of the translucent dock, rounded icons, notification shade and lock-screen similar to stock Android. This means you can also pick up the basic outline of this theme from Github and make necessary changes that you desire.


This theme still keeps the default MIUI widgets and dialer design intact and also doesn’t alter third-party apps, which could be a little off-putting for some users. The homescreen wallpaper, on the other hand, constantly keeps changing with any horizontal swipe and that sure is annoying. This theme is, however, the perfect one if you are looking for a stable theme without many UI inconsistencies.

Download (Free)

3. Pixel Oreo

Here’s another great theme from AnkyWalker, whose features have been inspired by both the Pixel launcher and Android Oreo. You won’t see the rounded icons you’ve already seen in aforementioned themes but instead, Pixel Oreo adopts rounded squares for its icon design. The material notification shade, minimalist lock-screen, Google pill and weather widget resemble the features of the Pixel launcher.

The highlight feature, and obviously the one I was surprised to see the most, is a carbon copy of Galaxy Note 8’s Apps Edge feature that’s been added to the lock-screen. It means you can add your favorite apps and contacts to the Apps Edge to make it easier for you to reach them in a jiffy.

This theme is available for free on the theme store and includes support for third-party app theming. I wasn’t a big fan of the custom theming for WhatsApp in the beginning, but I’ve come to like the minimalistic changes Pixel Oreo adds to my device. The lockscreen no longer contains any visible shortcuts and only the weather and clock at the very center.

Download (Free)

4. Pixel Experience

If you want a true Pixel experience, except for the app drawer, then this might be a great theme for you. It emulates the rounded icons, a material dark notification shade (which I adore), and Google pill along with the time and weather updates. The icons or the design might not exactly be similar to stock Android, but it is resemblant to pass for an intuitive Pixel experience.

The lock-screen UI, settings window, notifications and most of everything works in favor of this theme but I have some qualms against it. The music widget on the lockscreen is not up to the mark and finicky, and so are the notifications because you can no longer swipe down on them with two fingers to view the content.

Download (Free)

5. Android 8.0

The Android 8.0 theme is named the same as the current flavor of Android — a bold from the developer. However, the theme stands tall and packs most of the design changes you’d expect from a basic Oreo-flavored theme.

It brings along the rounded Pixel icons, time and weather widget up-top, and the material settings window and notification shade. The only areas where the theme lacks polish is the dialer, in-call UI and third-party app theming. The lockscreen, on the other hand, is a good mix of stock Android and MIUI.

This is a skinned version of the open-source Origin Project we talked about above, that has been modified to make it look a little different. The minimal changes are noticeable and the stock looks are all there, but this theme was a little unstable for me.

Download (Free)

6. Android Oreo

With this theme, which also borrows its name from the current flavor of Android, there is everything you’d want your stock Android device to include. I’ve already said this over and over again but these themes come with all the necessary design changes you’d expect from a theme such as this, so it is difficult to complain about anything. It’s also complete with third-party theming support, which makes it yet another top choice from our end.

AnkyWalker, who is also the developer of this MIUI theme, seems to be on a roll here. The developer has created more than three stock Android themes for Xiaomi devices and it is impressive to see that they’re all different from one another.

Download (Free)

7. Only Oreo

Much like every other Oreo-inspired theme, Only Oreo also brings along the circular icons, and redesigned home screen with the translucent dock and settings screen. The thing, however, that works in favor of this theme is its icon design and minimalist approach to the widget designs. The clock and weather icons on the homescreen and lockscreen look stunning, as does the music player on the lockscreen.

This theme also supports third-party app theming and I quite like what the developer has done with WhatsApp, except for the read receipt ticks. There are some inconsistencies in the font changes that’ve been added to this theme but you wouldn’t notice it in everyday usage.

While this theme has everything going in its favor, the signal strength indicator in the status bar is something I don’t like much. It’s personal choice and it’s highly possible that you might appreciate the inclusion of the same in this theme.

Download (Free)

8. Android 8 (Oreo)

If you’re looking for something a little different than the conventional round icons and Pixel design then this Oreo-flavored theme may be perfect for you. Android 8 (Oreo) brings a lot of material design to your Xiaomi device. You get a rather skinned version of stock Android, but the notification shade and settings have been updated to match Android Oreo. It is only the colorful icons of the theme, which makes it stand out from the crowd.

Plus, I also noticed that the said theme introduces rounded corners to the system UI but it is inconsistent and has been defined only a handful of apps, such as the messages, dialer, and settings. It adds a nice touch to the overall theming of the device, but doesn’t make many huge changes to the settings window.

However, my favorite feature of the said theme will have to be the media controls next to the clock on the home screen and the Galaxy S8-style clock on the lock screen.

Download (Free)

9. Wabi Pro Ara

This is one of the better themes in terms of customizability but not the stock Android look of the MIUI launcher. You do get the translucent dock at the very bottom, stock-like light-colored notification center and lock screen, along with a fresh coat of paint on the Settings page and Dialer; but that’s basically it. The highlight of the Wabi Pro Ara theme is its lock screen and quick wallpaper changing

wabi ara pro

The lock screen can simply be customized for your needs through an upward swipe on the same. You can modify the clock and date styles, shortcuts, and the masking color to black or white. This theme also brings along a simple way to flip through all available wallpapers just by double tapping on the right edge of the screen. I’m a big fan of any and all custom options, which is really the best thing about Android.

Download (Free)

10. Pixel N

As the name suggests, this MIUI theme is a blend of stand out Pixel and Android Nougat features, aimed at providing you a near stock experience. This theme replaces the default icons with rounded Pixel icons and paints the notification shade in material black, which is something I really like about it.

The settings and dialer windows have been tweaked a little but no major changes are seen, except for the addition of Mi Space that can be reached with a two-finger downward swipe on your home screen. You will now see an even refined Pixel launcher with an app drawer and Google app on the right but a lot of these UI features have been faked and only work to hamper the overall experience. Still, this is a really great theme that gets you the basics of a stock Android-like look.

Download (Free)

11. Pixel (Full White)

This is yet another Pixel-inspired theme, which provides you with a material notification shade, colored settings icons, rounded icons, and a Google search+clock widget at the top. The theme may look quite pleasing and intuitive, which it is, but the developer has tried tricking the users into seeing a Google search pill — when it is not actually working. It is only a dummy icon that still opens the clock app.

pixel white full

Since this is a test version of the theme, there are a whole lot of inconsistencies in the UI especially the notification shade. The app name is displayed in a lavender-like color which makes it difficult to read the name without putting a strain on your eyes. The developer will hopefully explain the “Full White” in the naming and improve the stability of the theme upon the final release.

Download (Free)

12. Oxygen 999

If you’re a huge fan of OnePlus’ custom Oxygen OS, which is stock Android topped off with a slew of handy features, then this is the perfect theme for you. Oxygen 999 is compatible with MIUI 8, as well as MIUI 9 and provides you a stock Android Nougat homescreen, lockscreen and in-call experience. You get the round Pixel icons, which go well with the overall theming of the device.

oxygen 999

Everything you’d expect from a stock Android theme is all here, which is evident from the in-call UI and settings window. You do not get any additional customization features, support for third-party theming and everything looks just too pristine. This made my Redmi Note 3 feel a little snappier, even though I added the weight of a skin to it.

Download (Free)

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Changing the theme of your Xiaomi device will just bring cosmetic differences to the overall experience, but MIUI gives you the option to mix and match the capable parts of a different set of themes to get the experience you want from the device. You can use Xiaomi’s native theme customizer to select a combination of icon packs, lock style, dial pad, status bar and more to replace the native MIUI look. So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and slap any one of these themes to achieve a stock Android look on your Xiaomi device. Do let us know the theme you like the most in the comments down below.


  1. Many of the themes are good, but the icon size is too small in most of them.
    I’m using Only Oreo theme currently as the icons are on the bigger side, also Android 8 (Oreo) theme has bigger size from the screenshots I see here.
    There is no option to increase the icon size in MIUI 9.5, is there? RN5Pro user.