YouTube Is Reportedly Looking To Enter The Online Gaming Space

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After the downfall of Google Stadia, it seems like the search giant is looking to foray into the gaming space again. However, this time it might be through YouTube. Based on fresh leaks, it looks like this might happen pretty soon. Keep reading to know more.

YouTube Gaming Service Coming Soon!

As per the latest Wall Street Journal report, YouTube is internally testing a way to let users play games online both on the mobile app as well as the website. The new service dubbed Playables” is being rolled out to a few Google employees to collect their feedback and opinion.

Once introduced, Playables will offer ready-to-play instant games via both the app and website. This will be a different service altogether from the video content that YouTube is known for. However, you will not need to install any separate app for this. If you can recall, Netflix offers a similar service as well. Within the Netflix app, there is a separate game tab that allows users to engage with bite-sized online games based on Netflix shows.

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If we try to picture gaming and Google within the same frame, we will be left with a bittersweet taste. The reason is Google Stadia. Back in 2021, Google released its cloud gaming service Stadia. However, thanks to a lack of popularity and a low adoption rate, it was shut down promptly within a year of its launch.

So, you can understand one’s skepticism with this new revelation. However, one thing to note is that Playables is meant to offer simple leisurely games rather than console-level titles. Hence, we do not see why it shouldn’t gain popularity. Especially among casual gamers who are looking to spend 10-20 minutes a day behind the gameplay.

As of now, the flow of information is quite less. We do not know when YouTube is planning to make this service official. However, we expect this story to develop with time and take a much more concrete shape. In the meanwhile, do share your opinion on this development. Are you in favor of bite-sized YouTube games? If yes, what type of titles are you expecting? Comment down your thoughts below.

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  • Tig Byson says:

    These “casual” games are a bust. If you can’t provide a platform for AAA titles, you’re irrelevant.

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